Leo Sun Gemini Rising

Leo Sun Gemini Rising - The Charismatic Communicator

The Talkative Leo Who Must Be Heard
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Leo Sun Gemini Rising
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Leo Sun Gemini Rising

Here the Sun and Mercury meet. Leo (the Sun) is a masculine Fire Sign while Gemini (Mercury) is a masculine Air Sign. Together, they support each other beautifully in a natural ⚹extile aspect. In Greek mythology the Sun is the beautiful god Apollo, and Mercury is his brother, the fastest god Hermes. Hermes actually used to play a lot of tricks and pranks on Apollo!


Therefore, this Leo can be quite mischievous, funny and enjoy making people laugh . They move fast around getting things done while shining their light on others, and of course, having their light shone upon them. They are a lot of fun, very sociable and naturally likeable

How to Recognize Leo Sun Gemini Rising

This person is generally slim and can be very cute and beautiful with sweet features that make their face appealing. They may have eyes that really shine, along with a very expressive face. They often use their hands a lot when talking.

Leo Suns with a Gemini Ascendant are very trendy dressers and enjoy following fashion. They will often be seen in reds, oranges and yellows, which makes them feel happy.

Leo Sun Gemini Rising Career

This Leo may be a race car driver, as well as a famous journalist and news correspondent . They may have a regular column in the newspaper. They may also be a famous author. Pisces rules their 10th House of career, so they may work with large animals in the wild, marine biology may appeal to them, and whatever they do they can easily reach the masses and become exceptionally famous around the world. They are also great at sales, marketing, and PR work.


Scorpio rules their 6th House of every day work, so they will be highly invested in their careers at an almost obsessive level, and may even deal with inheritance work and anything covering the topic of transformation with and for others.

Leo Sun Gemini Rising Health

It is important for this person to take care of their health by doing cardiovascular work that takes care of their heart and lungs. They need to do a lot of breathing exercises . It’s important for them to continually massage their hands with creams and take good care of them.

Scorpio rules their 6th House of health so it is important for them to always engage in safe sex and watch out for things such as hemorrhoids.  The females must go for their yearly gynecological visits, while the males must have their prostates checked.

They will be tempted to drive very fast on the road but must avoid this – especially when Mercury is in Retrograde, which will affect them directly.

Leo Sun Gemini Rising Love

A Leo with a Gemini Ascendant attracts mainly the other Fire and Air Signs. Sagittarians will be exciting with a lot of sexual magnetism; other Leos work well and Aries provides a partner with an adventure for life with an equally fast-paced lifestyle.


Geminis make great matches, while there’s a lot of electricity in the air when it comes to Aquarians, and there is a natural liking for harmonious and charming Librans.

There’s a challenge with Scorpios, and Capricorns can often come across very serious, yet stabilizing. Taureans, Cancerians, and Virgos make good friends. Pisceans will capture the eye of this combination and will may make great lovers which take them to magical places.

How Leo Sun Gemini Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so with a Gemini Ascendant, this person needs to be mentally stimulated upon arising . They can put on the radio or some good music, even dance for a while in their rooms to raise some positive energy.

This combination needs to laugh and watching some funny YouTube videos will brighten their morning and their day, and help them bring positive energy to others.

They should do a bit of a workout; eat something enjoyable and grab a quick cup of coffee on the way to work. They like things done fast and efficiently from the get-go! Before working, they should attend to all social media messages left for them, and upon starting work attend to all e-mails to get that out the way first!


Famous Leo Sun Gemini Rising People

One of the most popular female American actresses of our generation, Sandra Bullock, was born with this combination. Her mother was a German opera singer and voice teacher, and Sandra spent much of her childhood in Germany, Vienna and Austria. The Rolling Stones’ lead singer, Mick Jagger, was born with this combination, as well as the late president of Cuba, Fidel Castro.

Gorgeous red-headed multiple-Academy-Award-nominated actress Amy Adams has this combination, as well as the first person to ever step on the Moon, American astronaut Neil Alden Armstrong. The stunning English Academy-Award winning actress Helen Mirren is included in this list. Parapsychologist and author of the Silva Method and Silva UltraMind ESP System, which intended to help people use their minds to heal their lives and develop their psychic skills, José Silva, was born with this combination, as well as the late little beauty queen who was murdered at 6 years old, JonBenet Ramsey (the case still remains unsolved and a mystery).


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