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Virgo Sun Aquarius Rising

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Virgo Sun Aquarius Rising
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In this combination, Mercury and Uranus come together. In Greek mythology, Mercury is Hermes, the god of communication (the messenger god) and the speediest god. Hermes represents Virgo (and Gemini) but the goddess of agriculture, Demeter, also represents Virgo.

Uranus is Ouranos, the ultimate god of the sky who mated with Gaia to create the Titans which led to the creation of all the great Greek gods that we know.


Virgo is a feminine, Mutable Earth sign, while Aquarius is a masculine Fixed Air sign. This person is incredibly rigid in their ways and exceptionally critical of those that don’t see the world as they do. They are also brilliant innovators and make crazy geniuses. When you put perfection (Virgo) together with technology and science (Aquarius) there’s no stopping what can ultimately be created.

A Virgo Sun Aquarius Ascendant often has a large circle of friends from both sexes.

How to Recognize Virgo Sun Aquarius Rising

This person is usually quite tall with blue or green eyes and light hair or light brown hair. They are quite good looking with striking features and good bone structure. They dress well, but nothing over the top, and have their own sense of style. They can be extremely critical, yet are open-minded at the same time. This person can be quite serious by nature, but is well liked, and doesn’t show emotions easily.

Virgo Sun Aquarius Rising Career

Computer engineers, ethical hackers, electrical engineers, aeronautical engineers, scientists and computer programmers and developers all fall under this combination. Virgo is exceptionally detail-oriented while Aquarius opens the mind to scientific and mathematical possibilities that others can’t see. They may also work in the medical field or even be athletes where height matters.


Scorpio rules the 10th House of career, while Cancer rules the 6th House of every day work. Therefore, this person is also very good at psychiatry and forensics, as well detective work. They make great science fiction writers and are naturally quite psychic in their careers, knowing how to read other’s minds in business, or able to foresee the future. They nurture those who work under them and make good leaders. They are also happy to work from home, surrounded by family. 

Virgo Sun Aquarius Rising Health

A Virgo Sun Aquarius Ascendant needs to watch out for their digestion, as they may have trouble with this. Therefore, it’s best for them to eat quite healthy. They also need to wear shoes with good ankle support and always warm up their shins. Cardio exercise is important as their circulatory systems can be affected and they need to breathe well. Smoking is not good for this combination.

Cancer rules their 6th House of health, so the females must go for their yearly mammograms while the males should exercise their chests and make it strong. They may be prone to overeating, as some of this combination, are great cooks at home!


Virgo Sun Aquarius Rising Love

This person does not want “fluffy” love. They desire a real connection with someone they can call their best friend who also doesn’t carry too much drama or bring too much emotional baggage. Therefore Pisces, Cancers and Scorpios don’t work so well here.

Leo rules their 7th House of love, relationships and marriage and makes for a great match and good friend. Librans work well too, as do Geminis. Capricorn can work, as they will understand this Virgo’s critical nature, though there may be differences with Taureans.

Aries is slightly impulsive for this sign, though they may find Sagittarians quite fascinating!

How Virgo Sun Aquarius Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so with an Aquarius Ascendant, this person needs to be still as they awake and offer a gratitude prayer. They should then do a quick workout, followed by a hot shower and healthy breakfast and then get on their phones to connect with social media and friends and see what is happening in the news. They really enjoy being on their computers, as it relaxes them. They should have a nice cup of coffee and begin work after speaking to a friend or two.


Famous Virgo Sun Aquarius Rising People

The stunning American actress and singer Zendaya was born with this combination, as well as Academy-Award-winning actress Michelle Williams. American comedian and actress Amy Poehler joins this list, as well as actor Ryan Phillipe. American country artist with the most stunning voice, LeAnn Rimes is a Virgo Sun Aquarius Ascendant. Country singer Billy Ray Cyrus is also a Virgo Sun Aquarius Rising.

The stunning actress Rebecca de Mornay joins this list, as well as the late “Dallas” actor (as J.R. Ewing) Larry Hagman. One of the NBA’s greatest coaches Phil Jackson has this combination, as well as the late blues musician and legend B.B. King. One of the greatest science fiction novelists of all time, the late H.G. Wells, also joins this list.


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