Virgo Sun Libra Rising - Exceptionally beautiful

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Virgo Sun Libra Rising
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In this combination Mercury and Venus hold hands high. Here, you get the element of Earth and Air mixing together. Virgo is a feminine, Mutable Earth sign and Libra is a masculine, Cardinal Air sign. The Libra Ascendant pushes this Virgo to be more sociable than normal and get out into the public and also be exceptionally charming!

In Greek Mythology, Mercury is the god Hermes. But when it comes to Virgo (as opposed to Gemini, also ruled by Mercury), you need to look at Persephone, daughter of Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, as well as Demeter herself. Persephone is also connected to Scorpio, as she was abducted by Hades into the Underworld to become his bride, as she was so virginal to begin with.


Venus is Aphrodite, the ultimate goddess of love. Hermes seduced her to making love with him and together they had a son called Hermaphroditus and some say Eros. However, this Virgo sun is also related to the medical and healing part of Hermes, hence the relation to health with regards to Virgo.

How to Recognize Virgo Sun Libra Rising

This person is often exceptionally beautiful. You have the perfection of Virgo with the symmetry of Libra working together. They often have full lips, almond eyes and an oval or heart shaped face, and stunning hair with a gorgeous hourglass figure for the women and a strong masculine build for the men. You will see them wearing gold, white, pink, blues and many gemstones such as diamonds. They really are quite glamorous and are always dressed beautifully.

Virgo Sun Libra Rising Career

Interestingly, this Virgo with a Libra Ascendant is often a singer! Many are, as you will discover in the list of famous people at the bottom of the article! Many are also models and actors. No matter what, this person has to have beauty around them. They make wonderful makeup artists, as well as interior decorators. They also make wonderful animal groomers. They may also be lawyers, and be involved in human resources, as Virgo rules every day work. They may also be beauticians or involved in fitness, health and nutrition. They also enjoy doing beauty makeovers for people!


Cancer rules their 10th house of Career so they may want a job where they take care of and nurture others, such as a nurse, and Pisces rules their 6th house of every day work. Therefore, they really enjoy working in the world of art, or even in nature with larger animals. They also enjoy working from home. These Virgos are true perfectionists in their work and need balance every day, or they may suffer with emotional and physical exhaustion

Virgo Sun Libra Rising Health

Naturally a Virgo Sun Libra Ascendant really needs to watch what and how they eat, as a lot of indigestion can occur. They also need to limit alcohol as there can be kidney damage if this is abused. Pisces rules their 6th house of health, so again, alcohol and any mind-altering substances need to be avoided, as well as cigarettes – as these can all become addictions easily.

This person also needs to really take good care of their feet – warm them up before exercise and have regular pedicures. The lymphatic system may be affected at times and the lymph nodes on the neck may enlarge when inflamed.


The nervous system also needs to be watched, as anxiety and OCD tendencies may occur. This is because of the constant need of perfection, balance and harmony, which is not always easy in this world we live in.

Virgo Sun Libra Rising Love

This is a very loving Virgo who desires marriage from a young age. They attract many different signs. Leos and Librans make for best friends and partners. Capricorns will be in awe of their beauty. Taureans work particularly well, as they are ruled by Venus themselves.

Pisceans works well here, as Venus is exalted in Pisces. Scorpios can also work tremendously well and take very good care of this Virgo. Cancerians can work, but may find this Virgo Sun Libra Ascendant a little emotionally distant. Aquarians can work here, but need to give a lot of love.

Sparks will fly between the sheets with Aries, but it may not be a perfect match. Sagittarians can work well but may be too independent for what this Virgo is looking for.

How Virgo Sun Libra Rising Should Start the Day


Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so with a Libra Ascendant, this person needs to wake up in a room that is still and beautiful, preferably with the sun shining through. They should then offer a gratitude prayer and pour a cup of chamomile tea. Afterwards, they should do a workout and take a luxurious bath or shower and spend time beautifying themselves in front of the mirror with all their beauty products. It’s really important for them to look good!
Afterwards they should make a healthy and delicious breakfast, spend some time with their pets and enjoy nature outside for a while and begin work.

Famous Virgo Sun Libra Rising People

The list of people with this combination is rather interesting indeed! Many are exceptionally beautiful and many are famous singers – a lot actually! Beyoncé Knowles falls under this list – she is very beautiful, an insanely phenomenal 28 Grammy-award-winning singer, a good actress and a model and fashion brand owner. Irish singer Niall Horan from the former band One Direction also makes this list, as well as singer Gene Simmons from the rock band KISS and singer Chrissie Hynde.

The very beautiful actor and model William Levy is a Virgo Sun Libra Ascendant, as well as the gorgeous actor, model singer, songwriter, rapper and DJ Idris Elba. Actor, director, playwright, screenwriter and producer Tyler Perry also makes this list, as well as the stunning Slovakian model Adriana Karembeu.   





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