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Scorpio Sun Aries Rising - Passionate and Emotional

Passionate and Emotional
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Scorpio Sun Aries Rising

Scorpio Sun Aries Rising

This is an interesting combination. At one point Mars ruled over both Aries and Scorpio. Aries is Ares in Greek mythology, the god of war, while Hades (Pluto, ruler of Scorpio) is god of the Underworld, looking after all the dead souls. So, there is a strong connection here.


Scorpio is a feminine, Fixed Water sign, while Aries is a masculine Cardinal Fire sign. Water and Fire don’t mix well, so this person can feel confused about their deep emotions sometimes, and can easily get aggressive when triggered.

How to Recognize Scorpio Sun Aries Rising

Scorpio Sun Aries Ascendant people give off a lot of sexual energy. They are very passionate, and can be emotional. Often, they are tall, and don’t carry too much weight, displaying very athletic bodies. They enjoy wearing black and different shades of red, and give off a very powerful presence.  

Scorpio Sun Aries Rising Career

A Scorpio Sun Aries Rising is very focused on having an independent career, where they are in charge of their destiny. Capricorn rules their 10th house of career, and Virgo rules their 6th house of everyday work.

This means that they are exceptionally ambitious and hardworking. No matter what, they make great leaders. They do very well in any career to do with the health or medical profession, and make great surgeons. They can also do very well as personal trainers, and can create their own fitness brand on Instagram. As some are very beautiful, they can also become top models.


With Capricorn in their 10th house, they can easily be the CEOs of any company. They are focused and determined. It’s advisable for them to get an MBA, as they will do very well with it. They also make wonderful veterinarians. 

Scorpio Sun Aries Rising Health

This person has enormous vitality and energy. In fact, they keep a youthful appearance for most of their lives. Virgo rules their 6th house of health, so they’re always concerned with how they eat, and how many calories they’re burning.

Working out is very important to their mental health, as putting on weight affects them very badly - they don’t like being judged by others in a negative way. They can suffer from severe anxiety, and it’s important for them to stay away from too much caffeine, illegal substances, and alcohol.

They may suffer with indigestion, and be resistant to lactose and gluten. They need to burn a sweat every day to feel their best! They also need to always be safe when getting intimate with others and use protection, as they can attract STDs.    


Scorpio Sun Aries Rising Love

A Scorpio Sun Aries Rising is so passionate, that they require a partner that is very sexual, likes to get intimate, and challenges them, to keep their fire burning inside alive. Other Scorpios and Pisces are a good match. Cancers aren’t the best match, as an Aries Ascendant doesn’t appreciate any sort of clinginess, exhibited so often by Cancerians. 

Taureans make interesting matches and good friends, but there could be fighting, as Scorpio and Taurus are such opposites. However, there could be massive passion between the two! Virgos may feel threatened by their powerful energy, and there could be power struggles with Capricorns.

Aquarians are not a good match, as they’re too emotionally detached for this passionate combination. Librans make good friends, but are Aries’ opposite, so there will be sexual chemistry, but tension as well. There will be spark with Geminis, but they will find Scorpios’ energy too intense.

Aries can work, provided they only bring positive energy to the relationship, without aggression. Sagittarians provide friendship and excitement, and the relationship can last, provided the Scorpio Sun Aries Ascendant can handle their independence. There may be a lot of head-butting with Leos.


How Scorpio Sun Aries Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as an Aries rising, this person needs to wake up in a good mood, and get to the gym as fast as possible. After a great cardio workout, listening to uplifting music, they’ll be in a super mood. Afterwards they should then take a nice cold shower.

Then, they should make a healthy smoothie, and eat a healthy breakfast full of good proteins and fats, and get to work, starting their workday with a fresh cup of healthy green chai tea with a slice of lemon, some fresh ginger and mint leaves.

Famous Scorpio Sun Aries Rising People

The list of celebrities who are a Scorpio Sun Aries Ascendant include supermodel Kendall Jenner, the late seven-time Oscar nominee, actor Richard Burton, and ex Bond girl, actress and model, Bo Derek.


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