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Taurus Sun Gemini Rising

The Curious & Patient Solid Rock: This Combination Lightens the Taurus’ Down to Earth Personality, Which Can Be Very Serious at Times.
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Taurus Sun Gemini Rising
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This combination lightens the Taurus' down-to-Earth personality, which can be very serious at times- allowing more physical movement and mental agility. Venus (Aphrodite) and Mercury (Hermes) hold hands and join forces to make a fascinating Taurus personality indeed.

When going back to Greek mythology, Hermes (Mercury – ruler of Gemini and Virgo) seduced Aphrodite (Venus – ruler of Taurus and Libra), and she bore him a son they named Eros. Eros, which we know today, as Cupid (his Roman name), shoots an arrow into the hearts of people and gods- making them fall in love. We celebrate Cupid every 14th of February – Valentine's Day.


Taurus can be very stubborn, but Gemini Rising lends its helping hand to make this person more flexible in their thoughts and way of doing things. It also makes this Taurus person more fun to be around since they are more communicative, open to change, and eager to go out and do things.

Taurus is a feminine, introverted sign that prefers to stay at home and stick to its routines. Still, a Gemini Rising is a masculine, extroverted sign that wants to get out, explore, and communicate ideas and thoughts as much as possible.

How to Recognize Taurus Sun Gemini Rising

A Taurus with a Gemini Ascendant is usually relatively thin, and they tend to move- around a lot like little birds jumping here, there, and everywhere. They may also be good-looking with delicate features. They like to follow trends (Gemini influence here) and look good wherever they go, never appearing the same from one day to the next! You might also find them speeding around in a fun convertible that they enjoy taking for a spin now and then (Gemini rules cars).


Taurus Sun Gemini Rising Career

When it comes to career, Pisces rules their Midheaven to touch the masses and make a global impact. They may enter into marine biology or even engineering, designing ships and submarines. They make fantastic writers and enter careers where they need to debate or use words most effectively. Scorpio rules their 6th House of everyday work, so they will be very intense about their work- taking it seriously. They may deal with pensions, inheritances, be an esteemed race car driver, or may even turn to Wicca and the Esoteric Arts. 

Taurus Sun Gemini Rising Health 

As far as health is concerned, Scorpio is in charge here, as it rules their 6th House of Health. So males need to make sure their prostate is alright, and females with this combination need to go for regular checks at the gynecologist. Meditation will be good for them, mainly since their thoughts may be scattered at times, and this Taurus will need to apply more focus in what they do.

Taurus Sun Gemini Rising Love


In matters of the heart, they will attract an array of different signs. Sagittarius rules their 7th House of Relationships and will excite this person by taking them on a world of adventures. Other Taureans and Gemini's, Virgos, Capricorns, Pisces, Cancer's, Libra's, Aquarius, Aries, Leo all work well too! There will be a lot of attraction with Scorpios, but this Taurus' Gemini energy cannot handle Scorpio's intensity consistently. Gemini Risings are very flexible in relationships and make friends before falling in love.  

How Taurus Sun Gemini Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so with a Gemini Ascendant, this person needs mental stimulation in the morning. They need to read a few chapters of their favorite book or log into their social media accounts to see what's happening around the world, and they may want to send messages and communicate with others. Afterward, they'll want a quick shower and will want to grab a quick coffee while heading out the door to jump into their car and get to work! It's advised that they get some exercise during the week, and mornings would be best! Dance, aerobic, weight training, and step classes are highly recommended, as they will be required to move quickly, which brings immense enjoyment! 

Famous Taurus Sun Gemini Rising People


The stunning Michelle Pfeifer was born with this combination and ex-Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair. Christina Hendricks , who played the bombshell Joan Holloway on AMC's Mad Men (2007-2015), has this combination too. Machine Gun Kelly is also a Taurus with a Gemini Rising. He is a rapper, actor, singer, and songwriter. Finally, the late Orson Welles was also born with this combination. He was an Oscar-winning screenwriter and was involved with radio, film, and theater- winning three Grammys for different "Spoken Word" albums.


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