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Scorpio Sun Virgo Rising – Pure Perfection

Deep, Brave, and Endlessly Mysterious
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Scorpio Sun Virgo Risign
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Scorpio Sun Virgo Rising – Pure Perfection

Ruled by both Mars and Pluto, Scorpio is deep, brave, and endlessly mysterious.

Scorpio Sun natives carry a powerful, intense, and courageous energy, as shown in Greek mythology by the giant scorpion, which is said to have been sent by Gaia to slay Orion.


Virgo is represented in Greek mythology by Astraea, goddess of Justice and the daughter of Zeus. She is said to have fled Earth during the Bronze Age, becoming a constellation of stars. Virgo is also associated with the harvest, the myth of Persephone, and all things related to innocence, purity, perfection, and natural order.

Scorpio is a Water sign, deep and highly emotional, while Virgo is an Earth sign, practical and resourceful. This duo brings the energy of bridging the gap between the spiritual and the natural world, and understanding the complex dynamics of making the world a better place.

How to Recognize Scorpio Sun Virgo Rising

Scorpios are fairly robust and sturdy in appearance, with broad shoulders and a striking appearance. Virgos are more delicate but have an angular, solid build and powerful physique. They may be pretty feminine in demeanor, whether male or female, and may prefer to wear dark colors, or perhaps earthy browns, camels, beiges or greens.

They are very stylish, with a beguiling allure that is a dangerous mix of innocent and sultry, making them attract a lot of attention from the opposite sex.

Scorpio Sun Libra Risign
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Scorpio Sun Virgo Rising Career

Scorpios and Virgos share a deep love of research and questioning things, so careers in information management, detective work, law, academia, or psychology might appeal to Scorpio Sun Virgo Ascendants. In addition, Virgos loves being of service, so caring professions may also attract this person, and they may even feel they have an essential mission to help heal humanity.

Mercury rules Virgo, so detail, planning, thinking, organizing, and communication are key skills they have at their disposal. Coupled with Scorpio Sun's fearless investigation skills, tenacity, and naked ambition, these natives have an opportunity to go far in life.
Gemini rules their 10th house of career, and Aquarius rules their 6th house of everyday work, they do prefer work where they engage with others!

Scorpio Sun Virgo Rising Health

With both signs being fairly sturdy and well-built physically, Scorpio Sun Virgo Ascendants should enjoy lifelong good health. In addition, Scorpio rules the reproductive system, genitals, and hips, so gentle exercise in this region benefits them. Virgo rules digestion, nerves, and intestines and is known to be the most health-conscious of the signs due to its rulership of the 6th house.


These individuals carry a lot of stress and anxiety, so they must find healthy ways to discharge negative energy, such as active sports or cardio workouts. They may also like to try spiritual practices such as yoga, meditation, chanting, or deep breathing.

Scorpio Sun Libra Risign
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Since Aquarius rules their 6th house of health, they must always warm up their ankles and shins before working out, drink a lot of water and make sure their circulation is okay. If they constantly get “pins and needles,” they need to see their family doctor.

Scorpio Sun Virgo Rising Love

Scorpios are intense, alluring, and mysterious in love, while Virgos are more reserved, cautious, and practical. Pisces rules their 7th house of love, relationships and marriage, so they may prefer partners who are more dreamy, laid back, and romantic.

They pair well with signs which can help them let their guard down and have more fun, so Leos, Sagittarians, Librans and Geminis make good friends. Other good matches are Virgos, Taureans, Cancerians, Pisceans, Scorpios and Capricorns. There’s a lot of spark with Aries, but a lot of fighting can occur too.  


How Scorpio Sun Virgo Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Virgo Ascendant, order, preparation, and maintaining good health is vitally important. They should wake up and offer a gratitude prayer. Then, they should get in a workout, followed by a quick shower, and healthy smoothie for breakfast with seeds or oats. They will enjoy time spent with their pets and nature as well.

Next, they should sip on healthy green tea, make their to-do list for the day's tasks, and immediately begin their daily search for new information, by logging onto their social media accounts or favorite news sources. Work should begin soon after that!

Famous Scorpio Sun Virgo Rising People

Famous people with this combination include socialite and businesswoman Kris Jenner, Italian footballer Alessandro Del Piero, actor and comedian John Cleese, as well as Margaret Mitchell, author of the award-winning novel "Gone with the Wind."

There’s also the late television presenter Caroline Flack, Glenn Lewis Frey, a founding member of the band The Eagles, and famous “hunky” actor, Ryan Reynolds.


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