Leo Sun Capricorn Rising

Leo Sun Capricorn Rising - The Most Ambitious Leo

This Leo Lives for Organization, Structure, Discipline and Hard Work
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Leo Sun Capricorn Rising
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In this combination, the Sun and Saturn hold hands. This makes for a Leo that is more on the serious, and stern, side than the usual playful Leo . Leo is a Fixed masculine Fire sign, while Capricorn is a Cardinal, feminine, Earth sign.

In Greek mythology, Leo is represented by Apollo, the god of music, healing, light, art and the Sun while Saturn is Cronus, one of the great Titans and grandfather to Apollo. Cronus is also referred to as “Father Time” and associated with Karma.


A Leo with a Capricorn Ascendant comes into this life with a lot of karmic debt to pay. They are also extremely ambitious and able to be very successful, as they work very hard and are naturally disciplined.

How to Recognize Leo Sun Capricorn Rising

This Leo is usually tall . They often have beautiful long, dark hair and a grounding energy about them. They will wear warm colors mixed with brown – so terracotta, rust red, rust orange, mustard yellow and earth-tone greens. Their clothes will usually be more practical than flamboyant, though they will always be good quality.  

Leo Sun Capricorn Rising Career

This person is great in business! They may even be an entertainment lawyer. Whatever they put their mind to, they don’t stop until they achieve their goals. Libra rules their 10th house of career, so they are very interested in being around beauty in their career. They may even be models or fashion designers.

Gemini rules their 6th House of everyday work, so they love all things sales, marketing and advertising as well as work that follows the trends, fashion, writing, journalism and the automotive industry – they make fantastic mechanical engineers .


Leo Sun Capricorn Rising Health

A Leo with a Capricorn Ascendant needs to do cardiovascular exercise and eat heart-healthy food. They also need to pay attention to the health of their bones, teeth, skin and joints. They may suffer with dry hands or hands that tend to hurt at times. It’s important for this person to limit nicotine intake, as their lungs may suffer.

Leo Sun Capricorn Rising Love

This person needs love that is extremely generous and nurturing. They know how stern they can be and appreciate lovers with a soft heart. Cancer rules their 7th House of love, relationships and marriage , and makes the perfect partner that is also a best friend. Virgo also makes a wonderful partner and good friend, as do Aquarians.

Pisceans can get hurt by this combination, as they are so sensitive and soft and will always try to please them, often becoming martyrs. There is a lot of sexual sparks with Scorpios but their will be a battle for power within the relationship.

Sagittarians make good partners, but Aries may be a bit too impulsive for this Leo. Geminis can work, although they are sometimes too chatty and excitable for this serious combination. Librans can work well, as they sometimes enjoy a stern partner that helps them make up their minds about things.


Taureans can work although they are a bit stubborn at times. Fellow Leos and Capricorns work well.

How Leo Sun Capricorn Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Leo Sun Capricorn Ascendant, this person needs to follow an organized and structured morning that is part of a routine . Once they finish a task, they will go onto the next one.

They need to eat a solid and sturdy breakfast of oats or possibly sweet potatoes – things that fill them up and connect them to the Earth. They can drink it with coffee but not too much sugar. They need to take out the trash before leaving for work, so that everything is clean and in order for when they return home.

Famous Leo Sun Capricorn Rising People

Kylie Jenner has this combination. Libra rules her MC which makes sense considering she owns a beauty empire. Lead singer, and guitarist of metal group Metallica, James Hetfield, has this combination. Legendary American Academy-Award-winning actor, Dustin Hoffman, has this combination, as well as French model, and actress, Carole Bouquet. The late, famous, American comedic actress, Lucille Ball, also had this combination, as well as French football player Thierry Henry. German actress, Iris Berben, also has this combination.


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