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Virgo Sun Virgo Rising

The Ultimate Perfectionist
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Virgo Sun Virgo Rising
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Virgo Sun Virgo Rising

Here Mercury operates at its finest. You may think, well, this is simply a very emphasized Virgo personality. However, to truly understand this Virgo, you must look what house their Sun is placed in, and what house and sign their Mercury is placed in (although Mercury may often be placed very close to the Sun). A look at the Ascendant, MC, and Moon will give more of an indication of how this Virgo is seen by the public, how they want to be seen, and how they react emotionally.


Nevertheless, this is the ultimate perfectionist, who is very hard on themselves to get the job done right. Their life is one of service, and extremely hard work. This Virgo may suffer with extreme OCD, and will be exceptionally paranoid when it comes to catching diseases and keeping as healthy as possible. Due to this, they usually age gracefully. They also love their daily routines and can't function well without them.

In Greek mythology, Hermes is Mercury (the Roman equivalent). Hermes is all about healing (as he was given the caduceus staff by Apollo), and moving fast. Where Gemini, also ruled by Mercury, talks and talks, the Virgo will silently think, and think, and think. Both Demeter (goddess of the harvest) and her virginal daughter Persephone (before becoming Queen of the Underworld and Hades' wife) represent Virgo. Hermes represents the Magician card in the Tarot and he was also a patron of music.

Virgo is an introverted Mutable, female Earth sign, and part of the Taurus and Capricorn Trine. They love all of nature, as well as animals - especially domestic pets who they treat as family.

How to Recognize Virgo Sun Virgo Rising


Virgos are extremely shy, quiet and sensitive, preferring to listen than to talk. They fear criticism and so prefer blending in and "hiding," than standing in the spotlight to be judged. They are extremely sensitive. You may notice them by their humbleness, and the way they put their head down to hide amongst the crowd. They are often quite tall and always look "clean

They are usually exceptionally beautiful, as Virgo is about perfection, with long faces and high cheekbones - their faces look like they are carved out of marble and represent the beauty of the elves in "Lord of the Rings

You won't really find them wearing shocking colours, preferring neutral earthy tones, such as different shades of green and browns, as well as blues and black. They will give you a shy smile when meeting them, however, they often prefer not to shake hands for fear of catching germs.

Virgo Sun Virgo Rising Career

Everything you can think of related to Virgo and the6th house applies here. This person can easily be a personal trainer, dietician, veterinarian, vegan/vegetarian chef, doctor or musician. Their10th house of health is ruled by Gemini, and their6th house of everyday work is ruled by Aquarius.


Therefore, they make amazing writers and novelists, as well as computer analysts and programmers, and content writers. They may even become racecar drivers and get involved in sports professionally. They also can be brilliant professional magicians and will be good teachers, although they can be quite strict on their students, demanding perfectionism. They also make great workers in non-profit organizations that help humanity, and are talented life coaches, if they're not too shy.

They are good at marketing, although they prefer to stay silent and do things online. When working in a team at work, they work best when not micromanaged and when given many tasks and responsibilities. This combination enjoys working quietly without too much distraction or noise. They will always have the tidiest desk at work. Their work routines are everything to them, and if someone disturbs their flow, it can really damage their day.

Virgo Sun Virgo Rising Health

A Virgo Sun Virgo Ascendant will make sure to drink two litres of water every day. They will make time to wake up early every day and fit in a workout. Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi fit them well. If their Mars is in Aries, they will be absolute gym fanatics, weighing themselves every day and measuring their fat. They may even suffer very badly with eating disorders if their Chiron is in Taurus, and may turn to plastic surgery to get a perfect face and body.


Aquarius rules their6th house of health, so their ankles need a warm up every day, especially before work outs, and any form of aerobics is also good for them, as their circulation can be problematic at times. They will enjoy a healthy diet and many are vegans to stay healthy and because they love animals so much.

Virgo Sun Virgo Rising Love

Love is such a sensitive subject for such a sensitive soul. Because they are usually so physically beautiful, they attract a lot of attention. However, they are very shy, especially if their crush talks to them, or if they need to let their crush know that they like them. Often, they won't even be so bold as to do this, for fear of criticism and rejection.

Because Pisces rules their7th house of relationships and marriage, they will attract many Pisceans throughout their lives. Pisceans teach them to loosen up and have more fun in life! There will also always be fiery sparks under the sheets when these two signs "play

Scorpio works beautifully here, as you need to remember the story of Hades' (Pluto's) love and obsession for Persephone. You can categorize the "aspect" of this duo as Pluto Square Venus love. There is obsession, and sometimes toxicity, but there is also deep understanding of one another and a life where they can't live without each other.


Cancer works beautifully, as this sensitive sign "gets" this combination and will always look after them - both financially and emotionally.

Taureans are the strong rock that Virgos need, and Capricorns are marveled by their perfection and organized way of life - something Capricorns relate to well!

There may be slight understanding with Geminis, yet Aquarius may be a bit too emotionally detached for this sign. Leos and Librans make good friends. Aries and Sagittarians are a bit too wild for this combination, but provide excitement.

Virgos work well and there is so much understanding and being able to psychically read each other's minds, but there may be a need for more passion and excitement.

How Virgo Sun Virgo Rising Should Start the Day

Rising signs dictate the beginning of the day, so as a Virgo Sun Virgo Ascendant, this person needs to wake up with a clear and structured routine. Meditating for a few minutes and saying a gratitude prayer before getting out of bed is always good for them. They should then work out for an hour before having a shower and taking care of their skin, followed by a big and healthy breakfast. Before heading out to work, they should play with their pets and spend time out in nature. They should then start working with a bowl of fresh fruit, some nuts, herbal tea and a glass of water with a slice of lemon by their side.


Famous Virgo Sun Virgo Rising People

The list of famous Virgo Sun Virgo Ascendant people includes the hugely talented star of "The Matrix," Keanu Reeves, legendary funny man and comedian Dave Chappelle, late actor Paul Walker, actors Chris Pine and Alexander Skarsgard, and the late, stunning musician Leonard Cohen.

Operatic singer Andrea Bocelli also makes this list, as well as the very famous magician David Copperfield. Actress Rachel Bilson and fun TV personality and chef Rachael Ray are also Virgo Sun Virgo Risings. Lastly, famous Italian football coach and ex-football player Fabio Cannavaro (of La Liga club Real Madrid C.F. and the Italian national team), who won an Italian World Cup, also makes this list of interesting Virgo Sun Virgo Rising people, among others!


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