Virgo Sun Leo Rising

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Virgo Sun Leo Rising
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In this combination, Mercury and the Sun hold hands. In Greek mythology Mercury (Virgo) is the god Hermes, messenger to and of the gods, however when referring to Virgo, we look to Ceres, goddess of agriculture. The Sun (Leo) is Apollo, the god of healing, the arts and music.

This is an interesting combination indeed. Firstly, Virgo is a negative (introverted and shy) Mutable Earth Sign represented by a Virgin, while Leo is a (exuberant and extroverted) positive Fixed Fire Sign represented by a Lion. This is a Virgo that works very hard at making it into the spotlight. Others’ approval is quite certainly important to them.    


How to Recognize Virgo Sun Leo Rising

A Virgo Sun Leo Ascendant seems very “out there” when you first meet them, full of vibrancy and positive energy. They usually have a thick head of hair, and the females like to wear their hair long. They always look polished and dressed well, stylish and with class. They also like to wear comfortable clothes that look good. They smile a lot. Many are very beautiful. Remember Virgo represents perfection arising in a beautiful face. Mix this with Apollo’s beauty and you usually have quite a gorgeous person.

Virgo Sun Leo Rising Career

Here is a perfectionist that likes routine and order, but they like all the spotlight, fame and flashlights pointed their way. Because of their Leo Rising, they may hit the spotlight at an early age, and carry on working hard to stay there. This person also makes a marvelous teacher, or anyone helping to guide children. They also make fantastic PT teachers, as well as pediatricians and doctors in general.

Taurus rules their 2nd House of career and Capricorn rules their 6th house of every day work. Therefore, they are super ambitious and need structured environments to work in. They are highly self-sufficient, relying on nobody but themselves to get work done. They make wonderful singers, top estate agents, and financial advisers, as well as chefs.


They are great in business and it’s good for this combination to study an MBA, as it will assist them a lot in every career endeavor.  

Virgo Sun Leo Rising Health

You have Virgo who rules medicine and health, and Leo represented by Apollo, the god of healing, so this person is quite obsessed with health and being healthy. They will stay fit, work out and eat nutritiously not only so that they remain fit and in good health, but also so that they look good to others.

Capricorn rules their 6th House of health, so it’s important for them to stay out of too much sun and use creams that keep their skin youthful and supple. They need to go to the dentist yearly to keep their teeth in check, and take magnesium and calcium for strong bones. They need to always look after their skin in general.

Virgo Sun Leo Rising Love

A Virgo Sun Leo Ascendant may get confused in love, or their partners may find them confusing. This is because on the outside they are so vibrant, gregarious and fun, and then when you get to really know them, they are so shy and quite critical of themselves.


They very much want marriage and children. They will attract other Virgos and Leos, and other Leos, as well as Librans, will make for best friends. There may be difficulty with Pisceans and Scorpios but sparks should fly with nurturing Cancers who also want to get married and start a family.

Taureans can work but there may be butting of heads. Capricorn is a bit serious for this Virgo. Aries actually works well for this combination, and Sagittarians excite them!

There may be difficulties with Aquarians, but great conversations should be had with Geminis.

How Virgo Sun Leo Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Leo rising, this person needs to get up and feel healthy and happy. They should offer a gratitude prayer to put them in a good state of mind for the day. If they have pets, they should give them attention. The sunlight is great for them to stand in and absorb all that vitamin D, and they should then do a high cardio workout (if their bodies can handle it), or a gentler workout to get their heart beating. Happy, upbeat music will keep them going.


They should then shower, eat a delicious and healthy breakfast, get dressed so that they feel beautiful and confident for the day, spray on some perfume or cologne and begin their day feeling joyful and smiling.

Famous Virgo Sun Leo Rising People

Stunning actress Blake Lively is a Virgo Sun Leo Ascendant with her gorgeous long mane of blonde hair. Nick Jonas also makes this list, being one of the most talented of the Jonas brothers. Daughter of Lionel Richie, actress Nicole Richie, also has this combination, as well as the stunning Grammy-nominated big band singer Michael Bublé. The late Academy-Award-winning actress Ingrid Bergman also makes this list.

Academy-Award-nominated actress Taraji P. Henson was born with this combination, as well the late and great Italian physician, educator, and humanitarian Maria Montessori, who significantly changed the educational model for millions of children around the world. There are hundreds, if not thousands of schools across the world that still use her method of teaching children, which in its structured and ordered way is perfectly Virgoan indeed. She was among Italy’s first female physicians in 1896 when she graduated.


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