Leo Sun Cancer Rising

Leo Sun Cancer Rising - The Generous Nurturer

This Leo Cares More Than You Know
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Leo Sun Cancer Rising
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In this combination, the Sun and Moon join forces, both masculine and feminine. In Greek mythology the god Apollo rules the Sun, healing, light, art and music, and his sister Artemis is goddess of the wild and hunting. She is, of course, associated with the Moon.

Leo is a masculine, Fixed, Fire sign represented by the Lion and Cancer is a feminine, Cardinal, Water sign represented by the crab. One shines in the day and the other shines at night. For this reason, this Leo is a bit different from the rest, introverted at times, but allows their true personality to shine through when they feel comfortable with the people around them.


Family is very important to this Leo who most probably stays in contact with mom and dad on a daily/weekly basis and wants a big family of their own.

How to Recognize Leo Sun Cancer Rising

This Leo may have big and watery blue, green or brown eyes with a round face that looks like the Moon . They may be very curvy and have large breasts if female. Both sexes may carry extra weight since they enjoy food and cooking so much! They may also have gorgeous long hair.

Leo Sun Cancer Rising Career

This combination definitely calls for the nurturing of children whether in a school or medical setting. Aries rules the 10th House of career, so this person definitely likes to lead and often enjoys working on their own, even from home. They definitely don’t enjoy having bosses and authority figures around them telling them what to do.

Sagittarius rules their 6th House of everyday work, so it is very likely that they land up in media or the publishing world . They may even make the most wonderful teachers or university lecturers.


Leo Sun Cancer Rising Health

With a Cancer Ascendant, Sagittarius rules the 6th House of health, so there will be a huge predisposition to indulging in many delicious dishes and not having the discipline to put boundaries on this.

This person may also have very long legs that can become very muscular and strong and big. If female, ballet is a good option for exercise to sculpt the legs to perfection. Men should work with weights to sculpt strong calves and thighs.

Both sexes will usually have attractive behinds that gain a lot of attention! Heart-healthy food should be eaten, and exercise should be done that gets the heart rate up. Females should always make sure to go for yearly mammograms when the correct age applies. Men should work on their pecs for a big and strong chest.

Leo Sun Cancer Rising Love

A Leo with a Cancer Ascendant attracts an interesting array of potential love interests. Capricorn rules their 7th House of love, relationships and marriage meaning they want a strong, successful and ambitious partner. The Sun wants fellow Fire signs Leos, Aries and Sagittarians while the Moon wants fellow Water signs Cancerians, Scorpios and Pisceans. Cancerians and Virgos make amazing partners and best friends .


Taureans make loving partners that share a love of food with this combination. Scorpios are very sexual when mixed with this combination and sparks fly under the sheets! Pisceans are appreciated and feel very protected by this person.

There is a lot of sexual attraction with Capricorns! Geminis and Librans are also great matches; however, Aquarians may be a bit too emotionally distant for this combination who loves children. Aquarians usually wait quite a long time before having children.

How Leo Sun Cancer Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Cancer rising, this person needs to wake up slowly in the morning with the Sun , as soon as the Moon disappears. They should sit still for a while and offer a gratitude prayer/meditation. They should then have a warm bath or shower to connect with water. Afterwards they should have herbal tea with lemon and cook a delicious and healthy breakfast day to start off the day right!

Famous Leo Sun Cancer Rising People


Hollywood action star, professional bodybuilder (seven Mr. Olympia wins) and ex-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was born with this combination, as well as Academy-Award winning screenwriter, producer, actor and producer Ben Affleck. Academy- Award winner Robert De Niro, famous for appearing in many Martin Scorsese (Scorpio Sun Leo Rising) movies. Meghan (Markle), Duchess of Sussex has this combination, as well as “Friends” actors Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc. The late French designer luggage maker Louis Vuitton was also born with this combination. The late ex-president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez was born with this combination, as well as the stunning actress Elizabeth Moss


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