Leo Sun Libra Rising

Leo Sun Libra Rising - The Beauty Queen

The Leo Who Puts Beauty First
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Leo Sun Libra Rising
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Here the Sun and Venus meet. In Greek mythology the Sun is represented by the god Apollo, while Venus is represented by the goddess of love, Aphrodite. They are half-siblings. Everything about Apollo is warmth, light, music, poetry and healing, while everything about Aphrodite is love and sensuality.

Both Leo and Libra are social Signs. They are masculine and Leo is a Fixed Fire Sign while Libra is a Cardinal Air Sign. They are good for one another and naturally make a ⚹extile to one another, one of the best aspects in Astrology.  


This Leo needs balance and a lot of love in their lives, as well as beauty and harmony . In fact, they may be obsessed with staying youthful and beautiful. They are exceptionally charming and will usually attract many friends, and possibly remarry a few times in their life.

How to Recognize Leo Sun Libra Rising

The Leo with a Libra Ascendant will look like a goddess (such as Jennifer Lopez who was born with this combination). They will always look sensual, sexy and good . They will be extremely good looking and often have golden hair that is lush and thick, with eyes that look like the sun is radiating from them.

They will be dressed immaculately, always look amazing, have a great smile, and can be curvy in form and will always smell good. They age well.

Leo Sun Libra Rising Career

This combination calls for a career as a wedding planner or events organizer, caterer, children’s theme party decorator, home interior decorator, fashion designer, as well as actor or singer. They will always have vivid imaginations which they can bring to the material world of their careers. Theater is great for them!


Pisces rules their 6th House of every day work, so there is no limit to what they are able to do. They genuinely can affect the masses and are seen as kind and genuine with a huge creative flair. They need a lot of diversity in their careers .

Venus is exalted in Pisces and anything related to beauty, the arts, and nature appeals to them. They will definitely be drawn to music and are completely free spirits often liking to work near water, especially the ocean. They will also be great make-up artists.

Leo Sun Libra Rising Health

This person needs to always look beautiful. That is one of their main concerns when it comes to health. Therefore, they will take immaculate care of their bodies and face with creams and will work out sculpting muscles to perfection. They will take whatever surgical means are necessary to retain their youthful appearance. Swimming is good for them. Any sort of water therapy and massage does wonders for them. Yoga and spiritual meditation do wonders for them.

Recreational drugs, cigarettes and alcohol can become addictions, so it is very important for this person to avoid these substances at all costs as their intake will lead to loss of control and possible paranoia.


Leo Sun Libra Rising Love

This Leo always needs love in their life. Their lives are dull without it. They love romance and Shakespeare’s fated tale of Romeo and Juliet really speaks to them, for they would die for their partners, and die without them. They will often remarry a few times .

Aries rules their 7th House of romance, relationships and marriage, so they prefer partners that are go-getters and physically fit . They enjoy passionate partners that bring a lot of excitement into their lives.

They attract all the other Fire Signs. Sagittarians bring travel, risk and adventure into their lives, while Aries brings a lot of sexual excitement, challenge and fun! Of course, Leo works as well and they may start having children together at a young age. In fact, Leo is a wonderful match as there is so much understanding.

Aquarians, Geminis and Librans are all good matches. Cancers and Virgos make good friends. They find Pisceans romantic, sexually satisfying and fun to be with. Scorpios can work although their may be tension at times.


Capricorns are very serious for this combination and there is commonality with Taureans who are ruled by Venus.

How Leo Sun Libra Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so with a Libra Ascendant, this person needs to wake up in stillness with a lot of cleanliness, harmony and balance around them . Clutter really harms their energy so a clean space is very important. They should light scented vanilla (or any other pleasing scent) candles, say their morning gratitude prayer and meditation and just be still and present. They should then take their time having a luxurious bath, and take care of their skin. If they so wish, a morning workout is good for them too.

They should then have a light to medium breakfast and start the day fresh! Herbal teas are better for them than coffee in the morning. 

Famous Leo Sun Libra Rising People

The eternally youthful looking, triple threat super-star, actress, dancer, singer and entrepreneur Jennifer Lopez was born with this combination. Ex-American president Bill Clinton has this combination, as well as former White House intern Monica Lewinsky. UK pop singer Dua Lipa was born with this combination, as well as film director Roman Polanski.

The very handsome American football quarterback Tom Brady has this combination, as well as pop singer Joe Jonas. The very beautiful actress, model, singer and activist Hayden Panettiere is included in this list. Lovely Australian-born American actress Rose Byrne has this combination, as well the late horror, fantasy and science fiction writer H.P. Lovecraft.  


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