04. The Father

In comparison to the tarot card the mother that represents femininity and emotionality symbolizes the card the father masculinity and logic reasoning.

The Father | Fate Tarot © Verlag Franz

The card

The tarot card the father shows a young man midst urban surroundings. The small boy on his left hand shows him in the role of his father to lead him through this modern world with high standards of techniques and protects him. In his right hand he carries his briefcase and it appeals to his part of provider of the family. The father represents to keep things tidy, security, authority and traditional patriarchy.

04. The Father - Meaning



In comparison to the tarot card the mother that represents femininity and emotionality symbolizes the card the father masculinity and logic reasoning. It represents less nature but much more belief in progress and mechanization. The father acts in a responsible way, disciplined and independent. The card stands for pragmatism and sobriety. The father or the emperor imparts structures, compliance and structural stability. Gaining leadership and adherence of rules play an important role.

The father asks to assume responsibility for our lives. Structures are given to situations that become are resolved in a sober way with regard to face facts. Thirst for power and the intention to fix and consolidate positions could also mean that a particular person stepped in one person’s life. Such a person embodies that qualities and gives some advice.         

Negative aspects

Strong characteristics embody bad qualities.  Thirst for power and control failure lead to expansion of power and extreme perfectionism. A person becomes too strict with oneself and within social interaction. The final result shows tyranny and repression of emotion.


With this card is always combined high responsibility in each domain of partnership, friendship and love. Achievement s and attempts to stabilize structures are in the centre. Emotions and senses are clear and they are subordinated. Herewith it is not said that love does not exist but it is much more important to mention that in this phase achieved goals are fixed and potential risks should be avoided. This card communicates to take more responsibility but one risky moment reveals to restrict freedom in the relationship. The challenge is to balance out the appropriateness of behaviour.


The father figures techniques and management. Expansion of infrastructure, progression, industry, economy and it makes clear that structure and organization has importance. Project orientated proceedings work at its best. Be ready for responsibility and acceptance of initiative of one’s own.

Opposite view

Emotionalism, immaturity, inconstancy and uncertainty

04. The Father - Card of the day

Topic of the day is reorganizing structures. Furthermore it means to continue work and succeed in projects. It is not the time for drama – the father works pragmatically and sober.


Efficiency, stability, structure, security, authority, willpower, organization, power, tradition, discipline, determination, pragmatism, assertiveness, maturity

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