The Horse

The animal zodiac sign of the Horse loves its freedom and is chivalrous and adventurous. It could be tamed.

10 things about the Chinese Zodiac Horse


Represented hours of the horse: 11h a.m. - 2h p.m.

Cardinal direction: South

Season / month: Summer / June

Fix element: Fire

Paralleles Sternzeichen: Gemini

Positive characteristics: agile, sporty, active, communicative, humorous, sociable, cheeful, passionate, imaginative, unconventional

Negative characteristics: wayward, detached, impatient, skittish, freedom-loving, hot-headed

Those who were born under the sign of the Horse (午) are agile ones – it is to be regarded to their mental and physical status Horses love being in motion and on the move – they never miss an opportunity to go on a journey. The more adventurous the temptation may appear the more the present opportunity will be loved. There is a great curiosity to explore new territories and experience new knowledge…

The convivial animal zodiac sign of the Horse likes to party…

The Horse is quite communicative and it should be mentioned in this place that the Horse is one of the amazing party people, who could celebrate with the perfect sense of humor and the talent to discover the mood to come along. This zodiac sign has many things to tell and it is exciting for everyone to listen to its stories.

Based on its particular characteristics the Horse is good at making friendships. Solitude is not their business and it seems it probably won’t happen… The Horse is frank and friendly and is taken easily into somebody's heart. Although having many acquaintances the Horse is rather careful of making close friendship... For being lucky, it needs its flexibility and freedom all the time. The zodiac sign of the Horse likes to stay without obligation and deep friendship would seldom develop.

The Horse’s interest got lost quite rapidly

The zodiac animal sign of the Horse appears very proud and mighty. It is occupied with passionate elan to realize its objectives and goals in life. …And there are many. Ideas flow and it’s just a matter of fact to carry them out…

Sometimes it could happen to lose the path or better yet: its perspective and survey might be disappeared when it performs too many tasks. When the look for a missing link or detail has vanished, the path could show too many obstacles...they would give up half way - Organization could be better…

Traveling, flirting and adventure: Ties stand the test of time – do not push the Horse to marriage too rash

But there is offered good advice: The Horse makes its own decision and finally draws its proper conclusions. 

And: their success shows it is always the wise move! Unconventional, passionate and flexible – their moves are wild and fascinating at all. In the end, they go their way – in general convincing.

Flirting is one of their favorites – even with success. They prefer challenges and they get them – anyway! On the contrary – so it spells the logical consequence they are not good at obligations and promises regarding marriage and engagements. Maintaining such a daily relationship would make them feel caged. There might be a solid chance, if it would be given enough space – maybe you’d agree: for their passion and chivalrous virtues…


Ideal partner:

Dog, Tiger


Monkey, Rabbit, Goat, Rooster, Horse

Moderately suitable:

Snake, Pig, Dragon, Ox




The five elements of the Horse

Earth Horse

Born as a sign of the element of earth you may be intelligent and responsible – with regard to other signs you are more upholding traditions. Common sense is their measure – never allowing themselves being too risky and adventurous.

They are most of all practical and logical, however, caused by these characteristics each enterprise would be flourishing.

The special interest applies to the Fire Horse – other types of Horse are more relaxed. Earth Horses are thinking twice before they take new adventures – they are more decided and more able to organize and represent plans and projects than their horse companions. The Earth Horse could better create close relationship and make an engagement than its Horse companions.

Fire Horse

It is passionate, ambitious and fiercely competitive: The Fire Horse represents confidence and impatientness– bursting with strength. Innovative projects, renewals and improvements in general are set on the list. Defying all odds they are regrettably haunted by pure egoism and their predominating behaviour won’t be welcome. On professional level the Fire Horse dominates the upper floors of the managers and members of the executive boards.

This type of Horse is most ardent and passionate. It doesn’t matter where and when: It’s a race Horse and is living fast. Their kind is of impetuous temperament – and they show it! There is a lot of admiration for all Horses and they enjoy it to the full.

Wood Horse

These kinds of persons prefer feeling the ground beneath their feet – close to their adequate element wood. The Wood Horse endeavours a maximum certitude in life. They collect material and non-material goods by maintaining of ethic and attitude to morality. The Chinese zodiac animal sign of the Wood Horse is open-minded towards development and improvement. It brings up projects and ideas with persuasion and assertiveness towards lucrative sustainability.

The Wood Horse is more interested in renewals and more progressive and open-minded as other types of Horses. The Wood Horse actually likes it to bring up projects and is preparing some ideas and things to explore… The Wood Horse is more reasonable and wiser, if you would consider this, as the other types of Horses – less led by the sense of emotion. It represents a good team player and is less a lone fighter. Sometimes they are not free from exaggerated reactions, which based on their marked interest towards their companions.

Water Horse

The Water Horse shows itself adaptably towards distinct forms of changes – in contrary towards the Metal Horse which reflects more resistance. Variable conditions and dependence are accepted without hesitation and doubt. The Water Horse is inquisitive minds and likes to develop further on mental level. Those who were born in the year of the Horse and equally belonging to the element of water - this type of Horse has sensitivity and likes to communicate with a keen sense of intuition. Sometimes it is tired and shows passive presence for a while…

The Water Horse is more flexible than its Horse companions. Whatever would happen… they want to take it. They are not so much goal-oriented when they carry out their plans and tend to be distracted. Water Horses are actually open-minded, optimistic – and sometimes they show inconsistent.


Metal Horse

The Metal horse is strong, firm and high principled. It is controlled when other are upset – keeps calm within challenging situations. Obstinate and with ambition - the Metal Horse follows its imagination and is equally goal orientated.

Metal Horses are strong-minded and remain loyal to the party line. Metal Horses have more stamina than their Horse companions and they may complete their projects -And they may get succeed, but they are more obstinate as well... You cannot help them and giving them more advice – matching the taming of the shrew The Horse needs new challenges.

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