Gemini Sun Cancer Rising - The Empathetic and Caring Communicator

This Gemini communicates in a caring way and listens with genuine concern
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Gemini Sun  Cancer Rising
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In this combination, the Moon (which rules Cancer) and Mercury (which rules Hermes) meet. In Greek Mythology, the Moon is Artemis, goddess of the hunt, wild animals and chastity, while Mercury is her brother, Hermes, who is the god of animal husbandry, trade, fertility, travel, sleep, language, thieves, wealth and luck.

Here, the personality may seem aloof at first and unwelcoming to strangers and those that the person does not trust. However, once this person trusts another, their true Gemini personality comes out where they are vibrant and enjoy socializing and talking. Cancer is a feminine, introverted Sign, while Gemini is a masculine, extraverted Sign, so this person often misunderstands their own feelings in comparison to their actions.


How to Recognize Gemini Sun Cancer Rising 

A person with a Gemini Sun and a Cancer Ascendant is often attractive with a good build, and has a body with good proportions. Their eyes are often blue or green, and they have a “mystical” shining aura about them. The women who have this combination may have larger breasts than normal, while the men may have wide, strong chests. Their Cancer Ascendants, make this Gemini person quite psychic and very connected to the different phases of the Moon. They will also have a nurturing spirit, and enjoy taking care of others.

Gemini Sun Cancer Rising Career 

When it comes to the career aspect of this person’s life, Aries rules the Midheaven or 10th House, meaning they have to be a pioneer in whatever they do, and in charge. They don’t like being told what to do, and want to be seen as leaders. The work they do may demand from them that they keep fit and are in peak physical perfection. They may be involved in sports in their career and really enjoy working out. Their 6th House of every day work is ruled by Sagittarius, so they may enter the world of media. They could be fantastic writers, who travel a lot to promote their work. They could also become involved in helping animals of all sizes, from the conservation of them to attending to their medical needs. Many with this combination are singers. They also make fantastic HR managers. Due to their Cancer Rising, they may also prefer working from home.


Gemini Sun Cancer Rising Health 

As far as health is concerned, Sagittarius rules the 6th House of health, meaning they need to make sure to always take extra special care of hips and thighs, as well as the legs, lower back, and pelvis – especially when training or exercising. Warming up these areas are of great importance, and regular massages to these areas will benefit this person greatly. They may, at times, put a lot of weight on these areas, and their legs may be very strong and muscular as well.

Gemini Sun Cancer Rising Love 

In matters of the heart, Capricorn rules their 7th House of marriage, relationships and love, so they are naturally very faithful, and appreciate the institution of marriage. They may date older or younger people, however, rarely will they date people their own age. They are extremely loyal, and fiercely protective over their partners. They also dream of having many children.

They attract all the other Air signs - Libra, Aquarius and other Geminis, although Aquarians may seem a little emotionally detached for their nurturing Cancer Ascendant. They enjoy the company of Pisceans, other Cancerians and Scorpios, although Scorpios may seem a little intense for them at times. They get excited by Sagittarians, Leos and Aries, although Sagittarians may often want space from them, as these Gemini types with Cancer Risings can be quite domesticated and can become very emotionally attached to their partners, while Sagittarians value freedom above all else. They also attract Capricorns, although may find them a little stern at times, enjoy Taureans’ company very much, and find Virgos quite appealing.


How Gemini Sun Cancer Rising Should Start the Day 

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so with a Cancer Ascendant, this person needs to wake up slowly and breathe in the day at their own pace. It’s important for them to drink fluids first thing in the morning, including air temperature water and herbal teas with slices of lemon and some fresh mint added, with the addition of raw honey if they crave sweetness. It’s good for them to meditate for a few minutes (even do a gratitude meditation) around lighted candles, and then go outside and breathe in the fresh air and ground their feet on fresh grass to “Earth” themselves. It’s even better if they are able to take themselves near a body of water, especially the ocean, and relax there before eating a breakfast that includes fresh fruit and vegetables. Some yoga early in the morning is also great for them, followed by a comforting warm shower. They are then ready to begin the work day.

Famous Cancer Rising Gemini Sun People

Many A-list superstars have this combination, such as Academy Award winner Angeline Jolie, mother to six children, three adopted and three by ex-husband and Sagittarian Brad Pitt. In her career, Angelina played many acting roles and was especially known for her character, the dynamic “tomb raider” Lara Croft, who always had to maintain peak physical perfection. Australian singer Kylie Minogue has this combination and rose to fame in the ‘80s. She exploded on the charts with multiple Grammy wins in the early ‘2000s. Superstar Academy Award winning actor Mark Wahlberg has this combination. He has starred in at least 60 movies, and many of them have required him to be in peak physical perfection. Personally, he has four children. Multiple Grammy Award-winning hip-hop star Kanye West was also born with this combination. He is definitely a pioneer in the music industry and has four children. Finally, the late Judy Garland who played one of the most iconic roles of all time, Dorothy Gale in 1939’s The Wizard of Oz, also had this combination.   



Facts about Gemini


Birthday:  21st May - 20th June


Ruling planet:  Mercury


Gender:  Male


Element : Air


Temperament : Sanguine


Type :  The communicator


Physical correspondence : Hands, arms, shoulders, lungs



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