Scorpio Sun Capricorn Rising

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Rising - They are very magnetic

They are very magnetic
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Scorpio Sun Capricorn Risign
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Scorpio Sun Capricorn Rising

In this combination, Pluto and Saturn meet. Pluto is Hades, lord of the underworld in Greek mythology, and Saturn is Cronus, lord of time. Together they make a formidable, and dominant, pair.

Scorpio is a feminine, Fixed, Water sign, while Capricorn is a feminine, Cardinal, Earth sign. By nature, these two energies blend well together, with a ⚹extile aspect to one another. This is a powerful Scorpio, who is always punctual, as time is a big issue in their lives, and they don’t like to waste a minute of the day.


How to Recognize Scorpio Sun Capricorn Rising

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Rising people ooze sex appeal. They are very magnetic – perhaps they attract so much attention in the way they are so calm and collected on the outside. However, inside, they have burning, and passionate emotions.

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Risign
Photo: © midjourney

Surprisingly, they are of average height, and many have dark (or blonde) hair with light eyes. You will see them wearing black, different shades of blue, as well as earth colors. They often dress in designer clothes that make them look tailored and smart. It’s important for them to look good, and be respected through the way they dress.

Their hair will always look good and be in place, and they usually have good figures, and are built well.  

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Rising Career

A Scorpio Sun Capricorn Ascendant has Libra ruling their 10th house of career, and Gemini ruling their 6th house of every day work. They make wonderful CEOs, or managers, of companies involved in wedding planning, marketing, advertising, and sales.
They also make great psychologists and psychiatrists, where it will be important for them to publish books based on their findings of the human mind.  They have the “gift of the gab,” and can also become great politicians. Careers in the legal system suit them as well.


Scorpio Sun Capricorn Rising Health

This combination has Gemini ruling their 6th house of health, so they need to do exercise that works on their breathing, such as Yoga, and they need to constantly look after their hands, making sure they keep a good moisturizer in their purse, and at home.

Some of them have a liking for intimate practices that involve BDSM, so they need to really always use protection when getting intimate, and always prioritize their sexual health.

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Rising Love

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Ascendants have Cancer ruling their 7th house of love, partnerships, relationships and marriage, and need a nurturing person to love, and be loved by. Cancerians, other Scorpios, and Pisceans work really well, as well as Taureans, Virgos and other Capricorns – all the Water and Earth signs.

The Air and Fire signs don’t fare so well here. Librans, Sagittarians and Aquarians can be good friends, but Aries, Leos and Geminis don’t really work well, as there is hardly any mutual understanding.

Scorpio Sun Capricorn Risign
Photo: © midjourney

How Scorpio Sun Capricorn Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Capricorn rising, this person needs to have the same structured routine every morning, where everything just falls into place. They should offer a gratitude prayer upon waking, followed by a challenging workout, and a nice refreshing shower.

They should then make a healthy breakfast, accompanied by an espresso or herbal tea, spend some time with their pets, and head out the door early, to start working for the day, so that they get to the office on time.

Famous Scorpio Sun Capricorn Rising People

Celebrities with this combination include the late scientist Marie Curie and television host Larry King, as well as actresses Toni Collette, Aishwarya Rai, Rebeca Romijn, Sean Young and Meg Ryan. Singers Kevin Jonas, Nick Lachey and Lorde, also have this combination.

Retired tennis player, Billie Jean King, actor Dylan McDermott, and model and actress Jayne Marie Mansfield, daughter of the late Jayne Mansfield, also have this combination.   


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