Cancer Sun Pisces Rising

Cancer Sun Pisces Rising - The Nurturing Psychic

This is a Sensitive Fairy that Lives in Their Own World
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Cancer Sun Pisces Rising
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In this combination, the Moon and Neptune meet. In Greek mythology, the Moon is represented by the goddess Artemis, while Neptune is represented by the god of the ocean Poseidon. Poseidon is Artemis’ Uncle.

Now, the Moon and the ocean have a very special relationship, as the Moon affects the tides. Most know that the closer the Moon is to the Earth, the higher the tides are. We, as a species are mostly made of water and therefore the Moon affects us greatly – especially our emotions.


Cancer and Pisces complement one another. They trine each other at 120 degrees naturally and get along beautifully. Together they are an emotional, sensitive, and highly psychic force that can create magic in this world . They are both feminine Water Signs, the only difference is that Cancer is a Cardinal Sign, while Pisces is a Mutable Sign.

How to Recognize Cancer Sun Pisces Rising

This person will usually have big almond shaped eyes that look watery and mystical . They may even be different shades of blue. They usually have heart shaped or oval faces with chins that are pointy. They enjoy wearing flowing clothes in white, blue, aqua, green, pastel purple and pinks. They love their jeans and skirts that flow to the floor. They love fashion and can often wear many different outfits in one day, and the females with this combination adore makeup and will often wear it to “chameleon” their looks on a daily basis.  

Cancer Sun Pisces Rising Career

They may be very attracted to careers involving children where they get to be very creative such as art teachers or chefs that teach children how to cook. Sagittarius rules their 10th house of career, so they may be involved in media, writing and publishing . They could be models that make a big impact in the entertainment industry. They make wonderful teachers and religious figures. Leo rules their 6th House of every day work, so there is a great chance that their career, as mentioned before, is focused around children. They could also be sexual healers and designers, or artists.


Cancer Sun Pisces Rising Health

The person with this combination may be highly sensitive and moody, and needs to stay away from all sorts of stimulants , from caffeine to drugs and alcohol. Such things could affect their minds very negatively. Even the intake of cannabis can cause paranoia in this person. Leo rules their 6th House of every day health, so it is important for this person to take care of their heart. It’s important for them to partake in cardiovascular exercise and eat heart-healthy food.  

Cancer Sun Pisces Rising Love

This combination attracts mainly Water and Earth Signs . Virgo rules their 7th House of marriage, relationships and love, and they are attracted to people that are neat, clean and quite innocent. Their perfect marriage partner is someone who is not overly sexual – that can come after marriage. Virgo makes a perfect match as well as other Cancerians and Pisceans. Taurus is a wonderful match, as this Sign really grounds this combination and together, they can create a very stable home and family.


Capricorn matches well and there is a lot of mutual attraction and they create a very organized home. Scorpio is also a good match but will work out better if he/she has Mars and Venus in Earth Signs – too much Water can create a very volatile and emotional relationship. Geminis make good friends and fun shared experiences, as do Leos.

Aries brings fun but is quite a bit too impulsive for this person’s liking. There are many deep conversations that are shared with Sagittarians and possible relationships formed. Aquarians and Librans are too emotionally distant for this person; however, they may bring many friendships into the relationship.

How Cancer Sun Pisces Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Pisces rising this person needs to wake up drinking a few sips of water, followed by a gratitude meditation. They should then drink a cup of herbal tea, with lemon, to flush out toxins , while meditation music plays in the background and candles are lit. A healthy breakfast should be consumed, followed by a bit of yoga or some laps in the swimming pool. They should then enjoy a comforting shower and begin work. 

Famous Cancer Sun Pisces Rising People

Famous Beatles drummer Ringo Starr has this combination, as well as the very dashing “This is Us” star Milo Ventimiglia. The late Bohemian-Austrian composer and conductor Gustav Mahler was also born with this combination. He was one of the top operatic and orchestral conductors of his time. One of the biggest French poets of the 17th century, Jean de La Fontaine, was also born with this combination.


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