Cancer Sun Virgo Rising

The Nurturer Who Constantly Serves
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Cancer Sun Virgo Rising
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Cancer Sun Virgo Rising

In this combination the Moon and Mercury hold hands. In Greek mythology the Moon is represented by Artemis, goddess of chastity and the wilderness, and Mercury is represented by Hermes, god of travel and communication. However, Persephone, daughter of Demeter (goddess of agriculture) also represents Virgo for her innocence, virginity and purity. (This is of course how she is represented before Hades grabs her and takes her into his Underworld to be his Queen). Artemis and Persephone are half sisters to one another.


Cancer is a Cardinal feminine Sign while Virgo is a Mutable feminine sign. People with this combination are quite introverted and really enjoy a life of peace. They do not enjoy confrontation, or violence, at all .

How to Recognize Cancer Sun Virgo Rising

This person usually has sharp cheekbones and delicate features with alluring eyes. They are often very beautiful, as Virgo is the sign of perfection and this leads to very beautiful features. They are usually in great shape, as they are concerned with their health and take great measures towards this. They will often be seen wearing black, green, blue and brown colors.

Cancer Sun Virgo Rising Career

Gemini rules their 10th house of every day work, so this person would make a very good writer, veterinarian, or doctor . They would also make a great fashion designer or mechanical engineer who works in the automobile industry.  Aquarius rules their 6th House of every day work, so they would get great pleasure working in hi-tech or creating their own technological inventions. They would do well in sales and marketing in startups and hi-tech companies. This person is a perfectionist, pays great attention to detail, and is a hard worker, so they usually succeed at everything they apply their energy to.


Cancer Sun Virgo Rising Health

Aquarius rules the 6th House of health so exercise is important, to improve the circulatory system . Calves and shins should always be warmed up before exercise and team sport such as basketball, soccer or even dance groups will be enjoyed. Sticking to good nutrition will be of extreme benefit and prevent stomach aches. Females with this combination should get their yearly mammograms as Cancer is related to the breasts.  

Cancer Sun Virgo Rising Love

Pisces rules their 7th House of relationships, marriage and love, and therefore they are attracted to free spirits who make every day different and fun! They enjoy deep conversations too. They attract Pisceans, Scorpios, Virgos, Capricorn and Taureans the most. They make good friends with Geminis, Leos and Libras, and Aquarians interest them. Aries are sometimes too dominant and aggressive for them and Sagittarians stray a bit too much to adventure the world for their liking, although they can bring a lot of fun into their life and have deep philosophical conversations with them.


How Cancer Sun Virgo Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Virgo rising, this person needs to have a structured routine to follow in the morning . It’s best for them to wake up and begin working out for 30 minutes to one hour. Afterwards they should relax in the shower or bath with pleasant and relaxing music playing, followed by a healthy breakfast and cup of herbal tea to flush out toxins. It will be good for them to spend some time in nature and/or with their pets before starting work.  

Famous Cancer Sun Virgo Rising People

One of the funniest comedians on Earth, Kevin Hart, was born with this combination. He is known for his exceptional work ethic and workouts; he takes physical care very seriously. Oscar-winning-actor, Tom Hanks, also has this combination, as well as dancer, singer and talent-judge Nicole Scherzinger. Stunning model and actress, Eva Green, also has this combination. The late, famous American novelist, short-story writer and journalist, Ernest Hemingway, was also born with this combination.


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