Cancer Sun Gemini Rising

Cancer Sun Gemini Rising - The Funny Friend

This Cancer Makes a Great Friend Who Makes You Laugh
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Cancer Sun Gemini Rising
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In this combination the Moon and Mercury meet. In Greek mythology, Artemis is the Moon, and her brother Hermes is Mercury. The one thing they definitely have in common is that both these heavenly bodies move fast. Mercury is the fastest planet while the Moon changes Signs very quickly.

However, Cancer moves completely at their own pace, while Gemini flutters about like a fast little bird chirping away and jumping from branch to branch on a tree.


Cancer is a feminine Cardinal sign while Gemini is a masculine Mutable sign. This leads to a Cancerian who is much more sociable than usual , and curious as well. They will always be questioning things.

How to Recognize Cancer Sun Gemini Rising

This person moves fast and is never easy to pin down. Even in the home they move from one room to the next quickly with all their excess energy. They are possibly average height or short and petite. They are lucky, as they often have a fast metabolism, even though they enjoy eating lots of food . They enjoy wearing different shades of yellow, as it reminds them of the Sun and makes them feel happy. On other days they will play with shades of blue. They are a fan of comfortable clothes – jeans and a T-shirt, and comfortable shoes they can move around in fast. They often have delicate faces with sharp cheekbones.

Cancer Sun Gemini Rising Career

This Cancer makes a wonderful guidance counsellor , as they are able to listen and really talk and communicate with others. They are also good in any position that involves sales, marketing or PR. Pisces rules their 10th House of career, so they may prefer working with animals and in nature , and touching (or affecting) the masses in a big way. They could possibly be environmentalists working in sectors that cover climate change.


Scorpio rules their 6th House of every day work, so they could work in insurance and cover inheritances for others. They may work in funeral homes or possibly even write psychological, mystery or horror stories for a living. Whatever work they do, their minds need to be stimulated on a daily basis.

Cancer Sun Gemini Rising Health

Not only can this Cancer suffer from depression, but they may suffer with anxiety as well. Smoking, or eating, cannabis may make them paranoid and isn’t always a good idea. It’s important for them not to drink too much coffee, or have too much sugar in their system . Scorpio rules their 6th House of health, and so they need to watch out for developing hemorrhoids and make sure to always have safe sex. Females with this combination need to see their gynecologist on a yearly basis.

Cancer Sun Gemini Rising Love

Sagittarius rules this person’s 7th House of marriage, love and relationships and therefore they gravitate towards partners that take them out of their comfort zones. Sagittarians make great partners and there’s a lot of sexual attraction created in this union. Fellow Cancerians and Geminis make good matches, as well as Pisceans. Scorpios may feel a bit intense for this Cancer, while there will be a lot of passion and an eventful relationship with Aries. Leos make good friends, as well as Taureans. Librans and Aquarians make pleasant partners that attract a lot of friends into their social circle. There’s a lot of understanding and love with Virgos; however, Capricorns may seem very authoritative at times.  


How Cancer Sun Gemini Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Cancer Sun Gemini Ascendant, this person needs to stimulate their mind as they wake up . They should read a few pages of their favorite book, or write a few words down in their personal diary, or even a poem or two reflecting their feelings. Afterwards they will enjoy checking their social media accounts and even “tweeting” their opinions here and there. They should then get to the gym and do a quick workout to put them in a good mood, jump in the shower and grab a thick and filling smoothie before stepping out to start the day.  

Cancer Sun Gemini Rising Famous People

Brilliant entrepreneur, multimillionaire and the man working very hard at trying to put people on Mars, Elon Musk, was born with this combination. “Baywatch” babe, model, and actress, Pamela Anderson, also has this combination. Indian actress, and former Miss World, Priyanka Chopra, was also born with this combination, as well as the man termed as the “father of modern computer science,” English cryptographer, mathematician, and logician, Alan Turing.    


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