Gemini Sun Pisces Rising

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Gemini Sun Pisces Rising
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Gemini Sun Pisces Rising

In this combination, Mercury (which rules Gemini) and Neptune (which rules Pisces) meet. In Greek mythology, Mercury is Hermes, messenger to the gods, and god of travel and communication, while Neptune is Poseidon, god of the ocean. Poseidon is Zeus’ brother and Uncle to Hermes. Together, they make a powerful combination of Air and Water.


Gemini is an Air sign while Pisces is a Water sign, yet they are both part of the Mutable modality. They are both really easy-going, and “go-with-the-flow” types. Therefore, a person who has their Sun in Gemini and Pisces as an Ascendant likes a life of constant flow, change and unpredictability. They love surprises and get bored with routine. They will have many different groups of friends in their development and will try out many different college courses and jobs until they find the right fit. They are not very comfortable managing others, as they don’t care for it.

However, what a Pisces Ascendant does, is make this Gemini quite emotional in a way that Air signs usually aren’t. This is a Gemini that can feel the pain of others and sympathize. It is also a Gemini that can act as a martyr at times.

How to Recognize Gemini Sun Pisces Rising

This person never wears the same clothes, not in the same week, and sometimes not even in the same day. They are colorful and express themselves creatively. They often live in their own world and love communication, but will often be the one who listens more before they open up – and when they open up, they won’t stop talking. They may have big almond eyes, wavy hair and an oval or heart-shaped face that’s pointy at the end.


Gemini Sun Pisces Rising Career

This person needs a lot of fun in their career and they need to be creative. They like socializing with their co-workers, and a strict and supervised office environment is not for them. Sagittarius rules their 10th House of career and so they are very comfortable in all careers related to international travel, as well as education. This person can easily become a university lecturer or art and drama teacher. This person may be musically inclined as well and may have a career as a musician.

Leo rules the 6th House of everyday work, so this person needs creativity. They may work with children, but at the same time wants to be recognized for the work they do. They may become famous authors of children’s books or regular adult books, as well as books on travel and education. They may also become social workers. They may even become YouTube sensations and social media stars. Modeling and the world of fashion and beauty is also a possible career for them. They may also work with nature and animals, and have the ability to communicate with and understand both.

Gemini Sun Pisces Rising Health


Leo rules the 6th House of health, so it is important for this Gemini to eat heart-healthy food and do cardiovascular exercise on a regular basis. This Gemini will be very attracted to recreational drugs and alcohol due to their Pisces Rising and this needs to be watched out for. Driving fast under the influence is an idea that may be entertained and this needs to be put to rest. This person needs to connect to their spiritual side and communicate with any higher power they believe in to relax and become (relatively) stress free. Meditation is very important, especially near the ocean. Swimming is an exercise that will be enjoyed.

Gemini Sun Pisces Rising Love

This person absolutely needs a partner that will understand them but will also ground them. They are too mutable and too everywhere and need someone to bring them down to earth to provide the

emotional security they so desperately crave. Taurus is a great match here to provide that purpose, as is Cancer – although Cancer can be very needy, emotional and moody at times. There will be an instant spark with Scorpio but Scorpio must give this Gemini their freedom to live as they want. Geminis and Pisceans make a great match where much understanding takes place. Virgo rules the 7th House of love, marriage and relationships and this sign will provide a wonderful “home base” for this Gemini and will help bring routine and order into their lives. This Gemini is also attracted to partners that have a “purity” element to their souls. Highly promiscuous people do not appeal to them when it comes to finding the ideal partner. Sagittarius is a great match, and Leo and Aries will excite, although Leo may be a bit domineering. Libra is a great match, though Aquarius may feel a bit emotionally detached which won’t resonate well with their Pisces Ascendant.


How Gemini Sun Pisces Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Pisces rising, this person needs to wake up slowly and gently, drink some sips of water, spend time with their pets and then do a gratitude meditation to center themselves for the day. They should then step outside, walk on grass, water some plants and breathe in the scent of fresh flowers and the air and expose themselves to the sunlight. They should then choose exercise of their choice, have a nice bath or shower, enjoy a healthy breakfast and sip on some healthy tea before starting work.

Famous Gemini Sun Pisces Rising People

Gorgeous Brazilian supermodel and actress Adriana Lima has this combination, as well as the late hip-hop artist Notorious B.I.G. Actor Peter Dinklage who played Tyrion Lannister on Games of Thrones has this combination, as well as the late actor and singer Dean Martin. Rainer Werner Fassbinder has this combination; he is an exceptionally important representative of the New German Cinema and is a German actor, movie director and screenwriter. Phylicia Rashad, a well-known and well-respected Tony Award African American actress also has this combination.


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