Scorpio Sun Leo Rising – The Brave Hero

This combo is not for weaklings, as these signs both convey an energy of courage and authority
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Scorpio Sun Leo Rising – The Brave Hero
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Scorpio Sun Leo Rising – The Brave Hero

In Greek mythology, a giant scorpion is said to have been sent by Gaia, to bravely slay the giant Orion. Pluto (Hades), rules Scorpio in modern astrology. He is Lord of the Underworld, and associated with bringing wealth. Mars is the more traditional ruler of Scorpio, and is associated with bravery, war and ambition.


Leo is Apollo, god of the Sun, and is associated with themes of bravery, strength and courage, backed up with love, warmth, creativity and healing.
Here we have the powerful energies of Mars, Pluto and the Sun, revealing a person of deep integrity and loyalty, mixed with wisdom, authenticity, courage and love. As both these signs are of the Fixed element, we have a person who is rigid, determined and resistant to change, but nonetheless with a steely, determined, dynamic and inspiring personality. This person is a go-getter who knows what they want and goes after it.

This combo is not for weaklings, as these signs both convey an energy of courage, authority, leadership, and having the strength to overcome adversity and challenges. We have a combination of both water and fire elements, which suggests a bold, active, yet empathic individual who is deeply in touch with their inner world, stamina and heart.

How to Recognize Scorpio Sun Leo Rising

This person likely has a striking appearance. Scorpios are known for being sturdy, with wide shoulders and deep, expressive, penetrating eyes that allude to the complexity of their soul.


Their style might be a combination of Scorpio’s understated class and Leo’s fondness for glamour. They may have thick hair, piercing blue eyes, red or auburn hair and prefer wearing darker colors.

Scorpio Sun Leo Rising
Photo: © midjourney

Scorpio Sun Leo Rising Career

A Scorpio Sun Leo Ascendant has their 6th house in studious Capricorn, so they are diligent and organized in their daily lives. Their 10th house falls in earthy Taurus, so they may enjoy careers such as banking, music, property management, accounting, or working with food. Scorpio Suns usually enjoy careers such as detective work, research, psychology and helping people. They will be patient and persistent professionally.

Scorpio Sun Leo Rising Health

In health matters, these natives are likely to be physically strong, robust and energetic. Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, hips and genitals, so exercise regimes which encourage movement of these areas are recommended.

Leo rules the spine, back and heart, so they may need to watch for back pain, heart problems and issues related to the lungs. Since Capricorn rules their 6th house of health, they need to keep their bones strong, by exercising, and always take proper care of their teeth and skin.  


Scorpio Sun Leo Rising Love

In love, Scorpios are mysterious and alluring, with a mixture of independence and devotion that leaves partners always wanting more. Leos are magnetic, loving, playful and generous, so this combination ensures a lover who knows how to give, as well as take, with a sultry appeal. This sensual mix of bravado, power and intrigue is surely one you won’t want to let go of in a hurry, but don’t get too clingy, as their 7th house in Aquarius might rebel!
Their best matches are Pisceans, Cancerians, other Scorpios, Virgos, Aries, and Leos. Librans and Sagittarians make good friends. There’s a lot of “electricity” in the air with Aquarians. Taurus may not work so well here, and there may be power struggles with Capricorns.

Scorpio Sun Leo Risign
Photo: © midjourney

How Scorpio Sun Leo Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Leo rising, this person should start the day with a gratitude prayer for all the wonderful things they have in life. They should plan out their schedule, and set out their intentions for world domination. With their unfailing optimism and enthusiasm, they will want to make sure they have an impact, and maximize their potential.
They should get a nice cardio workout in, followed by a quick shower and delicious breakfast. They should then spend a little bit of time outside absorbing the sun, before popping some headphones on, playing their favorite music, to get into a good mood for work!


Famous Scorpio Sun, Leo Rising People

Let’s look at some famous and powerful people who were born with this winning combination. We have some inspiring artists and creatives, such as actress Emma Stone, artist Pablo Picasso, film director, writer and producer Martin Scorsese, and popular modern singer Drake. And let’s not forget writer Dylan Thomas and Art Garfunkel either, both Scorpio Sun Leo Risings.  

In history, we have the late Christopher Columbus, famous colonialist and explorer, the late Indira Gandhi, Indian politician, and in modern times, “His Royal Highness,” Charles, Prince of Wales.




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