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Scorpio Sun Gemini Rising

Fantastic detectives, analysts and psychologists
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Scorpio Sun Gemini Rising
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Scorpio Sun Gemini Rising

In this combination, two friends meet. You see, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Scorpio, in Greek mythology is Hades, lord of the underworld, while Mercury is Hermes, messenger god, able to travel through all worlds – gods, earth, and the underworld.
Hermes brings the souls of the dead to Hades, and is Hades’ nephew, as he is the son of Zeus (Jupiter). Naturally, there is a relationship between the two. However, and this is a big however, the two are different sexes, Modalities and Elements. In reality, a Scorpio and Gemini don’t really understand one another, and a Scorpio will always have power over Gemini.
Scorpio is a feminine, Fixed, Water sign, while Gemini is a male, Mutable, Air sign. This Scorpio has a troubled and over-working mind, as their Ascendant is so different from who they really are inside. Scorpio is such a deep well of emotions, while Gemini is so light, breezy, talkative and fun!


How to Recognize Scorpio Sun Gemini Rising

This person is often very charismatic and attracts people. They will have dark, or blonde hair, often with light eyes. The men are often very tall, while the women are average or short. Their sense of dress goes with the times, and can be very fabulous and trendy – or they create their own trends that people follow.
You will see them wearing black, blues, dark maroons, reds and splashes of yellow. On the outside they often smile and look happy (this hides what’s really going on in their heads).

Scorpio Sun Gemini Rising
Photo: © midjourney

Scorpio Sun Gemini Rising Career

Scorpio Sun Gemini Ascendant people have Pisces ruling their 10th house of career, while Scorpio rules their 6th house of every day work. Therefore, this person needs to have a career where they have lots of space to express their imaginations freely.
Since Taurus rules their 12th house (ruler of Pisces), they could enter the culinary world, or become estate agents. With Gemini as a Rising sign, they need to express themselves, and could become great writers, authors and journalists.
They could also become fantastic detectives, analysts, psychologists and psychiatrists with their Scorpio Gemini combination and Scorpio ruling their 6th house of every day work. They may even enjoy a career as fashion designers, that transform how other people dress, or become mechanical engineers that design cars. Marketing and communication fields also suit them, as well as becoming social media stars.


Scorpio Sun Gemini Rising Health

With Scorpio ruling their 6th house of health, these people need to make sure the health of their sexual organs is in tip top shape, and so visits to the gynecologist for females of this combination is vital. They also need to practice safe intercourse at all times, as STDs can spread fast, being born with this combination.

Mental illnesses may follow this sign, such as paranoia, OCD, and severe anxiety, so its important for them to stay away from too many stimulants, recreational drugs, alcohol and processed sugars, and always get enough sleep and drink enough water during the day. Regular exercise is also very important for them. They should alternate between swimming and running.

Scorpio Sun Gemini Rising Love

This combination has Taurus ruling their 7th house of relationships, partnerships and marriage. Therefore, they need a partner who is very stable, brings them down to earth and can handle their emotions. They also prefer someone who is financially stable with a nice home that they keep in order.

Scorpio Sun Gemini Rising
Photo: © midjourney

Their best matches for romance are Pisceans, Cancerians, other Scorpios, Capricorns, Virgos and Taureans, who make fantastic friends as well! They may get along well with Librans, other Geminis, Aries and Leos. Aquarians and Sagittarians don’t do so well here in matters of the heart.

How Scorpio Sun Gemini Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Scorpio Sun Gemini Ascendant, this person needs get their minds moving rapidly, quickly after they awaken. They should start the day with a gratitude prayer, followed by a quick look through their social media feeds.

They should then have a quick workout and shower. A healthy breakfast will make them feel good – even a nice protein shake filled with fruits and vegetables, and spend some time with their pets before leaving the house to work.

They should listen to uplifting music, or even positive “go-getter” podcasts, on the way to work, to put them in a good mood. When getting to the office, they should catch up with their colleagues, see how they’re doing, open emails and begin their workday!

Famous Scorpio Sun Gemini Rising People

Celebrities that are Scorpio Sun Gemini Risings include celebrated “uber-status” chef Gordon Ramsay, Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey, American drag queen RuPaul, actress and singer Willow Smith, the late 26th president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, and singer and daughter of heavy metal superstar Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne. 



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