Gemini Sun Virgo Rising

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Virgo Rising Gemini Sun
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Virgo Rising Gemini Sun

Here, double Mercurial forces apply, as both Virgo and Gemini are ruled by Mercury. The difference is that Mercury, who is known as Hermes in Greek Mythology, really attaches itself to Gemini with regards to the fact that he was the god of travel, communication, fertility, wealth and good fortune, and Virgo relates more to other Greek gods (as well as Hermes), such as Persephone, the daughter of the harvest goddess Demeter. Persephone is innocent and pure and Hades (Pluto) takes her away from her mother to be Queen of the Underworld with him.


Virgo is about perfection and being of service – nobody works harder than a Virgo, or people with many Virgo aspects. Virgo Rising sharpens and perfects every Gemini attribute, where communication becomes clearer, writings become better executed, and the Gemini will work harder and be of more service in their vocation. Double Mercurial energy indicates a sensitive nervous system and OCD tendencies, and they may wash their hands many times during the day and be obsessed with good hygiene. There is no harm in seeking a therapist and doing lots of spiritual meditation to help soothe a person with this combination. Getting out in nature and going for hikes will be especially uplifting. This person will also be very focused on leading a healthy lifestyle.

This Gemini may have an oval face with a narrow chin and chiseled cheekbones that are well-defined. Their faces may be very symmetrical, and they may be very beautiful. More often than not they will give a first impression of shyness, though their true exuberant personality comes out once they trust the person they are with.

As far as their career is concerned, these people have Gemini as their Midheaven, and so their work is heavily concentrated on marketing, sales, PR work, social media, broadcasting, telecommunications and writing. Their Sun is in the 10th House, so they will be extremely ambitious and focused on career. They may also be interested in a career in entertainment and singing. Aquarius rules their 6th House of every day work, so they may deal with technology, or do charity work, such as the work of a social worker. They may also be mechanical engineers working every day with the automobile industry.

When it comes to health Aquarius rules the 6th House of health, so special attention needs to be paid to ankles, calves, shins, as well as the circulatory system. It’s important for this person to always warm up these specific areas before exercising, and stretch out and cool down after exercise. It is of particular importance to always make sure to wear comfortable shoes. Aerobics is a good exercise for them to do, as it gets the heart pumping and improves the circulatory system.


In matters of the heart, Pisces rules their 7th House of relationships, marriage and love, so they may be very attracted to people who really just go with the flow and help them to relax. They may also seek people who give them unconditional love. They will naturally be attracted to Pisces, Aquarians, Geminis, Librans and Virgos. They will also enjoy the company of Scorpios, Cancerians, Taureans and Capricorns. They will learn many life lessons from Sagittarians, and will get excited and have a lot of physical fulfillment with Leos. They will get along with Aries, however, they may not understand their impulsive ways.

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Virgo rising, this person has to have a routine in the morning. They need to get up and hit the gym or work out at home. After that they need to have a shower or bath and cook a healthy breakfast. After eating, they need to get their heads in a good space spiritually, so a gratitude prayer or meditation is always good. They can then begin their day feeling good.

Famous Virgo Rising/Gemini Sun People

One of the most famous musicians of all time, Sir Paul McCartney, of the famous English rock band, The Beatles, was born with this combination, and the world knows how much service he has given to the world of music. Actress Brooke Shields has this combination as well, and she has always been known for her exceptional physical beauty. The late Josephine Baker was an American dancer, singer, as well as an actress who was nicknamed “Black Venus” or “Black Pearl,” as well as “Creole Goddess,” and “La Baker.” Dave Navarro is a famous guitarist who has been part of many bands, such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction.  Golden Globe winner John Goodman was also born with this combination.





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