Gemini Sun / Scorpio Rising

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Gemini Sun Scorpio Rising
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Scorpio Rising Gemini Sun

Here, Pluto (ruler of Scorpio) and Mercury (ruler of Gemini) meet. In Greek mythology, Hades (Pluto) is Hermes’ (Mercury’s) Uncle. They have a special arrangement where Hermes takes the souls of the dead into Hades’ Underworld. Hades is god and ruler of the Underworld, and Hermes is the god of communication and travel.


Scorpio is a feminine, generally introverted, Fixed Water Sign, whereas Gemini is a masculine, generally extroverted, Mutable Air Sign. These two naturally make an Inconjunct (Quincunx) aspect to one another, which isn’t always the easiest aspect to deal with. Although Gemini is a very communicative sign, Scorpio Rising makes this Gemini person hold back their tongue at times, or alternately say very vicious, mean and spiteful things – especially when attacked or feelings are hurt.

A Gemini person with a Scorpio rising may experience very deep thoughts that are not always pleasant. This Gemini person will have a life where challenges are sent there way and much transformation must occur.

In general, this Gemini will have dark features – dark hair, often jet black and dark eyes and skin that can tan very easily or is naturally dark. They may even have pale skin against dark hair. They can appear very intimidating and mysterious.

When it comes to career, Leo rules their Midheaven so they like to shine in the spotlight. They need a creative outlet where their career is concerned, one in entertainment or where children are involved, as well as one where they can be generous and giving, and feel important. Aries rules their 6th house of every day work and Aries is ruled by Mars. This indicates that they could possibly be surgeons where they work with blood every day, and being in the 6th House, they could operate on domestic animals. They will naturally be leaders and pioneers and want to be in charge of their careers. They could also be involved in athletic careers.


As far as health is concerned, Aries rules their 6th House of Health, so they are natural athletes. These Geminis love the thrill of competition and adore competitive sports where they can come out as the winner. They enjoy sweating, being healthy, building their muscles and appearing strong. They should just watch out for headaches which may plague them from time to time.

In matters of the heart, this combination attracts an array of different signs. Taurus rules the 7th House of relationships, marriage and love and will naturally attract this sign, although a different point of view about life will be experienced a lot throughout the relationship. However, Taureans will provide a solid foundation that this Gemini can lean on. They will attract all the Air and Fire signs, other Geminis, Librans, and Aquarians, Aries, Leos and Sagittarians. However, they need to be aware that when in a relationship with an Aries, many fights can occur, as Mars, which once ruled Scorpio, rules Aries as well. Virgos may enjoy this Gemini combination and feel naturally protected by them. Capricorns will make good friends and possible great relationships. Cancerians will be excited by this Gemini, as they will be good friends and lovers, while Pisces will be mesmerized by this Gemini combination. Scorpios will naturally be attracted to them.  

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Scorpio Rising, this person needs to be with themselves in the beginning of the day and center themselves to gather their energy. They may want to connect with the person they love, if they share a bed, and get physical, as this will put them in a good mood. Afterwards, they may want to shower and grab a cup of coffee before starting work and getting something to eat a few hours before lunch.

Famous Scorpio Rising/Gemini Sun People


Famous Geminis with this combination include Oscar-winning actresses Nicole Kidman and Natalie Portman. The late, brilliant, Grammy-ward winning musician and singer Prince was born this combination, and he was most certainly a pioneer in the music industry. Interestingly, the serial killer David Berkowitz, dubbed the “Son of Sam,” was born with this combination. The late Frank Lloyd Wright was a very famous American architect who was born with this combination. Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily-Rose Depp is a French-American actress and model born with this combination. Tennis superstar Rafael Nadal was also born with this combination, as was actor Chris Evans.


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