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Taurus Sun Cancer Rising - The Ultimate Homebody

This makes for a beautiful combination. Cancer and Taurus naturally ⚹extile one another at 60 degrees.
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Taurus Sun Cancer Rising
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This makes for a beautiful combination. Cancer and Taurus naturally ⚹extile one another at 60 degrees, and the Water element of Cancer, together with the Earth element of Taurus, harmoniously fit each other.

Artemis is the Moon that rules Cancer, and Aphrodite is Venus which rules the sign of Taurus- both influential feminine figures. However, Artemis was a virgin goddess, and Aphrodite was the goddess of love, so this person will always be a bit torn in heart matters, especially when it comes to physical relationships.


The Empress Tarot Card would represent this person (although the Empress is traditionally connected to Libra - also ruled by Venus). The Empress was Ceres, Mother of Persephone, who took care of the Earth and its harvests. As a Tarot Card, she is represented with a pregnant belly, walking amongst the grass and wheat- full and giving.

A Taurus with a Cancer rising nurtures others and loves their creature comforts. They are hermits who prefer their homes to any external place or venue. They may connect well with animals, adore cooking, taking care of their gardens, and are often born with (magic) “green thumbs.” At night they look to the Moon in awe, and it will be essential to charge their crystals under the Moon when it is Full Moon.

Although Taurus is exceptionally stable, having a Cancer Rising will make this person moody at times, even melancholy. However, the strong Taurus Sun helps balance the emotions. The family will be significant to this person, and they may be very connected to their Mother or a mother figure.

How to Recognize a Taurus Sun Cancer Rising


Externally, a Taurus with a Cancer Ascendant may be round in physical body shape, a beautiful face containing earthy green, brown, hazel, or dark blue eyes. As a female-presenting person, they will have natural curves (not many are thin in stature), attract a lot of masculine attention, and even have extremely large breasts. The male presenting people are solid and large. If they work out hard enough at the gym, they could have large muscles and an appealing physique.

Taurus Sun Cancer Rising Career

When it comes to career, before even looking at the Midheaven or 6th House, it is obvious this person will enjoy working from home more than the office and with people they are familiar with, such as family. It is easy for them to work with food, become private caterers, beautiful cake bakers for children’s birthday parties, or even operate a family restaurant. When looking at the Midheaven (10th House), Aries is in charge, so they will be independent and play sports. The 6th House of work is in Sagittarius, indicating a love of media, and they may publish their work from writings in the form of blogs, vlogs, or books.

With a Cancer rising and Taurus sun, this person could be an excellent accountant, kindergarten teacher, or deal with finance, real estate, nursing, and manifests money exceptionally quickly.  


Taurus Sun Cancer Rising Health

As far as health is concerned, Sagittarius rules the 6th House of health, so they must pay careful attention to the hips and thighs, and they should be exercised every day to keep them strong. Unfortunately, this combination tends to gain weight quickly because they love food so much – it’s one of their greatest and most sensual pleasures in life, as they literally “Live to Eat!”

Taurus Sun Cancer Rising Love

In matters of the heart, this person is a complete romantic. They will read books about love at an early age, wishing they could find the desperate, clingy, and needy love portrayed in such stories as William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. Remember, Cancer energy is “clingy” energy - they desperately hold onto the object of their affection if their heart is already devoted to the person. They will dream of getting married and bringing up a beautiful large family that they can comfortably support.

How Taurus Sun Cancer Rising Should Start the Day


Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so this person needs to get out of bed slowly and cherish the day with a Cancer Ascendant. They need to do a few stretches and possibly even do yoga after a hot cup of herbal tea with some lemon. It’s important for them to “Earth” themselves by grounding before work and to take off their shoes and walk outside so their feet can feel the grass. They will enjoy nurturing their plants by watering them before the day truly starts. Listening to an upbeat, positive meditation may help put them in a positive mood for the day.

Famous Cancer Rising Taurus Sun People

The brilliant Grammy award-winning singer Adele has this combination. She certainly had a robust appearance when she first burst onto the scene but has since slimmed down. She also sings the most emotional and beautiful love songs and has been named one of the best singers in the industry. The late surrealist painter Salvador Dali had this combination, Cher, William Shakespeare (one of the best writers that ever graced this planet), and professional wrestler and actor John Cena. Oscar-winning star of 2018’s Bohemian Rhapsody and the award-winning series Mr. Robot , Rami Malek, also has this interesting and heart-warming combination.  

Facts about Taurus

Birthday : 19th April - 20th May

Ruling planet : Venus

Gender : Female

Element : Earth

Temperament : Melancholic

Type : The self-reliant stable rock

Physical correspondence : Throat, sinuses, neck, ears, vocal cords, thyroid, tonsils


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