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Leo Sun Virgo Rising – Sign of Perfection and Beauty

Sign of perfection and Beauty
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Leo Sun Virgo Rising – Sign of Perfection and Beauty

Leo Sun Virgo Rising

Here, the Sun and Mercury join forces again, as they did before with Gemini (as Mercury also rules this Sign). However, where Mercury was represented by Hermes in Greek mythology for Gemini for communication, Hermes is represented here for healing.


The strong connection Apollo (the Sun and Leo) in Greek mythology has to Hermes, is the fact that Apollo (the god of healing) gave Hermes his special staff, which became associated with magic and alchemy, and connected to medicine. That is why Virgo is the sign connected to medicine and health.

Where the two Signs differ, is the fact that Leo is a strong masculine Fixed Fire Sign, while Virgo is a feminine Mutable Earth Sign. Leo is also very extroverted, while Virgo is incredibly introverted and shy. That is why when you first meet this Leo, they may seem timid at first, but trust me, they literally have the heart of a lion – just wait till you get to really know them!

How to Recognize Leo Sun Virgo Rising

A Leo with a Virgo Ascendant is often very beautiful. You must remember that Virgo is the Sign of perfection, and often Virgo Ascendants will be very beautiful. They often have strong cheekbones and a nice chin with beautiful arch-shaped eyebrows for the females, while the men often have strong, thick eyebrows.


They like to wear gold, yellow, black, blue and earth tones and enjoy wearing practical clothes, except when they need to dress up extravagantly. The women often cut their hair short in a pixie cut or bob, or leave it long. The men may keep their hair long unless they need to cut it.

Leo Sun Virgo Rising Career

A Leo Sun with a Virgo Ascendant naturally attracts the spotlight and needs to be in a career that is creative. The Virgo influence will naturally draw them to medical, health and fitness/sports professions, as well as work to do with domestic animals – such as veterinarians. They may also make beautiful models.

Gemini rules their 10th House of career, while Aquarius rules their 6th House of everyday work, so they will be very attracted to written pursuits – preferably online, and may work in start-ups as content writers and managers and be involved in marketing. They also make great scriptwriters for TV and motion pictures.

This person may also be involved in professions to do with nature, as well as environmental conservation. What this person will never do is be in a career that is surrounded by too much dirt, filth, illness, or chaos.


Leo Sun Virgo Rising Health

The heart always needs to be paid attention to and cardiovascular workouts are the way to go. It’s also important for this person to consume heart-healthy food. They may also suffer with stomach indigestion and need to watch what they eat. They need to concentrate on core exercises to have a strong abdomen and upper body strength.

Since Aquarius rules their 6th house of health, they need to pay special attention to their shins, always making sure to warm them up, and also their circulatory system. They may experience “pins and needles” a lot if they sit still for too long in one place.

Leo Sun Virgo Rising Love

This Leo naturally attracts the Fire and Earth Signs. Cancer and Virgos make best friends and wonderful partners. They find Sagittarians’ sense of adventure interesting and Aries will excite them.

Pisces rules their 7th house of love, relationships and marriage, so they will naturally attract Pisceans. However, there may be a lot of difference of opinion here, although sparks will fly under the sheets. Scorpios can work but there may be arguments at times.


Gemini works well here, as well as Libra. There is a natural attraction for Aquarians. Capricorns fit well, as do Taureans – though like Scorpios, there may be arguments at times (due to the fact that Taurus like Leo (and Scorpio and Aquarius) is a Fixed sign that can be extremely stubborn about not only the way they see the world, but how they like things done.

How Leo Sun Virgo Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Virgo rising, this person needs to have order when they wake up. Everything needs to be neat and clean from the night before, and there needs to be a routine they can follow. They should start off saying affirmations in the morning to give them confidence, a good attitude and the emotional strength to face many people for the day. A gratitude prayer always helps too, and is encouraged.

They should head to the bathroom, wash their face and brush their teeth, make a healthy breakfast and sip on some herbal tea. It’s important for them to connect with their pets and nature, as well, in the morning.


Afterwards, they should do a workout and shower afterwards, making sure to apply body cream all over. They should then begin their day feeling refreshed.

Famous Leo Sun Virgo Rising People

Superstar and the Queen of pop, Madonna, was born with this combination. She is known for being extremely hard-working, a perfectionist and extremely health conscious. South African born American Academy-Award-winning actress Charlize Theron was born with this combination. Swiss tennis star and multiple Wimbledon winner Roger Federer also has this combination.

French actress Audrey Tautou has this combination, as well as the late, very handsome and talented singer, songwriter, dancer and actor Patrick Swayze, star of the movie “Dirty Dancing.” Funnyman Steve Carell has this combination, as well as the late King Louis XVI of France. Frances Bean Cobain, daughter of the late alternative rocker Kurt Cobain was also born with this combination.


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