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Libra Sun Taurus Rising – A Natural Talent in Music and Singing

A Natural Talent in Music and Singing
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Libra Sun Taurus Rising
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Libra Sun Taurus Rising

In this combination, there is a double influence of Venus, as this planet rules both these signs. In Greek mythology, Venus is Aphrodite, Goddess of love. Not only is she the Goddess of love, but she loves passionate affairs as well (as with her affair with Ares, the Greek equivalent to the Roman god Mars).


This gives way to an extremely sexual and sensual being who must be surrounded by beauty, is extremely self-sufficient, and honors love, and harmony. The only difference is where Libra has a Cardinal modality that is very pro-active, Taurus has a Fixed modality, making this person stubborn and lazy at times.

Libra is also a masculine Air sign, and Taurus is a feminine Earth sign. Libra is all about balance and harmony, and Taurus is about making those Libran values come to life with practical solutions. This Libran is also likely to have issues with money (whether good or bad depending on aspects) and self-value and self-worth.  

How to Recognize Libra Sun Taurus Rising

Libra Sun Taurus Ascendant people are often, surprisingly, quite tall. They usually have exceptionally good bone structure, and exude both sensuality, and sexuality. You will see them wearing jeans, clothes with earth-colored tones, as well as pastel colors, creams and whites.

They always smell good, wearing perfume and cologne to complete their “look” and image they want to portray to others. They often wear designer clothes, making sure they look gorgeous all the time. They often have strong bodies.


Their homes may have many items, but it will always be beautifully decorated, smell good and the kitchen, in particular, will always be stunning and a focal point.

Libra Sun Taurus Rising Career

Aquarius rules this person’s 10th house of career, and Libra rules their 6th house of every day work. Therefore, many of these people suit careers where they use beauty or home makeovers to elevate their clients to make them feel better about themselves.

Many may also be in hi-tech careers in the beauty, health, culinary or wedding and relationship sector. Some are models, and some delve into the world of finance and real estate. Some of these people have a natural talent in music and can sing very well, making careers out of it.

The culinary career is also a great choice for these people, as well as wedding planning and organization. They may also be good relationship counsellors and therapists who give really good practical solutions to their clients.

Libra Sun Taurus Rising Health

Librans love good food that is cooked well and presented beautifully. They also love to indulge in different tastes. Therefore, they have to watch what they eat and combine that with consistent exercise to stay in shape.


The women will often have curvy (but shapely) bodies, and the men’s bodies will be strong. Sometimes they will have thick necks and issues with their thyroids at times. Libra rules their 6th house of health – so they need to drink lots of plain water every day to flush out toxins, and limit alcohol intake, or their kidneys could get affected.

Skin needs to be taken care of, and there could be flare ups and inflammation under certain transits, and aspects, such as when Mars is involved. It is important to constantly keep the skin hydrated with an effective moisturizer containing a good SPF of at least 15; 30 and above, should this person live in regions of the world where the sun is very strong.  

Libra Sun Taurus Rising Love

A Libra Sun Taurus Ascendant is all about love, sex and marriage. They dream about their Mr. or Miss. “Right,” all of the time. Scorpio rules their 7th house of love, sex and relationships, so sexual relationships are extremely important to them, and they may have many lovers before they settle down.


Since Scorpio rules their love house, it’s very important that they always practice safe sex, as they may be susceptible to STDs, when, at the end of the day, it’s just not worth it. Carrying around measures to protect themselves during sex is important, as they may engage in one-night-stands.

The problem is, that having sex makes this person feel more worthy and valued, and that is one of the key reasons they love engaging in it so much, and they need to be careful of this. They need to learn to value themselves from the inside-out.

Their best matches will be other Librans, Scorpios, Geminis, Aries, Taureans, Cancerians (if they are not too clingy), Pisceans (if they can handle Librans emotional disconnect at times), Virgos (who make great friends), and Capricorns (if they are not too serious or strict/disciplinarians).

Leos may not work so well, as Taurus Rising and this sign do not get along so well, and Sagittarians may be too independent for this Taurus Ascendant who prefers to stay at home than venture out into the world. 


How Libra Sun Taurus Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Taurus Rising, this person needs to get up according to their own rhythm in an extremely comfortable bed, having a good night’s rest. It’s a good idea for them to offer a gratitude meditation to whatever higher power they believe in. They should burn incense, drink some green tea with fresh lemon and honey and begin a workout.

After the workout, it’s best for them to relax in nature, get a bit of sun, do a bit of gardening and connect with their pets. A luxurious bath or warm shower should be next on the agenda, followed by getting dressed in clothes that make them feel gorgeous, and a spray of cologne or perfume.

Then they should spend some time cooking a big breakfast - health pancakes with maple syrup and all. They should enjoy their fresh fruit and vegetables, check their bank account so that they are on top of it, put in their earphones, listening to nice music, and leave for work in a happy mood!


Famous Libra Sun Taurus Rising People

Well-known Libra Sun Taurus Ascendant people include American rapper, hip-hop artist and actor Snoop Dogg, brilliant and accomplished tennis player with multiple championship wins, Serena Williams, the late American actress, Rita Hayworth (American soldiers’ (GIs’) most predominant pin-up girl during World War 2), American actress and producer Sigourney Weaver, American director, Rob Marshall, and American actress, businesswoman and author, Suzanne Somers, well-known for her beauty.  



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