Taurus Sun Virgo Rising - The Practical Hard Worker

This combination gives rise to a hard working individual capable of achieving much in the world!
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Taurus Sun Virgo Rising
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Taurus Sun Virgo Rising

There is a smooth combination at work (Virgo naturally Trines Taurus at 120 degrees), and this person is very solidly grounded, having a double Earth element. In Greek mythology, Venus rules Taurus and is known as Aphrodite, while Mercury rules Virgo and Hermes. Mercury is also associated with Gemini, and when it comes to Virgo, the "Twins" will represent two strong female archetypes.


These archetypes are Demeter, goddess of agriculture, and her daughter Persephone who was taken into the underworld by Hades (Pluto). Aphrodite wanted to control the heart of Hades and made him fall in love with Persephone. In mythology, the seasons were created because of Persephone's descent into the underworld, and this myth is very much about the cycles of the Earth. The connections run deep as Aphrodite is Demeter's aunt and great aunt to Persephone- so much history exists between these two. 

A Virgo Rising blended with a Taurus Sun makes a person quite introverted. They need routine more than anything and can be very gentle and shy. They are in tune with the cycles of the Moon (especially if the Moon is in another Earth or Water sign), making them sensitive people connected to the Earth's energy. Their moods are also affected by the cycles of the Earth and the different seasons. These people need to surround themselves with plants indoors and out.

How to Recognize Taurus Sun Virgo Rising

Physically, they may be stunning with defined proportions, sharp cheekbones, and long and slender bodies that they try to keep healthy as much as possible. This is a Taurus that will indulge in many vegetarian and vegan food and come up with indulgent and healthy recipes.


Taurus Sun Virgo Rising Career

When it comes to their career, they can't be in an too loud, stressful, or hectic environment – their nervous system can't handle it. Gemini rules their Midheaven to make excellent writers, fashion designers, network marketing, or engineers for the automobile industry. They would enjoy any form of web marketing that deals with health and beauty (such as Herbalife Nutrition or Amway). When it comes to work, they need to communicate every day to feel satisfied.

Aquarius rules their 6th House of everyday work, so they will most likely make good friends with colleagues and may often be involved in technology. They could become health coaches by easily helping others "upgrade" their lives– people achieve their greatest health potential, life goals, and ultimate dreams with Taurus Sun, Virgo Rising people. 

Taurus Sun Virgo Rising Health

As far as health is concerned, Aquarius rules their 6th House of Health, so calves, ankles, and shins always need to be warmed up before working out. These people need aerobic exercise to keep their body's circulation healthy and eat food with as little cholesterol as possible. As a Taurus with a Virgo rising, it's good for them to eat food that comes directly from the Earth, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, radishes, turnips, beetroot, and all green vegetables. They may have indigestion problems at times contributing to a sensitive stomach, so carrying around medication that deals with stomach cramps and stomach pain is a good idea for this star combination.


Taurus Sun Virgo Rising Love

When it comes to love, these people attract all the Earth and Water Signs. They have fantastic rapport and attraction, especialy, with Pisces, who rules the 7th House of relationships. Cancer is an absolute delight for these people, and they enjoy the solid energy of Capricorns who bring, and add, much structure to their lives. They are excited by, and attracted to, Scorpios who keep them on their toes (remember Pluto (Hades) rules Scorpio, so there are interesting dynamics at play!). Aries and Gemini make for good friends, as do Librans, Leos and Aquarians. The only sign that doesn't really "get" this combination is Sagittarius who lives for thrills, independence and adventure. They're extroverts who love being out and about in the world and prefer domestic bliss. However, a Sagittarius could pull this Taurus out of their comfort zone and teach them many valuable life lessons!

How Taurus Sun Virgo Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Virgo rising, this person needs to have routine in the morning. They start off waking up to a very organized and clean space, so it's important to make sure everything is neat, orderly, and in its correct place the night before. If they have any pets, it will brighten their morning to spend some time playing, petting and feeding, and giving attention to them. It's good for this person to get fresh air and exercise to fully energize their day, eat a healthy breakfast, followed by a shower where they can exfoliate to reveal healthy moisturized skin. After a healthy routine, they will then feel ready to begin their day and get to work!


Famous Taurus Sun Virgo Rising People   

The captivating actress and model Uma Thurman has this combination, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (whose North Node (life destiny) is in Gemini - communication). Mark Zuckerberg is a perfect example of a Taurus with this particular combination living their chart out to their highest potential. His 6th House of everyday work, ruled by Aquarius (technology), and Midheaven (10th House), ruled by Gemini, synthesize together beautifully making a platform such as Facebook , bringing cultures from all over the world (South Node in Sagittarius) together! He, as a Taurus, is capable of working hard to manifest this into reality and makes an enormous amount of money for himself (Taurus rules money). Tennis player Andy Murray has this combination, as well as actresses Renée Zellweger and Shirley MacLaine. The very famous nurse Florence Nightingale, known as "The Lady with the Lamp", had this combination. She was a pioneer of modern nursing and a well-respected statistician.




Facts about Taurus

Birthday: 19th April - 20th May

Ruling planet: Venus

Gender: Female

Element: Earth

Temperament: Melancholic

Type:  The self-reliant stable rock

Physical correspondence: Throat, sinuses, neck, ears, vocal cords, thyroid, tonsils

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