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Scorpio Sun Scorpio Rising – A Powerful Combo

A Powerful Combo
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Scorpio Sun Scorpio Rising – A Killer Combo

These double Scorpio natives will likely carry a powerful, intense, and courageous energy, as shown in Greek mythology by the giant scorpion, which is said to be associated with the sign of Scorpio and was sent by Gaia to bravely slay the giant Orion.


Slaying giants is not for the faint of heart, so these people will likely be fearless, bold, and determined. Scorpio, a Water sign, is ruled by Mars in traditional astrology and Pluto in modern astrology. Scorpio is known to be deep, brave, and seductive, with fearless determination, strong leadership qualities, and stubborn, loyal, and mysterious nature.

They will likely be deeply private, determined, and direct, with laser-sharp instincts and strong intellectual prowess. They live life to the fullest, throwing themselves with wild abandon into every experience.

How to Recognize Scorpio Sun Scorpio Rising

You will easily spot this sultry creature as they stand out by dressing from head to toe in gothic, black, purple, or dark-colored clothes. They'll also wear accessories such as rosary beads, crosses, crystals, or crucifixes.

On their bodies will be interesting and multiple tattoos, and body piercings (perhaps in strange places). They like bold, overstated makeup or hair colors, and have probing, penetrating eyes (usually light blue or black) that look straight into the depths of your soul.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Risign
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If they are more understated in appearance, they will usually go for timeless classics, with impeccable tailoring and a look of sophisticated, refined elegance.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Rising Career

With their endless fascination for the macabre and matters pertaining to life and death, this combination would make an excellent funeral director, forensic pathologist, criminal investigator, or even coroner. They also do well in mental health professions such as psychology and psychiatry, or careers involving research and fact-finding. They may enjoy an analyst position in hi-tech as well.  

Leo rules their 10th house of career, and Aries rules their 6th house of everyday work, so creativity is essential in their career, and they need to lead, or even be an entrepreneur. They even make good soldiers on the battlefield! Whatever career choice they pursue, they will be remarkably persistent and determined to succeed.

Scorpio Sun Scorpio Rising Health

With so much emotional intensity to deal with, this combo needs to take excellent care of their mental health. They will need healthy ways to explore and release their deep, inner feelings and should explore yoga, tai-chi, or Pilates classes to keep their emotions balanced.

They may also need to take extra care of their reproductive organs, genitals, or mid-section, as Scorpio rules over this region. Activities like belly dancing are excellent for Scorpio Sun Scorpio Ascendants, as the movement focuses exclusively on this body area. Safe sex practices are also essential!


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