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Leo Sun Pisces Rising
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This combination pairs the Sun and Neptune together. It creates an individual that is magical, mystical and when the spotlight shines on them, everyone takes notice. Because Pisces is involved, this Leo is able to touch the masses.  

Here Apollo, the god of the Sun and Poseidon, the god of the great oceans meet. The Sun is the largest body in the sky and the ocean is the largest mass on Earth, so this person sometimes has difficulties with boundaries, but they can truly affect the world.


Leo is a masculine, Fixed Fire sign with a lot of creative energy while Pisces is a feminine, Mutable Water sign. Leo is an extremely extroverted sign while Pisces is highly introverted – so here is a Leo that can be very shy when you first meet them.

How to Recognize Leo Sun Pisces Rising

This person often has beautiful, almond-shaped, dreamy eyes , gorgeous flowing hair and a heart-shaped or oval shaped face with a pointy chin. They are often very attractive and appealing to others.

They will often wear purples, pinks and blues. Their clothes will be comfortable and flow or be very theatrical. They may wear jeans a lot. They will often have a fondness for shoes and own a spectacular collection. They also enjoy wearing different gemstones on their fingers and around their neck.

Leo Sun Pisces Rising Career

The career of this person lies in media and publishing , as Sagittarius rules their 10th house of career. They also do well in entertainment and the creative arts, as well as working with children. Doing art classes with children is extremely therapeutic for them. They also make amazing singers, actor, stage performers, fashion designers and make-up artists.


Leo Sun Pisces Rising Health

The spotlight often shines on this person and the way they deal with it is often by experimenting with mind-altering substances. It helps them cope. They also may turn to alcohol, so this all needs to be watched for. It is important for them to adapt a healthy lifestyle of a good diet and exercise.

Leo rules their 6th house of health, so they need to eat lots of heart-healthy food and do lots of cardiovascular exercise. Swimming is a great option for them .

Leo Sun Pisces Rising Love

This Leo with a Pisces Ascendant has Virgo ruling their 7th house of love, marriage and relationships. Therefore, they will attract Virgos who will become their best friends and more, along with Cancerians who become amazing friends, partners and lovers. Virgos actually balance them out very well!

They will also attract Aries, Scorpios, Taureans, and Capricorns. Aquarians may become good friends, and there will be fun times to be had under the sheets, however, the Pisces rising here may find Aquarians too emotionally detached.


There will be fun times had with Geminis and Libras. There may be a lot in common with Sagittarians, but the Pisces Ascendant in this Leo may want more commitment, as Sagittarians are so independent and don’t like to be held down.

There may be a great love of children here, and this person may want a big family with children!

How Leo Sun Pisces Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Pisces rising, this person needs to wake up feeling refreshed . It is a good idea for them to listen to positive affirmations and a say a gratitude prayer or meditation. It is important for them to connect with whatever higher power they believe in. They should light candles when they pray to connect with the fire element. They should drink a lot of water and herbal teas and eat a healthy breakfast, take a shower and begin their day after spending some time out in the sunlight, preferably in nature and with their pets.

Leo Sun Pisces Rising Famous People

The list of people born with this combination includes the late Grammy-Award winning singer and actress Whitney Houston (who suffered with addiction), the very handsome Academy-Award- winning actor and director Robert Redford, the very handsome Spanish actor, producer and director Antonio Banderas, Spider-Man actor, Andrew Garfield, “Full House” actor, John Stamos, lead singer and guitarist for the band Dire Straits, Scottish-born, Mark Knopfler, ‘80s singer of “Jessie’s Girl,” Rick Springfield, and the late “The Client” actor, Brad Renfro.


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