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Aries Sun Virgo Rising

The Leader Who Is Always of Service: The Aries Sun Virgo Rising Person Works Hard and Precisely
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Aries Sun Virgo Rising
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Let’s take a look at who we are dealing with here. Virgo is ruled by Mercury (Greek god Hermes, messenger of the gods) and Aries is ruled by Mars (Greek god Ares, lord of war). These two were brothers, and Hermes took the souls of the dead that Ares had killed on the battlefield down to their uncle Hades (Pluto) in the underworld.

Therefore, there is an agreement, if you must say of trust between these two signs, of one helping the other. When looking at them carefully, you will see how they actually complement one another. Also, Virgo is also associated with the Spring goddess Persephone who was abducted by Hades to become his bride. Hades and Ares share a strong bond as Hades (Pluto) rules over Scorpio, however, Scorpio was first ruled by Ares (Mars).


How to Recognize an Aries Sun Virgo Rising

Physically, an Aries with a Virgo Ascendant may be very attractive, as Virgo often denotes perfection, and therefore very beautiful features arise out of this. Aries is a sign that must exercise to feel good and whole, and Virgo gives rise to the discipline and routine needed to achieve perfect body perfection and muscular strength. It will also be easy to follow a strict regimen of diet, as food doesn’t preoccupy their minds. As Aquarius rules their 6th House of health, it is important to warm up the ankles before exercising, drink a lot of water and keep the heart healthy.

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Aries Sun Virgo Rising Career

When it comes to career, the Midheaven is in Gemini giving an extra Mercurial dimension to the personality, as this character will want to communicate, and may find themselves in broadcasting, on TV, publishing and writing in magazines and becoming authors themselves. They may also become leaders after years of hard work and can also be mavericks (Aquarius rules their 6th House of work) and pioneers!


In general, Aries rules the First House and is very much about the internal world and the person’s self. Virgo rules the 6th House of work and service, so this person will be extremely career focused, living a life of perfecting their craft with enough energy to take them to many places. This kind of character can end up competing in the Olympics.

There will be harsh criticism that comes with the personality. They will criticize those that don’t size or measure up to their standards of beauty, or hard work and determination. Their view is, they are so disciplined and meticulous, why can’t others follow?

Aries Sun Virgo Rising Health

An Aries with a Virgo Rising will be obsessed with body perfection. They will do whatever is necessary to keep a perfect and fit form. This configuration is similar to a person with their Mars in Virgo where health and fitness come first. As Aquarius rules their 6th House of health, they must make sure to always warm up their ankles, calves and shins before exercising or they could hurt themselves. They always need to keep a check on their circulatory system and breathe properly, eat heart healthy food and take part in cardiovascular workouts. 


Aries Sun Virgo Rising Love

This person will attract Librans, Leos, Sagittarians, fellow Aries, Virgos, Geminis (in particular due to the Mercurial influence and harmony with the Aries Fire Sign), Aquarians, and thanks to the fact that their 7th House is ruled by Pisces, even this Fishy sign will fall into the realm of their hearts – however, sensitive Pisces can get hurt by this very critical and direct combination.

When it comes to getting physical, the naturally physically driven Aries may get a little shy when it comes to bed play in the beginning of the relationship.

How Aries Sun Virgo Rising Should Start the Day

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Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so with a Virgo Ascendant this person needs to have a routine in the morning. A great routine for them is waking up extra early to hit the gym or exercise at home, then shower and get all errands done before starting work. This will energize this combination for the entire day. It’s also important for them to start the day with a healthy breakfast.

Famous Aries Sun Virgo Rising People

People with this combination include the late Hugh Hefner who built an empire around the publication of photographs of beautiful women, and the strong and feisty Emma Watson, who played young and independent Hermione in Harry Potter. The comedian, writer and host of his “Late Night” show, Emmy award winner Conan O’Brien, also has this combination.


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