Leo Sun Taurus Rising

Leo Sun Taurus Rising - The Materialistic Queen or King

This Self-Sufficient Leo Loves Collecting Things
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Leo Sun Taurus Rising
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Leo Sun Taurus Rising

This combination leads to the mixing of the Sun and Venus. This is quite a sensual Leo who is very practical, hands on and not as flamboyant as you would expect of a Leo! In Greek mythology, Apollo is the Sun (Leo), the god of light, healing, music and the arts while Aphrodite (Venus) is the goddess of love – the ultimate sensual goddess that loved physical romance, as well as romance of the heart.


Leo is a masculine Fixed Fire Sign that is extroverted, while Taurus is a feminine Fixed Earth Sign that is introverted. This is a person that is very set in their ways and doesn’t budge according to what people tell them to do. This is also a Leo that isn’t always 100% confident and constantly questions their self-value and worth.

How to Recognize Leo Sun Taurus Rising

This person often has strong, high cheekbones and a strong jawline. They usually have beautiful eyes and really nice hair whether short or long – it usually makes a statement! They like to wear jeans and can look boho-chic or quite glamorous – but usually opt to wear clothes that are practical and neutral in color – blues, greens and browns.

Leo Sun Taurus Rising Career

This person may work with food , as they have such a love for the culinary world. However, Aquarius rules their 10th house of career, indicating that they may work with technology or an online business to do with food. They are very comfortable in front of a computer. Helping people reach their personal goals is also a good career for this Leo with a Taurus Ascendant, as they make good life coaches .


Libra rules their 6th house of everyday work, so bringing beauty into their careers is very important and they make good models, make-up artists and hairdressers as well as art museum managers. They make good painters too!

Leo Sun Taurus Rising Health

A Leo with a Taurus Ascendant needs to watch the health of their heart as they will be very tempted to eat anything and everything indulgent – and that includes burgers with extra cheese and fries, alongside a strawberry or chocolate milkshake!

Since indulgence is so apparent, it’s very important for them to do exercise regularly – both weight training and cardiovascular work. As Libra rules their 6th house of health, they need to make sure not to consume too much alcohol because it can affect their kidneys negatively.

Leo Sun Taurus Rising Love

Scorpio rules this person’s 7th house of relationships, love and marriage, so they are looking for someone with whom they can make a deep emotional connection. Of course, they are highly attracted to Scorpios , and Cancer and Virgo make good friends and lovers.


Aries can work, though Sagittarians are too independent for this Leo. Sagittarians just want to get out and explore, while Taurus Rising indicates a homebody. Gemini can work here, as well as Libra who shares a Venus rulership with Taurus.

Pisces find this combination difficult as they are so go-with-the-flow and this Leo is very “fixed” in their ways. Pisces may also be a bit soft for this Leo. Capricorn can work with this combination.

How Leo Sun Taurus Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Taurus rising, this person needs to feel the Earth when they get up. They should place two feet on the ground and stretch upon waking. They should then take a cup of coffee or tea outside in the garden while they stand barefoot on the grass with the sun shining on them.

It will be good for them to nurture their plants and tend to their pets. They should then have a luxurious bath, followed by a healthy, decadent and delicious breakfast. A gratitude prayer is always good for them to say to attract more abundance, especially financial abundance into their lives.


Famous Leo Sun Taurus Rising People

Stunning Academy-Award-winning actress Halle Berry has this combination, as well as veteran actress and Academy-Award-nominee Melanie Griffith. The late aviation pioneer and women’s rights advocate Amelia Earhart was also born with this combination. She was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic for which she received the Distinguished Flying Cross.

American rapper Young Thug was born with this combination, as well as the late famous actress and sex symbol Mae West. The late Irish-born British actor Peter O’Toole was born with this combination, as well as the late basketball legend Wilt Chamberlain. One of the biggest English Romantic poets, the late Percy Bysshe Shelley was born with this combination, as well as the late ex-US president Herbert Clark Hoover. He was also the US Secretary of Commerce in the ‘20s; and commerce is related to Taurus.


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