Leo Sun Aquarius Rising

Leo Sun Aquarius Rising - The Selfless Leo

This Leo Really Cares for Humanity
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Leo Sun Aquarius Rising
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This is a more powerful combination than most people realize. Here, the Sun and Uranus hold hands. In Greek mythology Apollo (god of music poetry, healing, art, the light and more), son of Zeus, represents the Sun, and his great-grandfather Ouranos (the ultimate sky god with powerful psychic abilities, first ruler and father to the Titans) represents Uranus.

Leo sits at one end of the Zodiac in comparison to its opposition Aquarius. Together they represent high ideals , and Aquarius elevates everything. A Leo craves attention and the spotlight but Aquarius makes sure that everyone is aware of that Leo. That Aquarius rising creates a magnificent life where goals and dreams come true and attracts many people.


Leo is a masculine Fixed Fire Sign while Aquarius is a masculine Fixed Air Sign. This combination requests the individual to be extroverted, and at the same time their thoughts will often be in conflict to one another due to their opposing, yet Fixed natures.      

As you will read further down in this article, the list of famous people with this combination is very impressive!

How to Recognize Leo Sun Aquarius Rising

A Leo with an Aquarius Ascendant is often very tall, with bright eyes that are green or blue, and often have beautiful hair . They will either dress very eccentrically with purples and neon blues, oranges, reds and yellows or dress ultra-luxuriously to show off how their standards of living are so desirable.

Leo Sun Aquarius Rising Career

This person has a great career ahead where they must utilize their popularity and ability to shine in the spotlight and help the greater good of people. They make people believe in themselves and their highest potentials!

Scorpio rules their 10th house of career so they may be involved in politics, psychiatry, research, analytics or even detective work. Cancer rules their 4th house of everyday work so they like to include family in their work, often work from home and have careers where they nurture others.


Leo Sun Aquarius Rising Health

They need to make sure to eat heart-healthy food and warm up their shins before working out . Cancer rules their 6th House of health so, if female, they need to go for their yearly mammograms and males have the potential of building a lot of muscle around the chest area when working out.

Leo Sun Aquarius Rising Love

This combination attracts Fire and Air signs mainly . Leo rules their 7th house of love, relationships and marriage so Leo works wonderfully as a match here. Aquarius may be their rising sign but since Leo rules their 7th House, they may want to eagerly have children in their life! Aquarius offers an electric and sexual appeal. Aries and Sagittarius make good matches, as well as charming Libras and energetic Geminis.

Cancer and Virgo make good friends but not romantic partners, especially since Cancer can be so needy and this doesn’t appeal to this combination. Pisces is too sensitive for them and Scorpio is far too intense and fixed in their ways.


Capricorn can work if they have a lot of planets in Sagittarius and Taurus, like Scorpio, is just too fixed in their ways and stubborn for this combination.

How Leo Sun Aquarius Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so with an Aquarius Ascendant, this person needs to wake up feeling refreshed and start the day with a fresh cup of coffee, followed by connecting on social media to see what their friends are up to . They will want to focus on what their goals are for the day, and how they can best serve humanity, so a morning meditation, with a gratitude prayer, will do them well. A quick breakfast, followed by a few minutes in the sun before working will help.

Famous Leo Sun Aquarius Rising People

This list is quite impressive and includes past American president Barack Obama, the late Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling, the late French fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent, and “What’s Love Got to Do with It” actress Angela Bassett.

It also includes Golden-Globe Award winning actor Martin Sheen, “Heaven is a Place on Earth” ‘80s singer, Belinda Carlisle, model, actress and fashion designer Kimberly Stewart (daughter of Rod Stewart and Alana Stewart), the late Isabel, Princess Imperial of Brazil, as well as Princess Beatrice of York, and Prince Achileas-Andreas of Greece and Denmark. French politician Luc Chatel also has this combination.


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