Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising

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Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising
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In this fated combination, Mercury and Pluto meet. Although Virgo is ruled by Mercury (Hermes in Greek mythology), he is also Demeter (goddess of agriculture) and her virginal daughter Persephone. As the famous legend goes, Hades (Pluto) saw Persephone with her mother, and rose from the ground in a chariot to kidnap her and make her his wife. He was obsessed with her, and eventually she fell in love with him.

This story gives rise to the different seasons, as Demeter was so saddened by what happened to her daughter that Spring and Summer only appeared when Persephone was allowed to roam the Earth. Fall and Winter appeared when she went back to the underground to rule as Queen. When one thinks of this tale you can imagine it as a Pluto square Venus aspect which symbolizes obsession in synastry.


Here, Virgo is a feminine Mutable Earth sign, while Scorpio is a feminine Fixed, Water sign. They both have a lot in common, as these two signs are the ones at a busy party who will sit in the corner observing others.

This combination makes for an intimidating Virgo who has a strong presence and can strike fear in others. They can be extremely critical, and there is a hint of danger with them.  They enjoy the mysteries of life – horror movies, magic, the tarot, astrology and forces unseen. They are also more sexual than most Virgos, but keep this secret side of themselves private. They may engage in BDSM practices.

How to Recognize Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising

A Virgo Sun Scorpio Ascendant will often have light eyes. They are often quite tall and enjoy wearing black. They may have quite pale skin and almost look like a vampire that has stepped right out of the pages of one of the late Anne Rice’s vampire chronicles. They are hard to miss, and have extremely delicate features with sharp cheekbones.


They will always look clean and well-groomed and often will look beautiful. However, when they’re not in the mood, they may just roll out of the bed and walk out the door looking unkempt. They are usually quite quiet and only speak up when needed, they can also be extremely shy and sensitive. They are intensely private and like to disappear when in a crowd, making sure they only get noticed when they feel like it.

Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising Career

This combination has Leo ruling their 10th house of career, and Aries ruling their 6th house of every day work. Therefore, this person needs a career where they can express their creativity and lead in their field, where they are independent and can do their own thing. They will always fight authority; nobody tells them what to do!

They make great horror writers, psychiatrists, detectives, surgeons, gynecologists, models, actors, artists, make-up artists, mortuary make-up artists, and athletic swimmers. They may also work in nutrition and fitness and enjoy being life coaches to others, helping them transform their lives to something better.   


Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising Health

Aries rules the health of a Virgo Sun Scorpio Ascendant, so they are often blessed with vital health. However, they can misuse substances such as narcotics and illegal substances, too much alcohol and unhealthy food, which can cause illness.

They need to be very aware of always practicing safe sex as they can attract STDs if not careful. It is very important for the females to have regular check ups with the gynaecologist, and for the males to get their prostate checked.   

This Virgo can be a competitive athlete, and can also be obsessed with maintaining physical peak perfection when it comes to fitness. Too much coffee and sugar are not good for this combination – in fact most stimulants are not good for them.

Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising Love

A Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising definitely wants an obsessive love where they will be hooked on the object of their desire. They want a beautiful marriage and family.

Virgo Sun Scorpio Ascendants will mainly attract other Earth and Water Signs. Pisces and Cancers make amazing matches, as do Taureans and Capricorns. Taureans work especially well, as they rule their 7th house of love, relationships and marriage.


Leos and Librans make good friends. However, Geminis and Aquarians don’t always work out well here. Geminis will definitely find this kind of Virgo too intense for their liking, and Aquarians can be too emotionally detached for this Virgo.

Aries and Sagittarians are a bit too loud, extroverted, and adventurous for this Virgo.

How Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Scorpio Rising, this person needs to gather their energy when they wake up. It’s important that they get enough sleep to restore their body. They should offer a gratitude prayer and sit in silence to meditate for a while, feeling the energy of the world around them. If they have a partner, they may want to get sexual with them in the morning to build up their energy for the day.

They should then do a Yoga or stretch workout, drink some healthy herbal tea and relax in a calming hot bath surrounded by candles, or a hot shower. A healthy breakfast is next in line, followed by time spent with their pets and nature, and then off to work.  


Famous Virgo Sun Scorpio Rising People

The list of Virgo Sun Scorpio Ascendant people includes the late actor River Phoenix, who the world lost at the tender age of 23, the late James Gandolfini, star of The Sopranos, movie director Oliver Stone who often brings to life very violent, but brilliant movies, politician Bernie Sanders, ex-One Direction musician Liam Payne, German supermodel Claudia Schiffer, famous astrologer Liz Greene, Grammy-nominated musician Fiona Apple, Spanish singer Julio Iglesias, and the late Louis XIV of France.    


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