Leo Sun Sagittarius Rising

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Leo Sun Sagittarius Rising
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Leo Sun Sagittarius Rising

Here you have the Sun and Jupiter gathering forces together to create an individual with huge potential for an extremely large and successful life. Leo and Sagittarius are both masculine Fire Signs, however, Leo is a Fixed Sign, while Sagittarius is Mutable Sign. This creates a Leo that is more easy-going and flexible .


In Greek mythology, Leo is Apollo, god of the Sun, light, healing, music, and art. Jupiter is Zeus, Apollo’s father, and the ultimate god of the sky and ruler and protector of all, who is associated with Sagittarius. Zeus loved his son Apollo very much.

Together this combination naturally Trines each other (120 degrees apart by nature). Leo is all about the shining in the spotlight while Jupiter is about expansion, luck, joviality and happiness .

How to Recognize Leo Sun Sagittarius Rising

This person is often very good looking. Many have blue eyes and luxurious and silky hair. They may carry weight in their hips and thighs . Some, with this combination, have high cheekbones. They are instantly recognized by their warmth, big laugh and smile.  

They enjoy wearing warm colors – reds, oranges, yellows, pinks, as well as the cool color, purple.

Leo Sun Sagittarius Rising Career

This Leo will have a gigantic career if they follow their hearts . They will often be well-known or famous. They may have a career in media, the publishing world, travel, the art world, as well as a career centered around culture.


Virgo rules their 6th House of career, so they may be involved in fitness and nutrition, the medical world or even work with domestic animals. Their 6th House of every day work is ruled by Taurus so they are focused on accumulating a lot of wealth.

They may be involved in the world of finance, the culinary world, botany, landscape architecture, real estate, or they may even be world-class singers.  

Leo Sun Sagittarius Rising Health

A Leo with a Sagittarius Ascendant naturally needs to eat heart-healthy food and do cardiovascular exercise. Walking and running is important , as well as a lot of weight training for the bottom half of the body, focused on the hips, butt and thighs.

Taurus rules their 6th House of health meaning there will be a huge desire to cook and enjoy delicious food. Dieting is not easy for this combination, and they should adapt a healthy lifestyle rather than diet. They may even gain weight around the waist. They must have 1 or 2 “cheat” days within the week to balance a healthy lifestyle and love of food.


Sagittarius rising can lead to an overindulgence in alcohol, so this needs to be watched as well!

Leo Sun Sagittarius Rising Love

This Leo needs a person who is gregarious, warm and loving . Gemini rules their 7th House of love, relationships and marriage so they need a chatty and communicative partner who is trendy and dresses well.

Their best matches are passionate and spontaneous Aries, fellow Leos and adventurous Sagittarians. Next are chatty and sexy Geminis, charming Librans and Aquarians will make great friends, lovers and companions.

Pisceans will recognize their Sagittarius Rising’s love of freedom and creativity; however, Pisceans can be needy and need a lot of attention and this can’t always happen in this relationship. Cancerians and Virgos make good friends. Scorpios make good lovers but the relationship may not see the distance.

Taureans and Capricorns are not ideal matches for this combination that loves to constantly laugh and not take life too seriously. 

How Leo Sun Sagittarius Rising Should Start the Day


Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so a Leo Sun Sagittarius Ascendant needs to tap into their spiritual side upon waking, and listen to positive affirmations, light some candles and listen to relaxing music.

A gratitude meditation is especially good , as this combination attracts so much abundance naturally. They should then focus their minds on what will make them happy for the day while focusing on their goals.

A workout with happy music playing, followed by a hot shower, a big and delicious breakfast, and nice big cup of herbal tea is good for them before starting work.

Famous Leo Sun Sagittarius Rising People

Academy-Award-winner Jennifer Lawrence, Ukrainian-born American actress Mila Kunis, the late French fashion pioneer, Coco Chanel, and Academy-Award-winner, and director, Sean Penn were all born with this combination.

Lead singer of famous ‘70s band Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, Olympic medalist Usain “Lightning” Bolt – one of the fastest men on Earth, “The Matrix” actress, and entrepreneur, Carrie-Anne Moss all have this combination. “Scream Queen” horror actress Vera Farmiga, (her Moon is in Scorpio), and country music star, and Grammy-Award-winner, Martina McBride are all included in this list, as well as the late French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, who is considered to be the father of modern photojournalism.  


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