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Scorpio Sun Pisces Rising – Connected to the Universe

A Mysterious Person connected to the Universe
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Scorpio Sun Pisces Rising
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Scorpio Sun Pisces Rising

A Scorpio Sun Pisces Rising is a very mysterious combination for the person born with it. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, known as Hades in Greek mythology, lord of the Underworld. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, known as Poseidon in Greek mythology, ruler of the Ocean. Hades and Poseidon were brothers, and both held great duties in Greek mythology.


Both Scorpio and Pisces are deeply sensitive, psychic and emotional feminine, Water signs. The only difference is that Scorpio has a Fixed modality, meaning Scorpios are more fixed and stubborn in their way of thinking, while Pisces is Mutable and very fluid, able to go with the flow.

How to Recognize Scorpio Sun Pisces Rising

Scorpio Sun Pisces Ascendants are often very beautiful. They have pointed, oval faces, and almond shaped eyes that burn with intensity. Many will have good bone structure, with sharp cheekbones and bodies that are either athletic or in good shape.

You will see them wearing all shades of blue, black and silver jewelry with different stones. They always have a faraway look in their eyes, as they are constantly daydreaming.

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Scorpio Sun Pisces Rising Career

This person has Sagittarius ruling their 9th house of career, and Leo ruling their 5th house of everyday work. Therefore, they need creative work, where every day is not the same. They gravitate towards careers in the publishing world.


They make great writers, content creators, editors and authors. They also do well working creatively with children. As so many are very beautiful, they can easily enter the modeling, theater and dance world.     

Scorpio Sun Pisces Rising Health

As Leo rules a Scorpio Sun Pisces Ascendant’s 5th house of health, this person needs to take care of their heart. Aerobic exercise is good for them; however, they should see a doctor and check the health of their heart on a regular basis, especially just before taking on a new exercise program.

They also may get intimate with different people on a regular basis, if single, and must always use protection when having fun under the sheets, as they can be prone to attracting STDs. It is vital for these people to warm up and cool down their ankles, shins and feet before and after exercise.   

Scorpio Sun Pisces Rising Love

A Scorpio Sun Pisces Ascendant is extremely sexual, sensual and passionate. They’re sensitive and emotional in love, and need a partner that can not only understand them, but ground them and bring them back to reality.


For this reason, a Capricorn or Taurus make a wonderful choice of partner, as they balance out, and support each other well. Virgo can work too, but there may be difference in opinions. Other Scorpios and Pisces work nicely, as well as Cancerians.

The Air signs Aquarius, Libra and Gemini are not good matches, as they are way too emotionally detached – especially Aquarius. Fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius also don’t work well here, as it is an explosion of total introversion vs extroversion.

How Scorpio Sun Pisces Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Pisces Rising, this person needs to feel connected to the Universe upon waking up. It’s important for them to offer a gratitude prayer through meditation, and sip on fresh mineral water.

Afterwards, this person will benefit a lot from a yoga or pilates workout, fresh shower and healthy breakfast full of water-based fruits and vegetables like watermelon and cucumbers, and healthy grains and proteins.

Afterwards, they should spend some time with their pets and in nature, getting some fresh sunlight, before starting their day feeling connected to all that exists.

Famous Scorpio Sun Pisces Rising People

The list of celebrities of Scorpio Sun Pisces Ascendant people include the very beautiful and talented Oscar nominated actor Ryan Gosling, legendary stunning actress Demi Moore, and “Grey’s Anatomy” actors Ellen Pompeo and Eric Dane.



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