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Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising - The Perfect Computer Analyst

The Perfect Computer Analyst
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Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising
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Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising

In this combination, Pluto and Uranus meet. Pluto rules Scorpio, and Uranus rules Aquarius. In Greek mythology, Pluto is Hades, the great god of the underworld, and Uranus is Ouranos, the great father god of the sky, and father to all the Titans and other gods, including the great god Zeus.


This is an extremely powerful combination, realizing itself in a life of constant eruptions and transformative energy. Scorpio is a feminine, Fixed, Water sign, and Aquarius is a masculine Fixed, Air sign. This combination makes the person not as emotional and sensitive as the typical Scorpio, yet not so emotionally detached as the typical Aquarius.

How to Recognize Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising

This Scorpio will always be eccentric in the way they dress, often choosing purple, blue and black clothes to wear. They will most likely be tall, and have angular, sculpted features to their face. It is highly unlikely that they’re overweight with these two archetypes in charge that are not generally centered around domestication and food. They often have black hair.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising Career

This person makes the perfect computer analyst. They are superb at anything that requires research, as they can really get to the bottom of things. They are also very good at fixing machinery and technological devices.


Scorpio rules their 10th house of career, and Cancer rules their 4th house of every day work, so there is even a chance that this person can be part of a family business dealing with death and cemeteries. This person will definitely enjoy working from the luxury of home, and may get into hi-tech. They could also run their own catering, or private nursing company.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising Health

Cancer rules their 6th house of health, so, if female, they need to get mammograms on a regular basis. If male, they should take advantage of the fact that they can build a lot of muscle on their chest. Protection must always be used when getting intimate, and ankles and shins must always be warmed up and cooled down, before and after exercise, respectively.

Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising Love

Leo rules this person’s 7th house of love; however, Leo could be a tricky combination here. The reason is that both Leo and Scorpio can be very stubborn, and Leo is Aquarius’ opposite. So, of course, there will be crazy sexual chemistry.


Pisces is a good match, as is Capricorn. Cancers and Taurus can work, but there may be difficulty, as they are so domesticated, and an Aquarius Ascendant just wants to get out in the world and explore it. Aries can work, but heavy and violent arguments could occur. There is a great friendship to be had with Sagittarians.

Virgos and Geminis, both ruled by Mercury, are not very good matches here, with these Mercurial signs possibly feeling abused in the relationship.

How Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as an Aquarius rising, this person needs to focus on their goals when they wake up. They should take a sip of water and offer a gratitude meditation, followed by some exercise and a shower.
They should then catch up with their friends over social media, read a few emails, enjoy a healthy breakfast and some coffee, before putting their headphones in, listening to some upbeat music they enjoy, and driving off to work.

Famous Scorpio Sun Aquarius Rising People

The list of famous Scorpio Sun Aquarius Ascendant people includes Academy Award nominated actor Adam Driver, singer and songwriter SZA, the late American poet and writer Sylvia Plath, actress, comedian and talk show host Whoopi Goldberg, actress and ex Playmate of the Year Jenny McCarthy, American rapper Tyga, actress and comedian Roseanne Barr, and ex US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.



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