Gemini Sun Aries Rising - The Playful Leader

This is the playful leader that will win the hearts and admiration of all that follow!
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Gemini Sun Aries Rising
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Here, Mars (ruler of Aries) and Mercury (ruler of Gemini) meet, and this makes for a very strong and playful individual indeed! In Greek mythology, Mars is Ares (god of war) and Mercury is Hermes (god of trade, travel, language and communication). Both these gods were brothers, and Hermes assisted the souls of the dead from the battlegrounds where Ares created bloodshed into their Uncle Hades’ (Pluto) underworld. Hermes could travel between the world of the gods, mortals and the dead, the only god to do so.

Gemini has important duties in this world to pass on information, and with an Aries Rising this person’s goals and ambitions will be pushed to their limits, as they will want to lead in everything they do and reach the top of everything they take part in.


This Gemini with an Aries Ascendant will be faced with many purposeful challenges in life laid out for them by the Universe to see if they can rise to the occasion and overcome them. There will also always be a twinkle in their eye, and they will be confident in nature, and quite fast and athletic. They are a double masculine sign that is completely extroverted and get their energy from being around others. They enjoy being part of a team.

How to Recognize Gemini Sun Aries Rising

Their Aries Rising will give them an appearance having a prominent jaw line, brow, nose and mouth. They may also have tan or olive skin that tans well in the sun. They will have luscious hair that may be dark and curly, or extremely straight. They will be in good athletic shape, not extremely tall but will have well-defined muscles.

Gemini Sun Aries Rising Career 

When it comes to their career, Capricorn rules their Midheaven, meaning they will need to be in charge of whatever they do. They will also be exceptionally ambitious, goal-oriented and will always be focused on climbing the career ladder. If they fall off, they’ll just wipe themselves and get back right on. Virgo rules their 6th House of everyday work so they will be perfectionists, able to take note of the small details. They will be fantastic in sports where they need to move quickly, sales and marketing positions, pioneers in the fashion industry, mechanical engineers or even literary pioneers. They may also be involved in careers tending to domestic animals.


Gemini Sun Aries Rising Health 

As far as their health is concerned, Virgo rules their 6th House of health. Therefore, they will be extremely cautious about how they eat, and may even obsess when it comes to exercise – especially if their Mars is in Virgo or Aries.  They will make it a habit to get to the gym every single day to stay in perfect shape. If they fall off the wagon and happen to put on weight, they’ll automatically start eating healthy and spend time in the gym again. They may suffer with a little bit of anxiety, as well as experience OCD tendencies and digestive ailments. They also age well.

Gemini Sun Aries Rising Love

In matters of the heart, Libra rules their 7th house of love, relationships and marriage, and will make an exceptional match to this Gemini, who will be instantly attracted to their fellow Air sign. Also, Libra is the complete opposite of Aries, so there will be a great spark there! Other great matches will be Leos and Sagittarians, as well as Aquarians who will challenge their mind. They’ll instantly get along with other Geminis, as well as Aries and Virgos (who are also ruled by Mercury). They will find Capricorns a bit too serious and critical. They’ll enjoy the company and friendship of Cancers and Taureans, though these aren’t the ideal signs for them for love. They’ll enjoy great romance and passion with Pisces where a lot of mystical fun will be had. Scorpios may attract them, as Scorpio was once ruled by Mars, and will recognize this in their Aries Rising; however, Scorpios and Geminis aren’t always the easiest match, as Scorpios can be very intense, and Gemini is quite a “light,” and “airy” sign.


How Gemini Sun Aries Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so with an Aries Ascendant this person needs to get up in a good mood and begin their day with a workout that’s fast and gets their heart pumping while listening to up-tempo music. Afterwards, they should jump in the shower, have a cup of coffee and begin work. They’ll enjoy keeping a few snacks around, as they’ll munch on these before digging into something more solid for breakfast. They will need to communicate with friends and family in between work tasks and gather energy from them to carry them out throughout the day.

Famous Gemini Sun Aries Rising People

The list of celebrities with this combination is rather interesting. Both the late Joan Rivers and Joan Collins have this combination, and they most certainly captured the world’s attention with their striking looks and vivacious personalities in their heydays! The ever-so-stunning and talented multi-Grammy Award winning female lead singer of Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks, has this combination. Oscar-winning actor actor Morgan Freeman has this combination, along with the late actor Errol Flynn, who was extremely good looking and led a very flamboyant lifestyle. The late Walt Whitman, proclaimed as the “greatest of all American poets,” had this combination. He was also a journalist, essayist and humanist.




Facts about Gemini

Birthday:  21st May - 20th June

Ruling planet:  Mercury

Gender:  Male

Element : Air

Temperament : Sanguine

Type :  The communicator

Physical correspondence : Hands, arms, shoulders, lungs

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