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Libra Sun Aries Rising

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Libra Sun Aries Rising
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Libra Sun Aries Rising

In this combination, Venus and Mars meet. Here, Aphrodite (in Greek mythology), and Ares connect in one person. The good news is that Aphrodite and Ares were passionate lovers. The bad news, is that they are total opposites, leading to a person that struggles between thoughts and actions. Here is the ultimate passive aggressive personality.


Libra and Aries are both Cardinal, Masculine signs. Libra is of the Air element, while Aries is of the Fire element. Libra wants harmony, while Aries wants confrontation and to fight. This is the archetypal peace activist.  They also need a challenge in whatever they do!

How to Recognize Libra Sun Aries Rising

This person is often quite beautiful with a subtle sense of sensuality. Often, they have light hair and blue or green eyes. They are not particularly extremely tall, and are often quite thin. They wear light colors that make them appear cool and collected.

Libra Sun Aries Rising Career

Capricorn rules their 10th house of career, so a Libra Sun Aries Rising is extremely ambitious, and will not stop climbing the ladder of success! Virgo rules their 6th house of everyday work, so this person is extremely meticulous with their work and needs a tidy environment. Structure, organization and hard work is the career make-up of this person.

Any work in the world of beauty suits them, as well as a career in fitness, where they are able to post their progress and clients on Instagram, and get a following. These people are great in business, and also make wonderful dieticians. They may also have a career in activism.   


Libra Sun Aries Rising Health

Virgo rules the 6th house of health for this person. Therefore, they will always be concerned with how they eat and how they expend energy. It is very important for them to have a regular and structured fitness routine, and eat healthy food. They may suffer with stomach problems, where they get stomachaches from eating the wrong food.

It’s important for them not to drink too much alcohol, and drink lots of water as they may get headaches easily. It may be wise for these people to carry painkillers with them to help lessen the pain of any headaches. 

Libra Sun Aries Rising Love

A Libra Sun Aries Ascendant person mainly attracts other Air and Fire signs. The Water and Earth signs don’t fare so well here. Libra rules their 7th house of love, relationships and marriage, so they will naturally attract this Venus ruled sign automatically, and there will be a lot of harmony in this union. Sagittarians, Leos, Geminis and Aquarians also make great partners.

Virgos and Scorpios make for good friends, while Cancerians will only get their feelings hurt when trying to make a loving union with this person, and there will be little understanding with Pisceans. Taureans may make good friends and lovers too, while Capricorns will have very little patience for these Librans.


How Libra Sun Aries Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Libra Sun Aries Ascendant, this person needs to feel some sort of exciting challenge in the morning! A fun Zumba or boxing workout with others is just what they need to get pumped for the day. However, before working out, they should say a gratitude prayer and have a nice cup of coffee.

After working out, they should have a hot shower, followed by a healthy (and possibly spicy) breakfast, and get some sun before starting their workday. 

Famous Libra Sun Aries Rising People

The list of famous Libra Sun Aries Rising people include famous Beatle and peace activist John Lennon, American model and ex-exotic dancer Amber Rose, actress and singer, Brie Larson, the late Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter and guitarist Tom Petty, as well as former number one female tennis player in the world, Czechoslovakian-born Martina Navratilova. 


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