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Leo Sun Aries Rising – Fitness Competitions and Personal Trainers

Fitness Competitions and Personal Trainers
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Leo Sun Aries Rising
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Leo Sun Aries Rising

In this combination, the Sun and Mars meet, and that’s quite a potent mix indeed! Both are masculine, Fire Signs. One of the biggest differences is that Leo is a Fixed sign while Aries is a Cardinal sign.

In Greek mythology Apollo is the god of light and the Sun, music and healing while his brother Ares is the god of war. Ares and Apollo worked together to help the Trojans in the Trojan war. The force of Apollo, Leo, the Lion (and the Sun) and Ares, Aries, the Ram (and Mars) makes for a dynamic personality with strength of conviction!


They are extremely generous by nature but need and love challenges in life to get their blood boiling in excitement!

How to Recognize Leo Sun Aries Rising

This person will usually have long, thick and flowing hair with hints of red in it. They have a very powerful and commanding presence, and everyone takes notice of them. They may have blue eyes that shine bright and usually have athletic bodies.

You’ll see them dressed in all the different shades of fire and they like to drive fast cars. They also have generous and contagious smiles and they laugh hard. They are hard to miss!

Leo Sun Aries Rising Career

This person will often be in the fitness career – but they’ll make sure they’re well-known for it! They’ll post everything on social media and make sure people take notice. They’ll compete in fitness competitions and will enjoy being the best personal trainers. They may also be high up in the military or police force.

Capricorn rules their 10th House of career meaning they’re fantastic in business and can become CEOs of Fortune 500 companies easily. No matter what career they choose, they have to beat everyone to be right at the top. They need to lead and to be seen as authority figures.


Virgo rules their 6th House of every day work, so they are perfectionists that need the routine of work to get them going every day. Their work may strongly revolve around health. They may become top surgeons, or even work with domestic animals, enjoying their life as a veterinarian – they may even work in the wild with lions.

Leo Sun Aries Rising Health

Virgo rules their 6th House of health so they really need to keep an eye on what they eat as they may suffer from a lot of indigestion. Clean eating is ideal for them. It’s very important for them to work out for both their physical and mental health. They may suffer a lot from anxiety and their nerves may take a lot of stress. If this is the case, they should stay away from drugs, stimulants and alcohol as much as possible. Even too much coffee is not good for them.

Leo Sun Aries Rising Love

A Leo Sun with an Aries Ascendant needs an adventure in love that is passionate and fun, where they can show off their partner and experience a lot of excitement. Libra rules their 7th House of love, relationships and marriage, and they will dream of a beautiful wedding with the ideal partner from a young age.


They want a harmonious relationship with someone who is not too emotional and at the same time is extremely aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They don’t mind dating Barbie dolls and men with muscles who are fun and exciting. They prefer partners with a full head of hair.

Of course, they attract other Leos and athletic Aries. They adore adventurous Sagittarians and find Aquarians kooky, eccentric and excitingly challenging at the same time. They fall in love (and lust) with Librans and get really excited by Geminis who they view as bubbly champagne that never stops overflowing with chatter.

There will be recognition with Scorpio (who originally was co-ruled by Mars) but it is a difficult match with little understanding. Cancers and Taureans make good friends. They may intimidate poor little Pisceans and Virgos may find them too impulsive and not like the fact that they always want to be in the spotlight.  

Capricorns may be good for business relationships but in matters of the heart they may be too stern and serious for this combination, bringing them down and depressing them at times.


How Leo Sun Aries Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so with an Aries Ascendant, this person needs to feel challenged upon waking! They need to hydrate and then get a really good hour workout in, followed by a quick shower, healthy breakfast and super-smoothie to energize them for the day.

They should get some sun in every morning before work (and if they don’t get the opportunity, they should take vitamin D). They should focus on their challenges for the day and start from the biggest ones to the smallest ones.

Famous Leo Sun Aries Rising People

The late American jazz musician Louis Armstrong was born with this combination, as well as the late Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon. Comedian David Spade was born with this combination, as well as guitarist, singer and songwriter David Crosby. Bindi Irwin, daughter of the late “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin is included in this list. She is a conservationist, zookeeper, actress, singer, dancer and even released a fitness DVD. “Orange is the New Black” actress Taylor Schilling was born with this combination, as well as American actor, singer, producer and former NKOTB (New Kids on the Block) star Donnie Wahlberg (older brother of superstar Mark Wahlberg – Gemini Sun, Cancer Rising). 



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