Gemini Sun - Libra Rising

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Gemini Sun - Libra Rising
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Libra Rising Gemini Sun

In this combination, Venus (ruler of Libra, known as Aphrodite, goddess of love, in Greek mythology) and Mercury (ruler of Gemini, known as Hermes, god of communication and travel, in Greek mythology) meet. Hermes seduced Aphrodite from which a child was born, and Aphrodite is Hermes’ Great-Aunt.


This happens to be a wonderful combination as Libra and Gemini naturally Trine one another, as they are both of the Air Element. Here is an individual that is exceptionally charming and knows how to win popularity among people through effective communication. They also need a lot of harmony in their lives and create this where they go. People are naturally attracted to their auras.

They are generally very beautiful with almost cherub-like features, a heart-shaped face, full cheeks, wavy hair, full lips and almond eyes. Kate Winslet is a perfect example of a Venusian beauty, being a triple Libra herself. When thinking of her appearance in the Oscar winning 1997 movie Titanic, she most certainly looked like Venus in Botticelli’s famous 1486 painting The Birth of Venus, where she rises from the ocean in an oyster’s shell.

When it comes to career, Cancer rules their Midheaven, meaning they are always connected to family and home, and enjoy being around their close ones when it comes to work. They most definitely may work in the culinary career, where they could end up publishing books and being a media personality, as well as a kindergarten teacher or a person who writes books for children, or involved in finance. Pisces rules their 6th House of every day work, so they enjoy a career where every day is not the same, and there is some aspect of spiritual fulfillment to their careers. They could end up as Priests or Rabbis, or other religious figures, and they may also work with animals in wildlife sanctuaries or as marine biologist or veterinarians.

As far as health is concerned, Pisces rules their 6th House of health, so it is of the utmost importance that they drink fluids constantly throughout the day and take very good care of their feet – especially during stressful times where their feet might swell up, and the skin may become very dry along with toenail infections. This person should also swim for exercise, as it will be extremely beneficial and enjoyable.


In matters of the heart, it is the Air and Fire signs all the way as far as attraction is concerned. Aries rules the 7th House of relationships, marriage and love and can add a lot of spontaneous fun to the life of this Gemini. Aries also teaches this Gemini to go for what they want and to be more impulsive. Sagittarians broaden the view of this Gemini and this is the kind of relationship where expanse of the mind will take place, and many international travels will be shared. Leo will bring a lot of creative fun into the relationship and will provide a loving family with possibly many children.

Aquarians will interest this Gemini and will make them reach for their highest goals, while other Geminis and Librans will work well. Taureans will provide a great friendship. Pisceans may work well, as Venus is exalted in Pisces and falls under the Mutable Modality like Gemini. Scorpios may become enamored with this Gemini but may be too intense an energy for them, while Cancerians may feel that this Gemini is too emotionally detached for them. Capricorns may be too authoritative for this Gemini, and Virgos may interest them as they are also ruled by Mercury, and this Gemini will appreciate their quiet, disciplined, clean and healthy natures.

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Libra rising, this person needs to feel calm and that everything is in balance, and feel harmonious for the day. It’s a good idea for them to do a gratitude meditation before stepping out of bed. They should then light scented candles and drink herbal tea followed by a luxurious milk bath or shower using beautiful scented shower gel. They should then eat a light breakfast and begin work after checking their social media accounts and getting up to speed with what is going on in the world.

Famous Libra Rising/Gemini Sun People


One of the most famous United States’ presidents (the 35th president), John (Jack) Fitzgerald Kennedy, JFK, was born with this combination, and is famous for his speech in which he said the following immortal quote “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” He was definitely focused on harmony and balance.

Grammy award-winning hip-hop star Kendrick Lamar has this combination, as well as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who also happens to be a writer. Jamie Oliver was born with this combination and really lives out his chart, as he is a culinary media sensation having written many cookbooks and appeared on many of his own cooking shows. Famous news journalist and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper has this combination with his own news broadcast show Anderson Cooper 360°, as well as the very beautiful supermodel Kate Upton and Grammy-award winning singer, dancer, choreographer and ex-American Idols judge Paula Abdul.







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