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Libra Sun Libra Rising

The ultimate love, and the ultimate beauty
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Libra Sun Libra Rising
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Libra Sun Libra Rising

In this combination lies the ultimate love, and the ultimate beauty. Aphrodite in Greek mythology (Venus in Roman Mythology) is given her ultimate throne in this coupling. The goddess of love demands of the person with a Libra Sun Libra Ascendant to cherish beauty and harmony.


Aphrodite is the only goddess born of the foam of the ocean. This came about when Cronus cut off his father Ouranus’ testicles which then landed in the ocean. From that, Aphrodite was born. It is perhaps this reason, that Venus is exalted in Pisces, as Pisces rules the ocean.

Venus rules love and relationships, and occasionally marriage too – although Juno (Hesta) rules marriage completely. Venus rules Libra, and Libra is a masculine, Air sign of the Cardinal Modality. All Libra wants is harmony, peace and love, for she is the exact opposite of Aries, ruled by Mars (Ares), god of war.

How to Recognize Libra Sun Libra Rising

An easy way of describing a Libra Sun Libra Rising is Botticelli’s painting The Birth of Venus, where Venus rises from the ocean, standing in an oyster shell. Here, she is voluptuous with long, red flowing hair, pale skin and immense beauty. Kate Winslet, star of Titanic, is a triple Libran (Sun, Moon, Ascendant) and it is easy to compare her to Botticelli’s Venus, as they look so much alike.


In this combination, this person is immensely beautiful. They can’t help but garner attention. They have sculpted faces and often blue or green eyes. They have voluptuous lips and a “come-hither” look. However, it is not quite a seduction look – leave that to Scorpio Rising, it is a “come love me” look, but one that offers pleasure, not the neediness of a Cancer Rising.

This combination leads to people who dress immaculately, always looking good and fresh. Their nails are clean and manicured, their teeth are pearly white, without any of their hair out of place. Often, the women will have gorgeous long hair. The men will often be very sexy and muscular, with a chiseled chin. They both have beautiful smiles and always smell good.

Colors they wear will often be pastel pinks, creams, whites, blues, and purples. They enjoy accessories such as the opal gemstone, their birthstone, worn as a ring, pendant or earrings. They also enjoy scarves and designer handbags.

If the person you’re looking at is extremely graceful, carries a smile, and is very good looking – they may just be this combination.


Libra Sun Libra Rising Career

Libra is all about love and beauty, so this person may be a model or wedding planner. They could also be an interior decorator or fashion designer. They would also make a great lawyer. Everything is about fair judgement and harmony with them.

They may also be singers, or work as make-up artists or beauty therapists. Cancer rules their 10th house of career, so they may be involved in the family business, or even be amazing caterers for big social events. Pisces rules their 6th house of every day work, so they like a career that is diverse and ever-changing, which allows their creativity and artistic ability to pour out, where they mix with, or affect, the masses. They may also own a dog grooming salon or make designer pet gear!

Libra Sun Libra Rising Health

Libra rules the kidneys, endocrine system, lumbar region, buttocks and skin. Naturally, a person who has a Libra Sun and Libra Ascendant should avoid drinking too much alcohol, and should drink at least 2 liters of water per day. They should also cut down on processed sugars of all kinds. It’s also important for them to concentrate on always sitting up straight and maintaining a good posture.


If they have hormonal issues, it is important that they see an endocrinologist who can run some tests. They should concentrate on their buttocks when working out and follow a regular skin care routine where they cleanse, tone, apply eye cream and moisturizer every day and night. Twice a week, they must exfoliate and apply a face mask. Applying body cream every day is also advised.

Pisces rules their 6th house of health, so this person loves their alcohol and must watch out not to drink too many cocktails or whiskeys when out with the girls or guys. Swimming is a very therapeutic exercise for this combination, and daily lengths will provide a lot of calm. Yoga and pilates is also good for this combination.

As Pisces is in charge of health, this combination really needs to take care when swallowing drugs as simple as pain killers and rather try alternate medicine. They also need to be extremely careful when it comes to taking recreational drugs. A natural drug like marijuana may cause paranoia. They also need to avoid too much coffee, as it can lead to kidney stones. It is very important for this person to exercise, eat well, get enough sleep and create healthy boundaries where health is concerned!

Libra Sun Libra Rising Love


A Libra Sun Libra Ascendant is one of the most romantic combinations in the Zodiac! In fact, that is what is on their minds most the day! They will always be searching for love online when they’re bored but prefer meeting when out socializing – which they do so well, as they are also the biggest charmers in the Zodiac – people (both men and women), can’t resist them! This person wants to get married as soon as the opportunity arises!

Naturally, all the Air and Fire Signs are their best matches. Fellow Librans fit in well, as well as interesting Aquarians and talkative Geminis! This combination finds Aries electric and exciting, and there will be LOTS of PASSION there. Remember – Aphrodite had a huge affair with Ares (Mars) and simply adored him! Also, Aries rules their 7th House of love, marriage and relationships! Sagittarians are a great match, as they are both so social together, and Leos bring all the glamor, care and generosity into this person’s world! Leo is also one of the best matches for children!

Pisces can work well, as Venus is exalted in Pisces, though Cancer may be too clingy, needy and homebound for this sign. Scorpios make for great friends and electric sparks under the sheets!

Virgos make good friends for this combination, while Capricorn may be too stern for them. There will be a lot in common with Taurus, as they both share the same planetary ruler. They’ll also enjoy all the food Taurus makes for them! If the Taurus person has their Mercury in Gemini, it will work even better!


How Libra Sun Libra Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so a Libra Sun Libra Ascendant needs to wake up surrounded by silence and beauty. Everything must be clean and neat around them, with fresh smells. They may take their time getting out of bed, so it is good to rest, light a vanilla-scented candle and say a gratitude prayer in stillness.

They should then get in a workout, take a warm shower, where they get to use luxurious shower gels, creams, shampoos and conditioners, and spend some time in front of the mirror getting ready, and spray themselves with some gorgeous smelling perfume or cologne.

They should then eat a healthy and beautiful-looking breakfast of fruit, nuts and some oats, and drink some herbal tea with lemon. Afterwards they should connect with some friends online, before heading out to work!

Famous Libra Sun Libra Rising People

Celebrities who are Libra Sun Libra Rising include the late Indian political and spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi, stunning English Academy-Award-winning-actress Kate Winslet (triple Libran), Canadian rock-punk singer Avril Lavigne, American Grammy-Award-winning-singer John Mayer, Belgian-born martial-arts action actor Jean-Claude Van Damme, the brilliant English lead singer of the band Radiohead, Thom Yorke, and ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron.     



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