Cancer Sun Cancer Rising

Cancer Sun Cancer Rising - The Mother Moon Cancerian

The Most Sensitive, Emotional, and Motherly Cancerian
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Cancer Sun Cancer Rising
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This person “howls” at the Moon (which rules Cancer) at night. The different phases of the Moon completely affect their moods, making them feel different every day. They are, in fact, fascinated by the Moon, as well as the ocean that is so affected by it. They adore being in the water, as it makes them feel safe. Even resting in an empty bath brings them peace.

In Greek mythology Artemis is goddess of the Moon. She is also goddess of the hunt, the wild, chastity, childbirth, as well as wild animals. The Romans referred to Artemis as Diana.


The person with this combination is exceptionally sensitive, they feel deeply and find it hard not to absorb others’ energy around them . It is very important that these people find ways to ground themselves or they could lose themselves in their emotions. They are also exceptionally protective over those they love, highly nurturing, caring and kind. However, they may appear “icy” and cold when you first meet them. It is the way they protect themselves from strangers, as they are most comfortable with those they already trust.

Their homes are their sanctuaries, and they will make sure their fridge is always well stocked and their home is beautiful, happy and brings comfort. They do not enjoy moving house too many times in their life as they get sentimentally attached to their dwellings. They love cooking and it will be a big part of their lives. Family is essential to them, and they will always have a strong bond with their parents and other family members and want a loving family of their own.

How to Recognize Cancer Sun Cancer Rising

This person has the tendency to put on weight and may have a very curvy and rounded figure. If female, they will usually have large breasts. If male, they may have a broad and strong chest with a lot of upper body strength. They may have large, watery eyes that seem to stare into others’ souls . They may also have round faces like the Moon with wavy and silky hair.


Cancer Sun Cancer Rising Career

Aries rules their 10th House of career, so they are incredibly independent, prefer being in charge and more often than not, enjoy working from home in their own business . Since Sagittarius rules their 6th House of everyday work, their career may lie in publishing and the media, as well as teaching. Therefore, they may make amazing novelists and writers, online teachers of different languages, spirituality, religion or even make amazing philosophy professors. They also make wonderful kindergarten teachers. They don’t like being told what to do and will usually own their own business at the end of the day. Their career may very much be involved in the food industry in private catering or finance.    

Cancer Sun Cancer Rising Health

Sagittarius rules their 6th House of health and therefore this person usually has strong, heavy and thick legs and thighs . They will tend to indulge in delicious food on a constant basis and will find it hard to say no to treats. There are no boundaries here and they will find dietary restrictions very hard, so it’s best they familiarize themselves with a healthy diet and lifestyle where they “cheat” one or two days per week.  They may experience lower back pain and massage will do them good. It is also important for them not to drink too much alcohol, as they can experience problems with the liver. Regular mammograms are also important. They tend to suffer with depression, so this is best kept at bay with good nutrition and exercise.


Cancer Sun Cancer Rising Love

For this person, it is the Water and Earth Signs that really get their heart skipping a beat ! Capricorn rules their 7th House of love, relationships and marriage so they tend to be attracted to people that are either younger or older than them. They enjoy dating people that are ambitious, have good careers, are financially stable and can provide a good home. Capricorns make a great match, although Cancerians really provide the nurture and loving support they desire.

Pisceans often make the best choice, as together they understand each other deeply . Scorpio is a good choice and Virgo and Taurus help this person ground themselves and bring routine and stability into their lives. Geminis and Leos make good friends. They may find Aries too impulsive and not feel “safe” when around them due to this. Sagittarians are too independent and adventurous for them, since all this person really wants is a loving family and home with children. Aquarians and Librans are far too emotionally detached for a person with this combination, unless people with these Signs have Venus and Mars in Water and Earth Signs.

How Cancer Sun Cancer Rising Should Start the Day


Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Cancer rising, this person needs to wake up slowly and “feel” the day and morning . They should sit still in bed, drink some water that they keep close by and do a meditation. A gratitude meditation always puts them in good spirits. They should then proceed to cook a delicious breakfast eaten with fresh juice and a cup of tea or coffee. It’s important for them not to eat too much sugar, as this may spike their blood sugar and affect their mood for the day. The more they hydrate the better they will feel, so they should drink a lot of water afterwards.

If they have the energy they should do a workout, even if it just walking. They should spend a bit of time outside in nature (watering their garden if they feel the need) and pay loving attention to their pets. Their day should begin in a good and relaxed mood which is vital to them. They need a positive state of mind to function at their best.

Famous Cancer Sun Cancer Rising People

People born with this combination include the 14th Dalai Lama, Australian-born actress and producer, Margot Robbie, the gorgeous actress Liv Tyler, as well as the late, and very lovely singer, George Michael who took the world by storm in the ‘80s with hits such as “You Gotta Have Faith” and “Father Figure.” American swimming Olympic champion, Michael Phelps, also has this combination.


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