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Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Rising - A Life Well Lived

A Deeply Stylish and Memorable Person
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Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Rising
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Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Rising – A Life Well Lived

With this exciting combination, we have Sagittarius Rising, fiery, direct, and adventurous, paired with the watery energy of Scorpio, which is soulful, intuitive, and secretive.

In Greek mythology, Sagittarius is associated with the centaur Chiron, who gave up immortality to take the place of troubled Prometheus in the underworld. Due to his brave and selfless act, he was rewarded by Zeus, who put him in the sky to shine as a hero.


Scorpio is represented by the humongous scorpion, said to be sent by Gaia to bravely slay the giant Orion. It is a feminine, Fixed, Water sign, while Sagittarius is a masculine, Mutable, Fire sign.

How to Recognize Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Rising

A Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Ascendant is a deeply stylish and memorable person. Sagittarius likes boho, and effortlessly chic, while Scorpio favors timeless classics, tailoring, and elegance. However, both are sophisticated, so they will turn heads. This person may wear darker colors on some days, and bright reds and oranges on others!

Sagittarius Risings are often blessed with strong proportions and oval faces with well-defined cheekbones and foreheads. Scorpios usually have intense and piercing eyes, an air of enthralling beauty for women, and classic, chiseled handsomeness in men.

In addition, they tend to be sturdy, stocky, and well built, although they may have inherited Sagittarius's longer, more slender legs if they are lucky. This combination may cause bigger hips in this person, creating a pear-shaped physique.


Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Rising Career

This person is likely to be very driven in their career. The optimism and expansive energies of lucky Jupiter added to the fierce determination of Mars and Pluto combine to result in someone who can see and define their vision and then put in the effort and hard work needed to achieve it.

Sagittarius rules careers in the fields of law, politics, public relations, journalism, the media, religion, higher education, and travel, and Scorpio loves fact-finding, research, investigation, and discovery. Many career paths are open to this individual if they can tune into their vision and soul's purpose. In addition, they should have a good entrepreneurial ability, healthy work/life balance, and a positive mindset towards achieving success.

Virgo rules their 10th house of career and Taurus rules their 6th house of everyday work. Therefore, this person may become a veterinarian or work with animals in the wild. They take their career very seriously and may even jump on the vegan health bandwagon, cooking in restaurants that don’t bring any harm to animals. They may also be involved in finance careers, or even become tour guides into dark and mysterious places in the world!  


Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Rising Health

Sagittarius rules the thighs, legs, and liver, so sports like cycling, running, or dancing will be beneficial. Scorpio rules the reproductive organs, genitals, and mid-section, so they could consider any active sports or activities. They need to be active, adventurous, and stay busy. They also need to always keep it “safe” when getting intimate with others.

Since Taurus rules their 6th house of health, they may tend to over-indulge in food, so they need to watch out for this and apply abdominal and core exercises every day to their body. They may get throat infections from time to time as well.  

Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Rising Love

Sagittarians are known to like their freedom in relationships. On the other hand, Scorpio is known to be more possessive and intense, so here we have a quite strange mix that might manifest as someone who struggles with commitment and wants to run free, so it might take time to settle down.

Gemini rules their 7th house of love, relationships, and marriage, so they appreciate someone chatty, curious, and intelligent. Geminis work well here, although there will be a difference of opinion at times. Librans make good friends, as do Capricorns who may turn into lovers.


Taurus might be a little slow and lazy for the Sagittarian Ascendant, who will prefer a more active partner like Leo, Aries, or even Pisces, with whom they are likely to have a lot of fun. Cancerians are a big no-no as they are very clingy and a Sagittarius Rising can’t handle this!

Virgo may work, but can also get hurt in this pairing. There’s not too much understanding with Aquarians, mainly platonic friendship. There’s a lot of mutual understanding and learning going on with Capricorns.  

How Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Sagittarius rising, this person wants to focus on their goals for the day soon after waking. They will be raring to go off on adventures but should make time first to be silent and offer a gratitude prayer to the universe. They should then do a fast and fun workout, followed by a quick shower!

A healthy breakfast should be consumed, such as porridge or healthy waffles with fruit to boost their energy. They love animals and if they have pets, they should spend adequate time with them and lay their bare feet on some grass to absorb nature’s energy!


As Sagittarius rules the liver, which works to flush out toxins, they should also start the day with hot water and a slice of lemon, to get their system working. Jupiter rules the spice nutmeg, so they can try sprinkling it over their breakfast cereal or stir it into their coffee. Carrots are another food related to Jupiter, so carrot cake is another option.

Famous Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Rising People

The go-getters below hit the cosmic jackpot with this dynamic combination and used it to achieve massive success.

There’s the current U.S. President Joe Biden, and a host of American actresses, including Jodie Foster, Anne Hathaway, Winona Ryder, Goldie Hawn, and Jamie Lee Curtiss, as well as male actor Danny De Vito. There’s also famous German tennis player Boris Becker, who ruled the courts back in the late 80’s and early 90’s.



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