Annual Horoscope Leo 2020 | photo: ©

Annual Horoscope Leo

What are the stars for Leo in the lunar year 2020?
Annual Horoscope Leo 2020 | photo: ©

Annual Horoscope Leo

What are the stars for Leo in the lunar year 2020? Scroll down

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Annual Horoscope Leo

Jupiter's luck and success

Jupiter, the Planet of Luck, will stand in Capricorn and will remain there until December 19th, 2020, resulting in a Quincunx position for the Leo born people. According to recent research, the Quincunx is interpreted as somewhat unfavorable. It is made up of a favorable sextile and a tense square, but usually, you will not perceive the positive or negative effects very much for yourself. Instead, you will experience those effects mixed up. So sometimes you could be puzzled by the situation. The optimism of Jupiter with its self-confidence and joie de vivre will appear again and again, but insecurity could occur in between as well. Beware now of overwork and exaggeration of every kind. If symptoms of illness should promptly be reported, consult the doctor immediately, as the Quincunx is also considered a disease aspect. This quincunx period will even be the time of a transition, which will require reflection and a reorientation. So that Jupiter will soon be able to influence your life much more with its precious gifts.

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Saturn's trials and rewards

The rigorous master Saturn will stand in Capricorn and Aquarius during the Lunar Year 2020. When this planet enters Aquarius from Capricorn, there will be a decline, and it will return then to Capricorn. The fact is that it becomes direct again and therefore gets back to Aquarius. However, this situation always brings changes the aspects, either from positive to critical or, vice versa, from critical to positive. Here is the overview of the positions of Saturn:

Saturn in Capricorn:  1.1.2020 - 22.3.2020, 2.7.2020 - 17.12.2020.

Saturn in Aquarius:   22.3.2020 - 2.7.2020, 17.12.2020 - 7.3.2023.

Saturn in Capricorn also forms a quincunx position for Leo born people. If something should be changed in life now, you should consider getting started, because this would be helpful for plans. When Saturn is in Aquarius, it will form an opposition. Since Saturn is serious and sober and will currently be trying to prevent or delay much, this could be annoying. But an unfriendly and unapproachable face is not so good for Leo, because they are always very much used to optimism. So, even difficult times, are still mastered well. And it is getting much better.

The creativity and energy of Mars

The most energetic time for Mars will occur from the January 3rd to February 16th (Trigon), and from June 28th to the end of the year (also Trigon), so the second trine will be unusually long. Now you feel more healthy than usual and will be persuasive, so with a lot of momentum, much can succeed.

Difficult times could occur from March 30th to May 13th (opposition). While there are incredibly energetic forces in these opposition and squaring times that could drive us; it is better to be reasonably restrained and not too aggressive. Otherwise, anger may break out openly. To sport off every now and then would be adequate compensation. In terms of strength, you should not over strain yourself, since that could damage your health.

Mercury's communication gifts for profession, money, and leisure

The best time for Mercury will occur from August 5th to September 5th (Mercury in Leo), which will last a month this year and should definitely be exploited.

Further good times in the field of communication will show up from 11th to April 27th (Trigon). The second favorable trine will form from the 1st to December 20th, and you will be able to do much during the Trigon period.

The beneficial Sextile of Mercury will be available from 11th to May 28th and from 5th to September 26th.    Who will take advantage of the pleasant influx of Mercury, will probably be very satisfied with business, negotiations, and intellectual work.

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Mercury declines three times a year, and traditionally and according to experience, the god of merchants will become the god of thieves. So special care must be taken now in negotiations, contracts, and business to avoid mistakes.

The period will possibly be critical on February 17th March, 10th and June 18th July 12 and October 14th November, 3rd

Venus will donate love, beauty and artistic interests

The most intense time for love is indicated from September 6th to October 2nd (Venus in Leo). You should experience it intensely; after all, it will last almost one month long.

Further good Venus times with the benefits of the trine will be available from February 7th to March 5th and from November 21st to December 15th.

The beneficial Sextile of Venus will occur from March 5th through April 3rd and from October 28nd through November 21st. Have fun and enjoy your time with the good-willed Venus!

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