Cancer Sun Capricorn Rising

The Most Serious of All Cancerians
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Cancer Sun Capricorn Rising
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Cancer Sun Capricorn Rising

In this combination the Moon and Saturn meet, and it is not the most comfortable pairing. In Greek mythology, Artemis is the Moon and Cronus (the great Father and god of time who represents Karma) is Saturn. Cronus is Artemis’ grandfather.


It is very important to note that Cancer and Capricorn sit at opposite ends of the Zodiac wheel to one another. This Opposition Aspect usually means that they both benefit from certain qualities that the other possesses.

A big difference between these two is how they play with time. Cancerians are notoriously late. They do things in their own time and are OFTEN late for meetings, engagements, romantic dates – anything really. Capricorns, on the other hand, are usually punctual, as they are so efficient and organized, never wanting to waste a minute of their day.

They are both feminine Cardinal signs, however this combination never sits 100% comfortably, due to its opposing nature to one another. This Cancer will usually be aware of time and will be more organized than other Cancer Rising combinations . They will also be dealing with “Karma,” and have many life lessons to learn that have been added up from previous reincarnations.

How to Recognize Cancer Sun Capricorn Rising

They will usually be quite tall, with an "in-charge" presence . They may have a high forehead with interesting-looking eyebrows and teeth that stand out – either good or bad. They may have good or bad skin, depending on whether their Capricorn rising or Saturn is afflicted in their chart, as Capricorn rules the skin. They may have an upper lip that is thin, as well as distinctive cheekbones, and hair that stands out and draws a lot of attention. They often enjoy wearing clothes with Earth-tone colors.


Cancer Sun Capricorn Rising Career

This person will often be in a career in finance, where they are in charge, such as the CFO of a company . Libra rules their 10th House of career, so they may be interested in architecture, interior design or décor as well as the beauty industry, and may be models as they could be very tall. They make fine lawyers too. Gemini rules the 6th House of every day work so they may find themselves in the world of fashion, the automobile industry, sales, marketing and communication careers, actually anything that involves the mind. They may also be excellent writers of many things, including cook books!   

Cancer Sun Capricorn Rising Health

Gemini rules their 6th House of health, so they need to take really good care of their hands , applying moisturizer to it every day and positioning their laptops or keyboards correctly as not to hurt their hands. If they are masseuses, they need to rest in-between appointments, as not to cause damage. They may suffer from anxiety and sleep disorders and should turn to healthy nutrition and exercise for this. Yearly mammograms and visits to the dentist are encouraged, as well as supplements that strengthen the bones. It’s also important for them to take good care of their skin, cleansing, toning, and applying eye cream and moisturizer every day to their face.


Cancer Sun Capricorn Rising Love

This person mainly attracts other Water and Earth signs . Cancer rules their 7th House of love, relationships and marriage, so what they are really after is a very nurturing and loving partner who needs them and they can take care of too. They enjoy the company of Pisceans and Scorpios, and fellow Cancers and Capricorns make excellent matches. There is much understanding with Virgos and Taureans where a lot of love will be shared.

The Fire and Air signs don’t fare so well with this combination. They may get irritated with Aries’ immaturity, impulsivity, and occasional aggressive ways. However, Geminis and Leos make good friends, as well as Sagittarians and Aquarians. They may find Librans charming, but their Capricorn Rising will get frustrated with Librans’ inability to decide on matters easily, as Librans are forever weighing options and find making final decisions incredibly hard.

How Cancer Sun Capricorn Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Capricorn rising, this person needs structure to make them feel “safe” in the morning . This way they wake up having something to do in the morning every day that makes sense to them. They should put on meditative music, light candles and cook a delicious breakfast followed by herbal tea to flush out their system. It’s very important that their environment is clean. They can’t leave the house in a mess or the dishes in the sink. They need to take the garbage out before leaving the house to start work. Structure and cleanliness help start the day off well for this person.

Famous Cancer Sun Capricorn Rising People

People with this combination include Grammy-Award-winning star and stunning songstress Ariana Grande, as well as one of the most famous supermodels of all time, Gisele Bundchen, who is also a successful entrepreneur. The late Austrian author and poet Ingeborg Bachmann was born with this combination, as well as Victoria’s Secret model Sara Sampaio .


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