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Libra Sun Capricorn Rising

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Libra Sun Capricorn Rising
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In this combination love and rationality come together. This is where romantic Libra thinks more with their head than their heart, as Saturn needs to be taken very seriously – always. Libra is ruled by Venus, known as Aphrodite in Greek mythology, and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, known as Cronus in Greek mythology, one of the 12 great Titans, and son of Mother Gaia and Father Ouranos.

Libra is a masculine, Cardinal, Air sign and Capricorn is a feminine, Cardinal, Earth sign. Both Libra and Capricorn are Cardinal signs. Other Cardinal signs include Aries and Cancer. Cardinal signs are the movers and doers of the zodiac. They initiate things, and are active, rather than passive. Therefore, with a double Cardinal influence, this Libran makes an amazing leader, especially with a Capricorn Ascendant.   


How to Recognize Libra Sun Capricorn Rising

The first thing you will notice about this Libran, is that they are tall. (Both Aquarius and Capricorn Risings usually equate to tall heights). They wear clothes that are brown, blue, black and green – colors of the earth, as well as pastels and pinks.

These Librans are often very beautiful with striking cheekbones and eyes, and good teeth with a great smile. They often have natural dark hair that is either black or brown. They are often in great shape with a good body structure that is well-proportioned.  

Libra Sun Capricorn Rising Career

First things first – any great influence of Capricorn makes the person EXTREMELY ambitious!! This person has to succeed in their work life, and get right to the top of whatever career path they choose.Libra rules their 10th house of career, and Gemini rules their 6th house of everyday work – therefore they are here, there and everywhere. They move fast and they need to constantly express themselves.They make great writers and marketers in many fields, including the motor and fashion industry. They also do very well in the marriage industry where they make fantastic wedding planners and decorators, as well as marriage therapists.


As Libra rules their 10th house, they make great leaders that bring harmony to their teams. They know how to work out any disputes between employees, and are rocks among those that work for, or answer to them. Obviously, they do well in any sort of business environment. Since Aquarius rules their second house of money, the hi-tech world, and jobs within the start-up and hi-tech world can bring them fortune.

Libra Sun Capricorn Rising Health

This Libran needs to make sure they constantly exercise, using weights to maintain muscle mass and strengthen their bones. Discipline comes easy to them, so workouts are no hassle for them. They should also go for teeth cleaning at least 4 times a year, as they are susceptible to calcium and tartar build ups. Biotin is a good vitamin for them to take to maintain strong hair and they should go for regular manicures and pedicures – without constantly applying gel, acrylic and other materials that damage nails. Other good vitamins for them are calcium, zinc and magnesium.

They also need to watch their alcohol intake, as too much alcohol can hurt their kidneys. They need to constantly clean, tone, and moisturize their skin, and take good care of the skin around their eyes, and use balms with SPF for their lips.  SPF is very important to protect their skin.


Gemini rules their 6th house of health, so they need to watch out for constantly cleaning their hands, and must moisturize their hands. They need to do exercise that works on their breathing, such as yoga. They must rest if they get bad flu, as it can turn into bronchitis and pneumonia. It is good for them to drink at least 2 liters of water a day and many herbal teas.

Libra Sun Capricorn Rising Love

Libra loves love, and Capricorn loves making love – A LOT. They actually have ferocious sexual appetites. This person needs a person in their life that is appealing to them and satisfies them both in their heart, and physically. Since Capricorn is their Ascendant, Cancer rules their 7th house of love. Therefore, Cancer makes a surprisingly good match, especially since they are so needy in love, and this Capricorn Ascendant recognizes that hidden need within themself. Other matches that do well here are Leos, Virgos, Taureans and Capricorns, and Librans. Pisceans and Scorpios also do well.

There may be battles with Aries, and good friendship with Sagittarians – although this sign may be a bit too independent for this Libran who craves love. After all, they work so hard, and just want the security of a partner that will be there for them when they get back home every day.


How Libra Sun Capricorn Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Capricorn rising, this person needs to wake up in an extremely organized and clean environment, where everything is in their place. They should offer a gratitude prayer and then ground themselves by walking outside barefoot and feeling the earth and grass beneath their feet, and the sun on their skin.

They should then do a weight lifting session followed by a warm shower, hearty breakfast and cup of green tea. They need to take the trash out as they head on to work, as the last thing they want to come home to, is a smelly house, that has attracted cockroaches, flies and ants! 

Famous Libra Sun Capricorn Rising People

The list of famous people with this combination include the stunning Italian model and actress Monica Bellucci, the very talented, and dashingly-handsome actor, Zac Efron, singer, Grammy-Award -winner, and “The Voice” judge, Gwen Stefani, “50 Shades of Grey” actress, Dakota Johnson, the late “Princess Leah” star of “Star Wars,” Carrie Fischer, fictitious twin brother of Princess Leah, “Luke Skywalker,” actor Mark Hamill, singer and actress Ashanti, and Academy-Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon.








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