Taurus Sun Capricorn Rising - The Solid Rock

No combination is more practical than this. This person knows how to get every job done with authority
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Taurus Sun Capricorn Rising
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Taurus Sun Capricorn Rising 

As a Capricorn Rising with a Taurus Sun, this person is guided by two key figures – Saturn (who rules Capricorn) and Venus (who rules Taurus). Saturn is Cronus in Greek Mythology, who castrated his father Ouranos (Uranus), whose genitals landed in the ocean, and turned into white foam, producing Aphrodite (Venus). In a way, it is thanks to Cronus’ efforts, (together with Ouranos’ biology) that Aphrodite existed.


As much as this person wants to indulge in sensual pleasures, being a Taurus Sun, their Capricorn Rising will always restrict them to a certain point.

This person can appear cold at first and quite calculating. They don’t trust easily, and hold an inner position of authority – after all, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn who represents both the Father and “Father Time.” Together with a Taurus Sun, they are exceptionally ambitious to do great things in this lifetime, get to the top of their careers, and make a lot of money. They are brilliant delegators and are able to structure organizations in a way not many others have the ability to.

How to Recognize Taurus Sun Capricorn Rising 

They may be very tall with a solid build and possibly a long nose with deep-set eyes. This combination gives very solid energy that is like a “rock” to those around them. This person makes for a great friend that many people lean on, as they have such inner strength.

Taurus Sun Capricorn Rising Career

When it comes to career, before even looking at the Midheaven or 6th House, this person has to be in charge, or in a position where they can climb the corporate ladder – they absolutely have to reach the top! This person will most likely study towards a business (MBA) and/or finance degree among other degrees and diplomas. Libra rules the Midheaven, so this person may run a modeling agency, be involved in the world of beauty, or have a legal career where they are able to eventually reach the rank of a judge. They may also become involved in politics and the police force. Gemini rules the 6th House, so communication plays a big part in their career where they may become involved in the telecommunications industry. They make also become authors and journalists. Sales and marketing will suit them, as well as the motor, fashion, and estate industry. This person may also be involved in royalty.


Taurus Sun Capricorn Rising Health

As far as health is concerned, Gemini rules their 6th House of health, so they need to always take good care of their hands. It is advised for them to not smoke as their lungs may be sensitive to this. They may also have sensitive nervous systems, and need to take care of their mental health, ensuring they get enough sleep, (as they work very hard), exercise, and eat healthy most days of the week. It is a good idea for them to hire a personal trainer, as it will add structure to their week and make sure they get enough exercise in (although they are disciplined enough to schedule this in for themselves).

Taurus Sun Capricorn Rising Love

In matters of the heart, the Earth and Water signs will appeal to them most. Cancer rules their 7th House of relationships and teaches them to be more loving and nurturing. Cancer makes the perfect partner as this Sign is the “Mother” of the Zodiac. Capricorns and Taureans will make for great partners, as well as Virgos and Pisces. Aries, Geminis, Sagittarians, Aquarians, and Leos make for good friends. There will be interesting dynamics with Librans.


How Taurus Sun Capricorn Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Capricorn rising, this person needs to have structure when they wake up. They will enjoy having the same routine every day, as it brings more structure into their lives. They don’t like being rushed, so it’s a good idea for them to wake up early and finish one task, even if it's simply brushing their teeth, ticking that box, and then moving on to the next task.

Famous Taurus Sun Capricorn Rising People

The gorgeous actress Megan Fox has this combination, as well as Queen Elizabeth II. U2 lead singer Bono was born with this combination, as well as Nine Inch Nails frontman and lead vocalist Trent Reznor. The late Muslim minister Malcolm X also had this combination and the very controversial ex-NBA Chicago Bulls player Dennis Rodman. Ex cult leader Jim Jones was also born with this combination and Country artist Willie Nelson. Queen Máxima of the Netherlands.  




Facts about Taurus

Birthday: 19th April - 20th May

Ruling planet: Venus

Gender: Female

Element: Earth

Temperament: Melancholic

Type:  The self-reliant stable rock

Physical correspondence: Throat, sinuses, neck, ears, vocal cords, thyroid, tonsils

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