What does my horoscope say today?
Horoscope for July 12th | Photo: © iStockphoto.com/pixdeluxe

Mercury again keeps his disruptive actions and will become direct-running again today, thus giving up its regression. 

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Horoscope for July 11th | Photo: © iStockphoto.com/alexxx1981

The Moon enters Aries today, so we are now getting more energy again. Thank God! We could do tasks that yesterday seemed very unpleasant to us, especially the tedious work so that we got tired just by thinking about it.

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Horoscope for July 10th | Photo: © otsphoto - stock.adobe.com

Today, for a change, there are once again numerous favorable constellations whose influences reach us.

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Horoscope for July 9th | Photo: © iStockphoto.com/PeopleImages

Today, the Pisces principle works throughout the day, as the Moon moves its orbits through the sign of Charity. 

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Horoscope | Photo: hoffi99 / Photocase.de

The Square between Mercury and Mars, which starts around noon, can trigger or result in several adverse effects if you do not keep your self-control.

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Darlings of Fortune Week 28 | Photo:  / stocksy.com

Are you one of the darlings of fortune of the week from July 6th to July 12th? Check here to see if your date of birth is among them.

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The Moon moves through Aquarius, which always points to innovations or surprising changes. Encounters with people are part of this, starting with old acquaintances you haven't seen for a long time, to those you haven't seen before.

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Photo: © iStockphoto.com/Cecilie_Arcurs

The monthly lucky conjunction between the Moon and Jupiter takes place today in its effectiveness already from about 0:10 to 2:10 am (UTC+2)

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Horoscope for Saturday, July 4th | Photo: (c) Angelina Egorova/Shutterstock.com

The Moon changes to the sign of Capricorn and will, therefore, make us aware again of our duties for the next two days and a half. A healthy emotional life is developing in us, but now it is not the time to tell others about our feelings. 

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Horoscope for July 3rd | Photo: (c) rickyd/Shutterstock.com

Strong positive tendencies to improve living conditions have been occurring since July 1st, but now it is important not to let up. The square between the Moon and Neptune is a constellation where one could be ready to give up. 

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Horoscope for July 2nd | Photo: (c) LightField Studios/shutterstock.com

Whoever is open-minded and flexible, whoever has a progressive spirit, whoever is agile and can act quickly - and these are all characteristics of Uranus as well – is just going uphill now!

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Horoscope for Wednesday, July 1st | Photo: (c) Elena Apanasenko / shutterstock.com

This July, 1st is a memorable day and a striking date that we should not forget so quickly. The impulses are set in the direction of an upward trend, but we mustn't slacken in our efforts if sand gets into the gears again.

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Photo: Kateryna Mostova / shutterstock.com

The close connection between Jupiter and Pluto has already shown better results

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Monthly horoscope July | Photo: Vera Lair / stocksy.com

We have listed the best days of the coming month for you that should be very satisfactory from the stars' point of view.

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 | Photo: (c)  jfk image / shutterstock.com

The Moon enters squares with Pluto and Jupiter today, so on the one hand, we can observe specific negative soul structures while also positive ones

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Darlings of Fortune Week 27 | Photo: Kristen Curette & Daemaine Hines / stocksy.com

Are you one of the darlings of fortune of the week from June 29th to July 5th? Check here to see if your date of birth is among them.

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| Photo: (c) freya-photographer / shutterstock.com

Daily horoscope for the 12 zodiac signs for Sunday, June 28th.

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| Foto: (c) freya-photographer / shutterstock.com

Two beautiful lunar connections are working today, namely the two trines with Pluto and Jupiter.

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Horoscope for Friday, Jun. 26th | Photo: (c) ATeam / shutterstock.com

Today the Moon enters into positive connections with Uranus and Mercury. Uranus, therefore awakens a particular thirst for adventure in our souls, at least today, we are looking for a change since the daily routine suddenly gets on our nerves.

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| Photo: © iStockphoto.com/Maria Korneeva

Venus is going straight again today. Did you also pay attention to your encounters during the retrograde phase?

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| Photo: (c) Luxorpictures / shutterstock.com

Neptune is, on the one hand, the representative of heaven, that is, the representative of divine love, the love of neighbor, which is also called selfless love.

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Retrograde neptune | Photo: © iStockphoto.com/Goodboy Picture Company

Today, Neptune is moving into decline, maintaining this position until November, 28th 2020. What does this mean for us?

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Darlings of Fortune Week 26 | Photo: Jessica Byrum/ stocksy.com

Are you one of the darlings of fortune of the week from June 22nd to June 28th? Check here to see if your date of birth is among them.

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12 houses of Venus | Photo: (c) VladislavNice / shutterstock.com

In which house is Venus with you? What does this mean in the horoscope? Chief astrologer Kurt gives a brief overview.

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Horoscope for June 19th for all signs | Photo: © iStockphoto.com/Aleksandr Zotov

We will feel the goddess of love favorably today; we just have to take good care of it. With lovers, it is no art to recognize this. But it's more challenging to detect the benevolence of strangers or relatively strangers that might be streaming towards us. 

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Tagesaspekte und Transite | Foto: © Drobot Dean - stock.adobe.com

Here you can find out everything about the current astrological aspects. Visitors with a user account can also see their transits here!

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Astrology calendar | Photo: © Tryfonov - stock.adobe.com

Here are all astrological constellations, aspects, zodiac changes from the year 1900 to 2100.

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Three Zodiac signs enjoy love luck now | Photo: Yura Shevchenko / stocksy.com

The love goddess Venus moved to the twins at the beginning of April and will stay there until the beginning of August. Which zodiac signs have luck in love? Who will find a new partner?

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Mars in Pisces | Photo: © Lumina / stocksy.com

The energy planet Mars has switched to the sign Pisces, where it will stay until 29 June 2020.

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Mars in Aries | Photo: Felix Hug / stocksy.com

On June 28th 2020, Mars left the sign of Pisces and moved to Aries, and it will remain there for a very long time until January 6th, 2021.

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Photo © Halfpoint - Fotolia.com

What type of man do you attract – from astrological point of view? What about the type of marriage and matrimonial matters? Here comes the marriage horoscope for future spouse…

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