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12 Months Forecast 2019

The detailed annual astrological preview for 2019

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Natal Report

Our classic and must-have for every horoscope-fan: The Natal Report and Birth Chart. In this detailed personality report, you will learn what influence the stars have on your being.

Solar Return Report - astrosofa.com | Poto: © Halfpoint - fotolia.com

Solar Return Report

Learn everything about the new year of your life! This report runs from birthday to birthday and examines the themes and issues that will arise for you during these 12 months.

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Future Forecast Transit Report | Photo: © iStockphoto.com/robertprzybysz

12 Months Future Forecast - Our Premium Horoscope

Our premium horoscope tells you about your astrological constellations in the next 12 months. So you are prepared about things to come.

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Relationship Report astrosofa.com | Photo: © brainsil - Fotolia.com

Relationship Report (Composite)

Our Relationship Report for all types of relations. This horoscope shows you the fusion of energy that two people create together.

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Compatibility Chart - Partnership Horoscope | Photo: © Minerva Studio –  fotolia.com

Compatibility Report - Your Partner Horoscope

Are you and your (potential) partner a perfect match? Read in your Partner Horoscope all about your relationship from an astrological point of view.

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