Virgo Sun Aries Rising

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Virgo Sun Aries Rising
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In this combination, Mercury and Mars hold hands – and this leads to something quite special indeed! Mercury rules Virgo and Mars rules Aries. In Greek mythology Virgo relates to Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, as well as Hermes, the messenger god related to health and healing (he was given the healing staff by Apollo who rules healing).

Meanwhile, Ares is an aggressive god of war, who is extremely passionate, impulsive and loves bloodshed.


Virgo is a feminine Mutable Earth Sign, while Aries is a negative Cardinal Fire Sign. An Aries Ascendant does wonders for a Virgo Sun, as it pushes them to initiate things and get things done faster and with more energy and passion than they could ever imagine.

How to Recognize Virgo Sun Aries Rising

This person is usually in perfect health and their body will be athletic, muscular and toned. They will often wear fitness gear as everyday clothes and stray far away from baggy clothes. They will always make sure they look good and are dressed well, wearing blacks, blues, Earth tones and reds. They are proud of their bodies that they work so hard for to achieve. They are often very beautiful indeed! They often have striking blue/green eyes, dark hair and excellent bone structure with high cheekbones.

Virgo Sun Aries Rising Career

So, a Virgo Sun Aries Ascendant will definitely be found in the health and fitness industry, as well as the modelling industry. They may also be in the army or the police force as they enjoy the adrenalin the danger brings.


Capricorn rules their 10th House of career, so they will be highly ambitious and will do whatever it takes to get to the top of their careers. They make great leaders, captains, and managers. Since Virgo rules their 6th House of every day work, they are exceptionally service-oriented, perfectionists and detail-oriented in their jobs. Their surroundings are always neat, fresh and clean.

Virgo Sun Aries Rising Health

Virgo rules their 6th House of health, so they will be very diligent with their diet making sure they work out – often twice a day, 6 days a week. They may suffer with digestive problems and headaches.

They should not drink too much coffee, otherwise this Virgo will experience way too much nervous energy and this will create anxiety. If they do have coffee, it should be black with a little sugar. Herbal teas such as spearmint, peppermint and chamomile are good for them, as well as green tea.

Virgo Sun Aries Rising Love

This person is mainly attracted to good looking people who are in peak health. They want someone that can join them at the gym, on a hike, or even a bicycle ride, as they are so active. Leos and Librans make for excellent friends, while they naturally attract other Aries and Virgos.


They do get along with Pisces and there are fireworks in the bedroom with Scorpios! Cancers may find this kind of Virgo too abrasive, and can get hurt by them. Geminis and Aquarians will get along with them.

Capricorns will get frustrated with the impulsivity of this Virgo but will admire them for their brave attitude. There will be romantic sparks with Taureans. They may get along well with Sagittarians.

How Virgo Sun Aries Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as an Aries rising, this person needs to get up, say a quiet gratitude prayer/meditation to get into the right headspace for the day and hit the gym – usually at 5 am. They should then grab a thick smoothie on the way out, after showering, and head to work with joyful music blasting in their cars. They need to feel happy and upbeat so they can conquer the day.

Famous Virgo Sun Aries Rising People

The late American rapper and producer Eazy-E was born with this combination, as well as the stunning French supermodel and actress Noémie Lenoir.  American actor Scott Caan is a Virgo Sun Aries Ascendant, as well as the late American Academy-Award winning actor James Coburn. Actress and comedian Aisha Tyler was born with this combination, as well as the former NBA star, standing at 7’6” (2.29 meters) tall, Chinese born Yao Ming.  The very dashing Israeli born model and actor Raz Degan also has this combination.  Brother to Kate Hudson and son of Goldie Hawn, actor Oliver Hudson is also a Virgo with an Aries Ascendant. The late Italian writer and journalist Tiziano Terzani was also born with this combination.



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